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Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form

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Spirit Science Spirit Science is the animated series that started it all. The show follows Patchman, a little multidimensional patch-doll who takes you on a journey into the unknown and begins a long discussion about what it means to be Spiritual. Thoughts, Chakras, Sacred-Geometry, Astral Travel, and even Atlantis, through Spirit Science we look at all of these topics. Most people don’t realize that there is a very powerful connection between Spirituality and Science.

The "Amen Break" and Golden Proportion The Amen Breakand the Golden Ratio by Michael S. Schneider M.Ed. Scientists find huge magma reservoir in Yellowstone 'supervolcano' Scientists and tourists have always known that Yellowstone National Park featured lively geologic wonders – regular small earthquakes and two-thirds of the world’s geysers, including Old Faithful – all constituting what’s known as a “supervolcano.” Now, seismologists at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City have made a new discovery about Yellowstone’s subsurface plumbing, specifically a reservoir of hot, partly molten rock more than four times larger than the shallower magma chamber that scientists already knew about. To give that some perspective, the newly discovered reservoir would fill the Grand Canyon 11 times, compared with 2.5 times for the shallower chamber.

The Importance of 432Hz Music Article By: Brian T Collins Can the current international concert pitch of music somehow be improved to create a more resonant and pleasant positive experience for both the musician and the listener? Can that change be more resonant based on observations of geometry and mathematical patterns found in nature? To answer these important questions we first must look at natural design and how we can apply that to music. Our inner ear for example works on the basis of Phi dampening. Watch Romeo and the Black Brothers Episodes Sub Online Genres: adventure, drama, historical, romance, slice of life Plot Summary: To get the money to pay for a doctor for his father, Romeo bravely sells himself as a chimney sweep. On the way to Milan he meets Alfredo, a mysterious boy on the run heading to the same fate. Upon being separated and sold to their new bosses, the two boys swear eternal friendship.

Earth's Moon is a Hollow Space Station: the Evidence The Moon is the eye in the sky to the inhabitants of Earth. It provides us with the natural tidal c... The Moon is the eye in the sky to the inhabitants of Earth. It provides us with the natural tidal cycles which are said to maintain the equilibrium of all species on the planet. Peculiarly, certain phases of the Moon cycle are even known to affect our moods and emotions. Most will likely never question the existence or makeup of the Moon as it does its usual routine of lighting up the night sky and circling the planet, however many scientists are not convinced that the narrative of its origin is as ‘solid’ as we are lead to believe.

Obama administration approves Shell drilling in Arctic Ocean The approval is a major victory for Shell and the petroleum industry, which has sought for years to drill in the remote waters of the Beaufort and Chukchi seas. WASHINGTON — The Obama administration gave conditional approval on Monday to allow Shell Gulf of Mexico Inc. to start drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean this summer. The approval is a major victory for Shell and the rest of the petroleum industry, which has sought for years to drill in the remote waters of the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, which are believed to hold vast reserves of oil and gas. Activists trained on kayaks last week in Puget Sound in advance of a floating protest of Royal Dutch Shell in the Port of Seattle. The Port of Seattle has agreed to a lease with Royal Dutch Shell that would allow the petrochemical giant to bring its Arctic Ocean drilling rigs to the city’s waterfront. Environmental groups denounced the move and said that Shell had not demonstrated that it can drill safely in the Arctic Ocean.

Watch Master Keaton Episodes Sub Online Genres: adventure, drama, mystery, slice of life, thriller Themes: detective, fatherhood, historical, military, police Plot Summary: Taichi Keaton is a man of many talents: father, historian, frequent traveler, negotiator, archaeologist, former survival instructor, and all while working as an insurance investigator for Lloyd’s of London. While his methods may seem a bit unorthodox, he gets the job done when needed, but not without a little something to learn or teach in the process. Through all of his adventures, some people call him a quack. Full Transcript: President Obama gives speech addressing Europe, Russia on March 26 President Obama spoke in Brussels today; he’s there for meetings with European Union and NATO allies. Here is the full transcript of his remarks, courtesy of the Federal News Service. Thank you.

6/09/2015 — Mount Sinabung erupts — Lake Toba Supervolcano now steaming +emitting foul odors of gas Western Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung has been placed on high alert for what is being called a “mega-eruption” for several km/miles around the volcano. Video reports coming out from the region show ash, steam, and eruptive blasts currently occurring. In addition to the large eruption at Mount Sinabung, we now have other reports that the nearby Toba supervolcano is showing large emissions of steam (from the ground), as well as foul smelling gas. According to reports from Indonesian press, locals are alarmed by these recent developments. Toba supervolcano is indeed a “super-volcano” by all measurements.

Watch Future Boy Conan Episodes Sub Online Genres: adventure, drama, science fiction Themes: post-apocalyptic Plot Summary: Based on The Incredible Tide by Alexander Key. Post nuclear future. Earth has been almost completely submerged by oceans. How Ancient Sacred Geometry Could Radically Alter Modern Science and Medicine Great Pyramid at Giza It may sound crazy, but theories about the effects of pyramids on nature have been around for thousands of years. It wasn’t until 1930 that interest in the subjects resurfaced in the West, when French hardware-store owner and author Antoine Bovis developed the idea that small models of pyramids can preserve food. It is alleged that he used a divination technique known as dowsing to come up with the theory.

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