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4 Things the Best Salespeople (in the Digital Age) Do Immediately Following a Sale | Sales Engine.

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Used. 13 Actionable Ecommerce Marketing Tactics and Apps to Drive Sales. Want more traffic and more sales for your online store? Of course you do. That’s why we put together 13 marketing tactics – with the tools to implement each of them – for you to put into action today. If you’re wondering whether you’re doing the most you can to get as many visitors to your store as possible, then this is the post for you. The tactics we’ve put together range from triggering a special discount just as a customer is about to exit from your store, to creating emails for customers who have placed items in their shopping carts but failed to complete the purchase.

So here’s a fun idea: Implement one of these tactics every single day over the next two weeks. Get ready to get new visitors, get more out of current visitors, and get back lost visitors today. 1. “May I interest you in this upgrade?” Most of us have heard some form of that question. And guess what? Are one of your products made of slightly better leather? Here’s an example of a product upsell: Product Upsell 2. 3. 4. Promises Don't Come in Degrees. My Top 10 Sales Tips. 5 Steps To Determine Your Unique Selling Point. If you're like most new business start-ups, you don't want to waste money on expensive marketing campaigns. What you do want is a unique sel April 20, 2011 If you're like most new business start-ups, you don't want to waste money on expensive marketing campaigns. What you do want is a unique selling position. And quick. One of my clients is struggling to find her unique selling point. Many new business owners don't know how to determine their unique selling point.

Stop getting lost in the crowd. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Domino's Pizza: "You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30-minutes or less…or it's free. " What's your unique selling point? 19 Reasons You Should Include Visual Content in Your Marketing [Data] Pretty pictures are the best. But you know who likes them even more than your readers, leads, and customers? Marketers. Well they should, anyway, because marketers who are embracing visual content are seeing huge returns in terms of, well, more readers, leads, and customers.

Oh, also revenue. Whether you're already a champion of visual content and just want a little affirmation, or you're interested in dipping your toes into the burgeoning visual content space, these 19 statistics should help you make the case for doing just that. 1) 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. 2) 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text. 3) 46.1% of people say a website's design is the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of the company. 4) Publishers who use infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who don't. 6) Visual content drives engagement. 18 Sales Experts Share Their Best Tip for Maximizing Productivity. Nobody is a sales genius right out of the gate. The best salespeople are constantly looking for ways to improve their technique, make gains in efficiency, and generally maximize their productivity.

We asked a few of today’s most productive, efficient, and successful sales experts to share their best sales productivity tips, and they came through in a big way. Time management, efficiency, and relationship-building were top priorities for many of the sales pros we talked to. Any salesperson who is willing to take the time and effort to incorporate these tactics into their regular routine will see awesome improvements in their efficiency and overall sales productivity.

Tactic #1: Prioritize Important Tasks & Manage Your Time Effective time management and prioritization of important tasks is one of the main ways that the most successful sales pros stay ahead of the game. Butch Bellah – Sales, Marketing & Business Coach, Jim Keenan – Founder, A Sales Guy Consulting 1. That’s it. 5 Ways To Be Lucky In Sales. Sales, it’s a numbers game, we all know that and we all play by that. However, how is it that certain Sales people seem to get “lucky” with their deals and generally in their profession? It’s not rocket science and you only have to look at athletes to see how people get “lucky”. You get your luck through a vast range of things that can be done individually, every single day and all of it playing into your need for a lucky streak. #1 Prepare A Boxer prepares for a fight 5 months before the fight date. You can simply increase your luck by preparing well in advance, be it a sales meeting, cold calling session, 5th follow up or closing the deal.

Being a Sales Professional, you need to look at every angle and decide what the counter measure is going to be then, if the situation arises you’ve already prepared for the worst. #2 Start Early You could wake up earlier and get the most important tasks done without distraction, that’s just one option. . #3 Strengths #4 Connect #5 Follow Up By Marius Fermi. Playing to Win: Could Gamification Boost Your Sales Success?

“As a salesperson, you must be competitive because sales is a zero sum game,” writes Anthony Iannarino. The president and chief sales officer of Solutions Staffing believes, “If you are competing for your dream client’s business, either you will win the business or your competitor will. To win, you have to be competitive. You have to love a good fight. You have to want to win over your rivals.” That’s fine if you want to lead a team of sales people by brandishing the old saw: “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” But it’s not always so cut and dried. It’s Not A Game To apply this concept to your own sales team, it’s important to know first that gamification isn’t about playing games.

There he found five things that spark motivation in anyone’s mind, all of which are present when you play a simple game. Autonomy: I control. The difference comes in because leadership should be constantly engaging its staff to stretch further. Don’t Eliminate Competition Completely. 7 Keys to Successful Negotiating. There is no need to dread negotiating. If you do dread it, then chances are you’re not going to succeed. Here is my list on 7 key things you can start doing right now to improve your negotiating skills: 1. Be prepared to walk away. Too many salespeople fall victim to getting chiseled down on price one small step at a time. 2. Nothing will undermine a negotiation more than thinking you have an agreement, only to hear from the other party they now need to go to someone else to see what they think. 3.

Agreeing to make concessions too quickly only results in one thing — losing credibility and losing profit. During the selling process is when you uncover the customer’s real needs. 4. Time is the ultimate negotiation tool. 5. Just like when you go grocery shopping… if you have a list, you’ll spend less. 6. There is no way you can negotiate successfully if you don’t know what the other party values. 7. Following the above steps will help increase your level of confidence. Katie Lance: The 5 Rules to Not Suck at Social Media If You Are in Sales. Over the years, I have worked with a number of sales people. In fact, before marketing and social media, my background initially was in sales. I was a sales representative in a direct sales organization for more than eight years and worked my way through college with in-home sales presentations. I learned so much in that position -- this was before social media, but what I learned help to lay the foundation for working with people, building trust and increasing sales.

