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Interior Design

Interior Design

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Cosmetic Packaging Branding MockUp - Design Cuts Design Cuts Add To Cart $35 Save up to 50%! when you buy two or more marketplace productsfind out more Marketplace – Save up to 50% Free icons designed by Madebyoliver - Page 3 Are you sure you want to delete this collection? Don't want to credit the author? Premium download +214,000 icons from $20 $9.99 Avoid atribbution on Flaticon Selection icons Mac OS X App Money back guaranteed

The Best Architectural Websites The Top Architectural Websites in the World That sounds pretty important doesn’t it? At the very least it sounds comprehensive … it suggests an extensive and exhaustive collection of the best architecturally themed websites in the world. interior design Archives JOINT Cafe & Workspace by 56thStudio // Bangkok, Thailand. Next time I hear someone whinge about how hard it is to design a good-looking workspace on a budget, I’ll personally bitch-slap them across the face, tell them to stop talking shit and instantly point them towards this post. This is a promise. People, can we all please agree right now that workspaces don’t need to be ugly, predictable, corporate or boring as bat-shit? I hope we can stop producing boring or try-hard office interiors from now on. Can we please do that?

10 Logo Mockup Bundle on Elegant Box — Mockup Store Top Menu Navigation Home » Products » Logo » 10 Logo Mockup Bundle on Elegant Box 10 Logo Mockup Bundle on Elegant Box Hamburger, lines, menu icon By Timothy Miller View designer profile SVG - Base64 PNG - Base64 Help License: Creative Commons (Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported) (help for licenses) No. 570 - 2012.1024 Trees are fundamental to urban landscapes and natural ecosystems. Wood from trees is a fundamental material for architecture. The tension between wood in living trees, and wood in buildings and other products, is arguably at an all-time-high on planet Earth. This is especially true in North America, where primary harvest of irreplaceable primeval forest, having swept across the continent during the last 300 years, is still underway. In the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada, even as fierce political battles rage over the logging or conservation of the last few percent of older forests on public lands, vast acreages of once-vibrant forest in private industrial ownership is being stripped and scoured rapidly. Wood is beautiful, used well in our homes, shops, and offices.

Miss Design A Highly Unique Converted Church A highly unique four bedroom converted church with an impressive reception room with full-height ceiling, private patio and stylish finish alongside many of the church’s original features. Kenmont Gardens is located moments from local amenities while the restaurants, shops and bars of Westfield Shopping Centre while Notting Hill is close by. 29+ Free Billboard Branding Mockup Designs Mockups The old design trend billboard Mockup come mimicking wood posters and billboard used for outdoor advertisement. The font type and size used on them lack appealing look that will captivate people to continue reading the content. Resolution is another area where old trend billboard templates are limited. These things made many designers to find it difficult making use of the mockup in their design. The world of design has evolved with improvement in digital technology.

Nice 3D Text Effect In Photoshop CS5 This tutorial will explain some basic 3D concepts in the Photoshop CS5 Extended environment, in order to create a nice 3D text. It aims to provide a step-by-step guide to creating a 3D scene, and presents some tips and techniques for using Repoussé, applying materials, combining 3D layers, dealing with the object, mesh and camera tools, shadows and reflections, and some rendering basics as well. Then, it will explain how to adjust the output to get the final result. The Final Result Tutorial Details Software Used : PhotoshopVersion : CS5 ExtendedTime : 2:00 – 3:30

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