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SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Social Computing - NewsGator

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Social Computing - NewsGator

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Images That Go Epic! How do I register and sign in? You can register and sign in at the top right of any Ep1x web page. Registration and sign in are completely optional. You can post images anonymously without registering or signing in. What advantages do I get by registering and signing in? Why Brands Need a Digital Customer Experience Strategy To Stay Competitive Ron Rogowski is Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, serving Customer Experience professionals. His research on digital customer experience strategies will be presented at Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum, June 21 to 22 in New York. Once upon a time, companies differentiated themselves almost entirely based on the things they made.

Integrate a Slider with the Content Query Web Part (Part 1) - What Does my Slider Need to Work? You may also be interested in: SharePoint Hosting by Editor's note: Contributor Yohan Belval is a SharePoint Specialist at Groupe GSoft Inc. Follow him @yohanbelval What does my Slider Need to Work? Feed 101 - FeedBurner Help What are feeds? I see "RSS", "XML", and "Atom" out there, but I don't know how I might use these links when I find them. Feeds are a way for websites large and small to distribute their content well beyond just visitors using browsers.

90:10 Group 9010 Group was founded in 2008 to help blue-chip companies and their agencies adapt to the Networked World and the new and emerging market reality we now call The Open Economy. This is comprised of 4 key drivers for disruption and change; Open Capital, The Networked Enterprise, Open Innovation (Scaled) and the Open Data Movement, all fuelled by social media connectivity and the resulting culture of Openness. Over this time we have worked with many large and complex companies in EMEA including; Tesco, Mastercard, Honda and Bupa and across a number of their key departments and divisions to react strategically, operationally and culturally to manage disruption and leverage new trends for commercial opportunity. In doing so we have become experts in crowd-funding, crowdsourcing, co-creation, online research (netnography) and word-of-mouth marketing.

SharePoint 2010 - Implement Search in a List (No Code) This tutorial explains how to implement search functionality in a list without any code. Page Content You may also be interested in: SharePlus Office Mobile Client - The Universal Mobile SharePoint App RSS to PDF Newspaper Hosted or self-hosted? We want our users to be free to examine and run the code behind however they like. So rather than simply invite you to sign up for API access, we've gone to great effort to make the software easy to use and install on your own hosting account. Using our hosted service (Free, Premium) is the easiest option as we manage everything.

NewsGator Technologies Sitrion (formerly NewsGator Technologies) is an American software company headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in Canada and the Netherlands. It provides social and collaborative software that utilizes Enterprise 2.0 and e-Government technologies. Its flagship product line, Social Sites, integrates with Microsoft SharePoint. Products[edit] Initially known for its RSS aggregator software such as NetNewsWire and FeedDemon for the web, desktop, mobile devices, and email clients, NewsGator has shifted to focus solely on social media and coproducts for business, aimed at increasing collaboration and productivity within companies and government. Rather than a standalone application or point solution, Social Sites is directly integrated[clarification needed] within the SharePoint platform.

Europe Tomorrow: Supporting Social Innovation - Keyed Into Hyatt Europe Tomorrow, a social innovation project, has now embarked on their tour across Europe to promote social change. We were thrilled to host the project’s launch party last month at Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile. The evening was a great success and provided the initiative’s founders – Boris Marcel, Florian Guillaume and Malo Richard – with the opportunity to describe their shared ambition for the three-year initiative. The three French entrepreneurs’ goal is to discover and share the best social innovation projects that exist in Europe in order to educate young people and opinion leaders on the social and environmental conditions in Europe. Over the course of the upcoming months, Boris, Florian and Malo will be visiting 21 countries to host over 50 events, collaborating with more than 250 partners from large corporates to business schools and ministries. Europe Tomorrow funders Boris Marcel, Florian Guillaume and Malo Richard with Hyatt Director of Corporate Communication Malene Rydahl.

The Health Analyzer and PowerPivot for SharePoint You may also be interested in: SharePoint-based solutions by B&R Business Solutions Editor's note: Contributor John P White is the Chief Technical Officer at UnlimitedViz Inc.. Follow him @diverdown1964 The Health Analyzer that first appeared in SharePoint 2010 is a fantastic idea. Periodically, (you say when) timer jobs run to check predefined health rules, and when those fail, you are alerted in Central Administration with a yellow or red error bar depending on the severity.

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