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Know and show what you got - TwentyFeet - TwentyFeet Wiki

Know and show what you got - TwentyFeet - TwentyFeet Wiki
The performance post for twitter is a cool way to recap your last week for your followers and friends. It's for free. You can do that with your "forever free" twitter account . Examples for the perfomance post What else TwentyFeet does for you: Detailed analysis for your web and social media profiles with historical charts. Start with TwentyFeet now! Useful links for existing TwentyFeet users

Bienvenue dans la jungle des réseaux sociaux ! Je suis en vacances au ski avec des amis, le bonheur quoi ! Je descends une piste, je prend un vin chaud, j’accepte une invit’ sur LinkedIn, je check-in sur Foursquare, je prend une photo, je la retouche sur Instagram et la publie sur Facebook dans la foulée. Vu que je suis niveau 3 en paramétrage de Facebook, j’arrive à ce que la photo ne soit visible que par mes amis (i.e. comprendre « pas les 10 clients que j’ai dans mes contacts »). Et comme j’ai compris l’usage d’Instagram, la photo n’est bien sûr pas une photo de mes 3 potes en train de trinquer au vin chaud mais celle d’un petit chalet en contrebas jouissant d’une lumière incroyable…. Ca, c’est le scénario idéal. Bref, l’abondance de réseaux sociaux commence à devenir quelque peu compliquée si l’on ne prend pas la peine de comprendre à quoi ils servent. J’en oublie probablement un grand nombre, par omission ou méconnaissance…. J’ai le sentiment que la tendance est en train de se ré-inverser !

Twitter Adder – Professional Twitter Marketing Tools – Automatic Twitter Software – Automate Twitter Posts, Auto Twitter Follow, Automate Unfollow, Mass Tweets, Twitter Search, more .. OMG Facts Kim Jong Il denied his son succession rights because he tried to go to Disneyland! North Korea tries really hard to stop any kind of outside pop-culture from coming into the country in fears that it would destabilize the dictatorship. The state-run media frequently claims that imperialists are trying to infiltrate the country through things like music and television. So when his son got caught with a fake passport trying to go to Tokyo Disneyland, Kim Jong Il took him out of the line of succession and put his younger son as the favored to replace him when he dies. The older son is up to his same tricks, however, as it was later reported that he let his own son go to the concert of South Korean superstar Rain (Source)

Junior Project Manger Required - Business Language Services Business Language Services (BLS) Ltd. is a language services company based in Cardiff, which has been providing a range of language-based services to companies for over twenty years. These services include translation, interpreting and language training. BLS is looking to recruit a junior project manager for its office in Cardiff city centre. Application deadline: 14 September 2012 Start date: asap This will be a fixed-term appointment with the possibility to extend based on performance and the ongoing requirements of the business. Job Description: General liaison with clients and suppliers by phone and e-mail. Management of translation projects: - word-counting, quotations; - placement of translations; - monitoring of ongoing projects; - organisation of proofreading; - amending and final quality control; - delivery to clients; - dealing with client feedback; - maintenance of records, including translation memories. Management of interpreting projects: - taking bookings from clients; Skills:

Как зарабатывать в твиттере с Twite 12 600 рублей каждый месяц: раскрываю все секреты | Доброго времени суток! Сегодня будет урок, который очень давно хотел написать. Я буду рассказывать про то, как можно заработать в Твиттере с помощью 12 600 рублей и более, используя несколько аккаунтов. Вы не верите, что это возможно? Тогда обязательно прочитайте урок, где подробно написано сколько я зарабатываю в Twitter (там пример на одном аккаунте). Кстати, все это легально, то есть, если следовать советам, не нарушать правила, шанс получить бан – минимальный. Вот официальные доказательства со страницы Поддержка на Твайт.ру : Как я могу работать в системе с нескольких аккаунтов? Нет, это не запрещено, важно, чтобы все блоги удовлетворяли условиям Соглашения . Если Вы не знаете, что такое твиттер, обязательно прочитайте вот этот урок и второй урок ; если же Вы уже работаете с Твайт.ру , можете ознакомиться с уроком по облегчению работы с этим сервисом . Итак, от нас сначала требуются аккаунты в твиттере. Пока оставляем поля пустыми, их будем заполнять по ходу действий. Opera .

