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The urban guide to being self sufficient'ish

The urban guide to being self sufficient'ish

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Things You Can Do to be More Self-Sufficient How, where and what you do to become self-sufficient is a personal choice. Doing as much as you can yourself in the environment you live is a noble goal. It takes time and discipline to reach your goals but once they are reached it can be quite liberating. Here's a list of things you can do (some big, some small) to become more self-sufficient. You will find that most of these tips will save you money and are good for the environment. Saving money comes hand in hand with self-sufficiency. Household Cyclopedia - Useful household information past and present -  LoveToKnow Household information is what this site is about and there are over 300 articles here. The genesis of this site was a book published in 1881 called the Household Cyclopedia of General Information. Many of the articles are from that book and are fascinating from a historical perspective and for research purposes. At LoveToKnow, we liked the idea of a site for general household information a lot, so we decided to add articles that are up to date and germane to today's living and challenges. Select a category below for articles from the Late 19th Century: Agricultural Articles - Includes soil information, oats, barley, hay making, grafting a tree, etc.

How To Make An Amazing DIY Portable Stove Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr By special request, Beading Made Easy! As promised, here's the scoop on beaded knitting, crochet style. I much prefer this method because it saves me from having to string hundreds of beads onto my yarn, a pretty onerous task if ya ask me! Plus it saves wear and tear on the yarn since you don't have to slide all those beads along the length of the yarn as you do with the knitted on method. Lastly, I feel this method "seats" the bead on the knitting better because you place the bead over BOTH legs of the stitch, unlike the knitted on method where sometimes the beads slip to the purl/private side and are difficult to see in the knitted fabric. So let's begin.... Of course, the proper tools are of utmost importance!

How to Become More Self-Sufficient Over the Thanksgiving weekend I was chatting with a friend about mechanics. He was having some work done on his truck and lamenting the upcoming repair bill. We both agreed that new cars and trucks were harder to work on, but a lot of that was because we haven’t updated our mechanic skills since helping our grandfathers change spark plugs many years ago. Looking back, it is remarkable how many things people used to do themselves. I remember my grandfather changing his own oil, shingling his house (even into his 60s), insulating his attic, installing new windows, laying tile, carpet, etc. Now days, very few of us are fit to handle similar tasks (myself included). A Plan for Food Self-Sufficiency - Modern Homesteading Related Content Fresh Storage of Produce For the past few years, we've experimented with different ways of storing food fresh and now we're e... Providing high-quality food for your family year-round takes foresight and planning, plus healthy doses of commitment and follow-through.

SolTech’s Gorgeous Glass Tiles Heat Your Home With Solar Energy Alternative energy is known to be a lot of things – cutting edge, earth-friendly and forward thinking – but sadly looking pretty isn’t one of them. Well SolTech is changing all that with their gorgeous glass solar-thermal roof tiles. As if it’s not cool enough that these transparent shingles are able to heat your home by using a simple system to store energy from the sun, they also look like a million bucks!

Find Storage Space in Your Living Space "A place for everything and everything in its place." Wouldn't that be ideal? In the perfect home you'd have a place to put everything where it would either look beautiful or be out of sight until you needed it. Urban agriculture Urban agriculture is the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around a village, town, or city.[1] Urban agriculture can also involve animal husbandry, aquaculture, agroforestry, Urban beekeeping, and horticulture. These activities occur in peri-urban areas as well.[2] Urban agriculture can reflect varying levels of economic and social development. In the global north it often takes the form of a social movement for sustainable communities, where organic growers, ‘foodies’ and ‘locavores’ form social networks founded on a shared ethos of nature and community holism.

Ten Reasons to Become Self-Sufficient and Ten Ways to Get There We are now three to five generations removed from the rural backbone that strengthened America. The world at large has undergone a similar transformation as the promise of easier work has created a migration to big cities. These mega-cities could be seen as an experiment gone awry, as general well-being has declined, with suicide rates increasing across the world.

8 eye-catching shipping container homes: A new kind of living Interested in uplifting stories on the natural world, sustainable communities, simple food, and new thinking on how to live well? Please enter a valid email address and try again! No thanks Introduction to Videos Welcome The GeorgiaStandards.Org video library is comprised of best practice videos for teachers. This video library has over one thousand videos that demonstrate effective implementation of the standards in classrooms. The videos are in various formats, such as video podcasts. In order to view these videos, you will need to have iTunes installed on your computer.

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