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Soul Jazz Records

Soul Jazz Records
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Crocodisc est spécialisé dans l’achat et la vente de disques neufs et d’occasions de tous les genres musicaux excepté la musique classique. Smells Like Records | A Record Label Now-Again Piccadilly Records Dead Players The Dead Players are many things. So many things that it is hard to know where to start. Like a malnourished gerbil banging on the door of ten Downing Street demanding better animal rights for all kickable creatures great and small, this biography was only ever going to scratch the surface of their being. These are the bones… Dead Players are a trio of musicians comprising of Jam Baxter, Dabbla and Ghosttown. Baxter went public way back in 2010 during an interview for some local get up. Dead Players have written and recorded an album that is equally suited for a Tuesday evening barbecue with your obese Mother to a Friday night SUPER RAVE. Just ask them yourself.

Str8line Records Ubiquity Discogs - Database and Marketplace for Music on Vinyl, CD, Cassette, MP3 and More The Mighty Boosh to re-form for new tour and 'psychedelic' movie Back on the road … The Mighty Boosh on stage in 2008. Photograph: David Fisher / Rex Features The Mighty Boosh are set for a reboot, with a new tour and a feature film in the works. At the time, the pair made no commitments to anything more permanent. They last toured together in 2009, with their Future Sailors show, which came two years after their final series for the BBC. Barratt, who has appeared on stage at the Young Vic and the Royal Court in the last two years, added: "We'll be working on material that hopefully could make a movie. The pair have written two film scripts in the past, though neither made it to production. In 2008, Fielding told XFM: "A film is the first thing we ever wanted to do, so we've always come up with ideas and stuck them in a drawer. "We wanna make something pretty epic like The Wizard of Oz; something huge and psychedelic with lots of music and animation in it – a big epic fantasy world."

Sarah Records and Shinkansen Recordings Hello and welcome to the official home page for Sarah Records and Shinkansen Recordings. At some point we will improve this site and put some more information on it, particularly relating to the history of both labels, including a full list of everybody whose life was changed by what we did (or possibly not), but... it's all taking longer to do than we thought. In the meantime, on the left there are links to some slightly random pages that already exist (i.e. they're not up to date!), and if you have any queries about either label, then please feel free to use the Shinkansen contact details. SHINKANSEN (including sleeves and track listing) SARAH (just titles for now) All the original Sarah releases are, of course, long sold out. MUCH OF THE SARAH AND SHINKANSEN CATALOGUE IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VIA iTUNES, e-MUSIC ETC AND LISTENABLE TO ON SPOTIFY. Below is a list of what's available so far. ABERDEEN Fireworks (both Sarah singles combined) ANOTHER SUNNY DAY London Weekend

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