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Pudding Lane Productions, Crytek Off The Map

Pudding Lane Productions, Crytek Off The Map

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Virtual Heritage - Hadrian's Wall. Brunton Turret Virtual Heritage presents "Hadrian's Wall. Brunton Turret", second Virtual 3D Tour over the most interesting places along the Hadrian's Wall. Brunton Turret (also known as Turret 26B) is one of the best preserved turrets on the line of Hadrian's Wall. 10 Phrases that Originated in the Middle Ages Some of our most popular phrases have a long history, including some that go back to the Middle Ages. Here are 10 medieval phrases from the Dictionary of Idioms and their Origins. The apple – in British Library MS Royal 10 E IV f. 210v 1. The apple of one’s eye In Anglo-Saxon England the pupil of the eye was known as the apple (Old English æppel) since it was thought to be an apple-shaped solid.

Uk Map / Geography of United Kingdom / Map of United Kingdom (19/09/2014)Scottish Independence Referendum: On September 18th, the Scottish people voted to determine their nation's place in the United Kingdom. With 84.59% of voters casting their ballots, 55.30% voted in favor of remaining part of the union. The United Kingdom (UK) is arguably Europe's most influential country. In simple terms, it's the union of the individual countries of England, Scotland and Wales, collectively called Great Britain (Europe's largest island) and the northeastern corner of Ireland - the constitutionally distinct region of Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy. Its reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is also the Queen and Head of State of (15) other Commonwealth realms, including Australia, Canada, Jamaica and New Zealand.

Teaching EAP: Literature: Shakespeare (Part 1) By Chris Lima Dr Chris Lima provides the first five of fifteen top tips for teaching Shakespeare to both language proficient speakers and language learners alike. Shakespeare is a world celebrity. Tollund Man By Susan K. Lewis Posted 02.07.06 NOVA He has become the face of Iron Age Europe. But in 1950, when men cutting peat near the village of Tollund, Denmark, stumbled upon him, they thought he was a modern murder victim.

Furnishings of medieval English peasant houses: investment, consumption and life style Furnishings of medieval English peasant houses: investment, consumption and life style By Christopher Dyer Patterns of Consumption and Standards of Living in the Medieval Rural World September 18-20, Universitat de València (2008) Introduction: Medieval peasant houses have been much studied in England in the last 60 years, and gradually the questions that have been asked have changed. Initially research was dominated by problems of construction – materials, joints, and methods of walling and roofing.

North Ireland profile - Overview 17 January 2013Last updated at 11:40 ET Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, is emerging from a period of conflict known as "the Troubles" and is attempting to implement an historic peace deal. Security has returned - though not without occasional reminders of the bad old days - and Northern Ireland has begun to reap the economic and social benefits. But divisions persist, finding physical form in the barriers that separate some communities.

teflreflections: Shakespeare boom - a reading lesson. In one of my previous posts I blogged about using literature in EFL and gave an example lesson plan based around Hamlet's soliloquy. I also said I would post a lesson plan I tend to do before the actual soliloquy class as it provides a good introduction to Shakespeare and his plays - so here it is. Not as soon as I promised it would land here, but better late than never. The Spanish Armada Publication date: 9th December 2010 by Jon Nichol Spanish Armada Beacon This is a highly interactive and stimulating simulation for years 3 and 4, and a very effective way of involving children in a range of issues. We introduced the story of the Armada, outlining the main parties involved and the nature of the conflict. We gave the children a problem to solve, taking two perspectives: those of the English and the Spanish.

How to make a medieval pen How to make a medieval pen Video created by English Heritage How to make a medieval pen from English Heritage on Vimeo. Jennifer Smith of Ferrers Household explains: “How people wrote in the fifteenth century isn’t really a lot different to how people write today. You need to basic tools of the trade – piece of paper to write on, something to write with, and some ink. The paper is easy enough – it’s linen rag paper.

Wales profile - Overview 15 January 2013Last updated at 06:19 ET Wales, a part of the United Kingdom, has retained its distinctive culture and has enjoyed a degree of autonomy since 1999. It includes a heavily industrialised south, a largely-Anglicised and prosperous farming east, and a Welsh-speaking, hill-farming North and West. Wales' devolved government - home rule - is now acquiring more powers and its economy is refocusing on light industry, tourism and financial services, but a small population and poor transport infrastructure continue to make development uneven. Welsh identity and the Welsh language have received a boost from an enlivened popular culture scene in the 1990s, and from the devolution of power from the central government in London to the Welsh National Assembly in Cardiff.

Did Shakespeare write his plays? - Natalya St. Clair and Aaron Williams Our discussion of Shakespeare’s identity draws from a few sources. A great reference is Slate’s episode, How Mathematicians Determine Authorship. Most claims in the video are based on a study by Craig and Kinney, Shakespeare, Computers, and the Mystery of Authorship. Collection search Registration numbers The most common type of Museum number begins with the year of acquisition. The database standardises these numbers in the form, for example: 1887,0708.2427 (year: comma: block of four numbers - usually representing a month and day: full-stop and final number). The final number can be of any length and may be followed by another full-stop and a sub-number.

10 New Youtube Videos for Medieval Lovers – Volume 4 Ten videos posted in the last month on Youtube for the medievalist’s viewing pleasure! Where did “get medieval on your ass” come from? The A.V. Club’s Kory Stamper reveals the origins of America’s favorite colloquialisms. In this edition, Kory tells us about the origins of the phrase “get medieval on your ass,” first made popular by Pulp Fiction. Medieval Rabbits