Social-Media-Monitoring: eine kleine Marktübersicht – Sysomos, Radian6 u.w. - Fachartikel - Aktuell - Goldbach Interactive Das Brand-Monitoring identifiziert relevante Plattformen, Themen und Beeinflusser für eine Social-Media-Strategie, kann zur Erfolgskontrolle der Massnahmen oder als Ergänzung der Marktforschung eingesetzt werden. Ausserdem kann es mit bestehenden CRM-Prozessen und -Systemen verknüpft (Social CRM) sowie für den Markenschutz und als Krisenmonitoring genutzt werden. Welches Tool ist für welche Anforderungen geeignet? Anhand konkreter Kundenprojekte haben wir die wichtigsten Plattformen getestet. Die Systeme durchsuchen mit komplexen Keyword-Kombinationen Foren, Blogs, Microblogs wie Twitter, offene Social Networks, Content-Communities wie YouTube oder flickr, Online-Medien und Wikipedia. Einfache Tools wie Google Alerts können hier keine Unterstützung mehr bieten (mehr dazu im Fachartikel „Social-Media-Monitoring: So geht man’s an“). Die wichtigsten Anforderungen an das Social-Media-Monitoring Das haben wir gesucht Die Longlist der Plattformen für Social-Media-Monitoring Radian6

OMG Facts Caffeine evolved as a POISON! The way that caffeine jolts your brain is this: it blocks certain receptors in the brain and other organs. This causes a set of reactions that results in your body releasing adrenaline. Adrenaline increases your heart rate, blood pressure and blood to the muscles. However, the reason that these effects exists is because caffeine was developed over time as a poison by plants as a way to kill insects that were trying to eat them! (Source) Should You Hire Staff Based on Their Klout Score? Should employees be evaluated on the price of their ‘social currency’? That’s a question we were discussing in PSFK recently when our consulting team asked us all to come up with ways to help a prospective client of theirs judge the effectiveness of retained work. We talked at length about using a “Klout score“ as a metric to judge an employees’ level of cultural participation. Klout’s system monitors the frequency and shareability of people’s updates across social networks such as Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and Pinterest. Through an algorithm, the service gives a score to everyone who signs up – and because Twitter is indexable by spiders, the social scoring service has a number for every tweeter with a public account. You can watch a video of an interview conducted by PSFK’s head of consulting, Scott Lachut, during our San Francisco event last year with Klout’s founder Joe Fernandez where he explains the service and its implications in greater detail. Agency Creativity & Klout

60+ Twitter Tools On Web | SocialBlogr Twitter is my favorite microblogging service, i’ve made a list of Twitter tools on web . Thank’s to all developers who has developed all these tools, they are cool and very nice.. . Not all of these tools good for your business or blog, my favorite is Twitterfeed , i dont need WordPress plugins anymore to automatic post my new blog entries to Twitter. – a tools website for twitter. – Coming soon.. tweettop – Tweet Top is the latest and greatest from Twitter people on popular topics. Huitter – Mutually, GTalk2Twitter, Microsites, Feeds, and more yous can also request a tool. MyCleenr – Unfollow your inactive following. Who Follow Whom – Find out who follows whom, simple apps. Twittangle – a free service that helps you untangle the mess of having too many friends on twitter. Tweet-Rank – Tweet-Rank provides you the relevance of each tweet by checking how much followers you won or lost with each tweet. – A new follower? Mr. Twittervision – Cool!

Das neue Facebook Insights: Umfangreiche Analysen für Fanseiten-Betreiber Facebook hat auf der vor kurzem stattgefundenen f8-Konferenz zahlreiche neue und umfangreiche Tools vorgestellt. Neben den Social Plugins unter anderem auch ein neues Statistik-Tool: Facebook Insights. Im Gegensatz zu den bisherigen Statistiken vereint das neue Facebook Insights nicht nur die Analyse von Fanseiten und Applikationen, sondern es können sogar eigene Websites damit getrackt werden. Wir möchten uns in diesem Artikel auf die fanseitenbezogenen Statistiken konzentrieren. Facebook Insights ist (noch?) Dort sind alle Fanseiten aufgelistet, deren Admin man ist. FansInteraktionen 1. Die erste Grafik zeigt die Aktivität der User und die Zahl neuer Fans jeweils im Vergleich zum Vortag. Die zweite Grafik zeigt die Entwicklung der Fanzahlen: Wieviele Fans sind hinzugekommen, wieviele Fans haben ihre Fangefolgschaft wieder entfernt. Anschließend folgt eine bereits bekannte, wenn auch optisch überarbeitete Grafik zur demografischen Zusammensetzung der Fangemeinde. 2. Zusammenfassung

The Future of Self-Improvement, Part II: The Dilemma of Coaching Yourself What separates those who accomplish outstanding feats from those who don’t? According to author and researcher Joshua Foer, it’s the dedication and willpower to doggedly push beyond the “OK Plateau.” When most of us learn a new skill, we work to get just “good enough” and then we go on autopilot. We hit what Foer calls the “OK Plateau,” where we have gained sufficient skills for our needs; at which point, we stop pushing ourselves. But experts – those who excel beyond all others in their fields – do it differently. Foer identified four principles that he saw the experts using to remain alert and to keep learning: 1. 2. 3. 4. In essence, those who excel beyond the pack are pushing themselves continually so that they are never on autopilot. An excellent example of these “expert qualities” in action is Rhodes scholar, New York Knicks star basketball player, Olympic gold medalist, former New Jersey senator and presidential candidate, and bestselling author Bill Bradley. What’s Your Take?