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Survival English for Travelers

Survival English for Travelers
A Basic EFL Course with lesson plans and activities - By Yoda Schmidt Recently, I was asked to teach a one week course to some EFL students at a college near where I work. The course aim was to prepare the students for going to New Zealand for 6 weeks as language exchange students. I was told (and expected) that their level was going to be very low: false beginners, but just barely. Some true beginners in the mix for sure. When I walked into the class, I said a very casual, "How's it going?" Nothing. A look of relief on their faces as they replied, "Fine. OK. What follows is a course outline complete with lesson plans and activities for teaching some very basic functions that they may need immediately on arrival in an English speaking country or even a country where the level of English as a second language is quite high. Classroom English: A Card Activity. What to Say When You Don't Understand Someone This is actually not my lesson plan. Making Introductions: A Line-up How Much Is It? Related:  eikaiwa10carla

flashmobELT #2 "Flight to Rubovia" This is an exercise I discovered while preparing for my FTBE exam. I liked the idea - it's very student-centered, TTT is not a necessity. What is more, I have been struggling with reducing TTT for a while (I am not much of a chatterbox, but sometimes I just use sooo many words to explain simple things, especially when I see my passive, German students). Back to business. Firstly, tell your Ss about a country called Rubovia (of course it does not exist, so it's a totally imaginary situation.) Ss board a flight to Rubovia (business trip) and they happen to sit next to a Rubovian (male / female). In my opinion, it is a teaching bestseller :) Ss practice asking questions, talking to a stranger, responding to questions, a little bit of small talk. Thank you for reading! @LearnStrong @jestemolga

Tourism English- Getting Around Tourism English: Getting Around This is a final project of TSL 6372, materials for use in teaching Tourism English at the English Language Institute. The topic in this page focuses on making trip arrangement by car, air, bus, rail, and sea and things related to travel agents or tour guide. Teachers can find not only online activities but also teaching ideas in a traditional classroom setting without technology. I suppose that target students' English skills are intermediate or above and they study Tourism in their college. By In-Kyung Yang Transportation in the U.S. Teaching Tips : Discuss different modes of transportation available in the United States with your students. Webquest : A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. Proposal For Your Senior Trip : This webquest was designed for high school students to design a proposal for their senior trip to Orlando. Travel Articles in the U.S. - Find out the meanings of common sayings 50 000+ Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers English Login See more See less FAQ | About us | Terms of Use | Your Privacy | Your Copyright | Advertise with Us | Press | Links | Contact The iSLCollective Team | Google+ Loading in progress... message Airport English: Getting Through Customs Time: 1 hour Focus: The purpose of this lesson is to give students the skills to pass customs with as little trouble as possible. This lesson follows a simple format of an introduction and discussion, followed by a role-play activity. Preparation: The Teacher will need to print off and photocopy customs officer role-play sheets, traveler role-play sheets, and passport and character prompt cards. Introduction: Tell the students that they will be studying airport English. I often have students try to accomplish a task cold, before I actually set out to teach them the skills to do it. Discussion: After a few students have tried to get through your customs and immigration, then go over the conversation to the right. Role-play Activity: Now, comes the real focus of the class: role-playing going through customs. Handout the passports and traveler role-play prompts to the travelers. As travelers get interviewed, the customs agents take down the travelers' information. Target Language: B: Sure.

The Best Resources For Using Art As A Way To Teach & Learn English – Help Me Find More I have periodically shared links to lessons on using art as a language-learning activity, and have published some of my own. I thought it would be useful to start compiling them here, and to invite readers to contribute what I hope are a whole lot more. I’m excluding music lessons from this list since I have several separate ones for them: The Best Music Websites For Learning EnglishThe Best Online Sites For Creating MusicThe Best Online Karaoke Sites For English Language LearnersNot “The Best,” But “A List” Of Music SitesThe Best Places To Find Lyrics On The WebThe Best Sites For Ideas On Making Simple Musical Instruments You might also be interested in The Best Resources Discussing The Importance Of Art In Education — Help Me Find More. Here is a beginning Best Resources For Using Art As A Way To Teach & Learn English: Videos: Using Art As A Language-Learning Activity Using art in the classroom is from ELT-Cation. Five Reasons to Teach English Using Art

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