Sales is a people business and social media hasn't changed that. But the way we communicate and can now build relationships with clients and prospects has changed. Here are my five rules for making the most of social media if you are in sales: 1. Somehow with social media, many sales people have forgotten that fundamental skill and how important that foundation is for any sales transaction. 2. Too often, I see sales people tweeting something like, "Interested in (product/service), contact me today! " 3. 4. 5. Sales Conversations and What Top Sales People Do (and Don't Do) - RAIN Group.

By John Doerr Willy: I don't know why - I can't stop myself - I talk too much. A man oughta come in with a few words. Charlie's a man of few words, and they respect him. Linda: You don't talk too much, you're just lively. Arthur Miller - Death of a Salesman We all have sympathy for poor Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman. Let’s face it. And when sales people talk too much, they generate too few customers. Let's start there. Why Do You Talk Too Much? I need to pitch my product or service: Of course you do. These are just some of the reasons we tend to talk too much when we enter into a sales conversation. The key for you is to understand why you, specifically, talk too much. What You Miss When You’re the One Doing all the Talking You may be thinking, "So what if I talk too much.

Perhaps, but here is what you miss when you do too much of the talking: Opportunity to build trust and rapport: Buyers tend to buy from people they like. 5 Keys to Talking Less and Generating More Customers Google+ B2B Inside Sales Do’s and Don’ts  Posted On Oct 4, 2013 | by Lars Nilsson I am coming up on 18 months as the Sales Advisor at True Ventures. As I reflect back on 1000′s of emails, 100′s of meetings and 10′s of portfolio company field trips, I wanted to share some thoughts that have shaped many of the discussions we have had together. With this blog post, I am submitting a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” that range in topics from inside sales, to compensation, to digital content marketing, to process and technology. I’ve noodled through all of these topics with many of you and will continue to do so even as my role shifts and I spend more time with Cloudera, Inc. as their VP of Field Operations. I will continue as an Advisor to True Ventures and look forward to providing value in the form of best practices discussions and advice on all things sales and marketing.

Enjoy the read, Lars Don’t start with a one-person inside sales team. Don’t make a VP-level executive your first sales hire. The 5 Essential Sales Tips Everyone Must Master. Cold Calling: 5 Things You Need To Know. Ian Altman: Inconceivable: How to Avoid Losing Your Best Client, Courtesy of The Princess Bride. One of my favorite movies is The Princess Bride. The brains behind the devious plot in the movie is a character names Vizzini. Among my favorite lines is each time Vizzini, when confronted with a potential threat, says, "Inconceivable. " Vizzini actually faces similar challenges that businesses face every day in protecting an existing client account from competitors. Let me show how much you can learn from The Princess Bride... perhaps it will provide justification to watch it for the fifteenth time. Act I - You OWN the Account During their escape on a boat, one of Vizzini's henchmen, Inigo, keeps looking behind the boat to be sure that nobody is following them.

Vizzini explains that someone following them would be inconceivable . When I work with clients on how to grow their business, the first thing we evaluate is the threats that could lead to the loss of existing business. Act V - It's Your Turn What threats did you think were inconceivable only to have to defend your turf. 5 Questions You Should Ask in Every Selling Situation | Marc Wayshak. Over 500,000 startups are born each year in the United States alone. Impressed by that number? Don't be -- because 50 percent of those startups fail within their first year. And, within the next four years, another 50 percent or more will fail. The environment for small business is hostile. If you're running a small business today, you know what I mean. Luckily, there are ways to master your environment and give your company a leg up. The good news is that your competitors are out there right now enthusiastically pitching the features and benefits of their products to your prospects.

The bad news is that you're probably doing the same exact thing. Having worked with thousands of small business owners and salespeople in a wide range of industries, I have a unique perspective on how companies are selling today. Here are five questions you should ask in every selling situation: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What is one question that you like to ask your prospects? Bulletproof Sales Tips: Five Time Tested Solutions From 13 Years of Selling Cars | Davis Speight. Anyone who has worked in sales knows it can deliver high highs and low lows. Dry spells are rough, people can be difficult from time to time, and sometimes it doesn't seem like there's much rhyme or reason to why some months are bonanzas and others feel like a drought. In my 13 years of selling cars, I've never found a specific formula for making every month perfect, but I have figured out a few secrets that make sales less stressful and yield better returns than trying to force the process.

If you respect people, make yourself a resource, and listen, you're not just convincing someone to buy--you're becoming a trusted partner people will rely on for years. These tips are industry and audience agnostic. I believe they can work for selling anything to anyone. At our dealership in Dallas, we sell everything from reliable family cars to custom Jeeps and rare luxury finds that connoisseurs scour the world for.

Don't let age stand in your way. Make it about them, not you. Read the situation. Why Phone Calls and Meetings Don't Result in Sales | Ian Altman. I recently received a sales call from an individual saying he "wanted to setup time to meet with me about his firm. " The caller's introduction was vague and gave me no information into what services his firm provided. It turns out the caller was an investment advisor. I explained to the caller that my current financial advisor is a close friend and someone whom I trust with my life. Therefore, a meeting would not be a good use of our time.

What Went Wrong? The problem with the caller's approach is that his goal was to get a meeting. How to Be Selective In my book, Upside Down Selling, I share a case study of Excella Consulting who doubled their growth rate in the first year. When evaluating potential opportunities businesses often focus on demographic data. What is a TRUE fit? I created a spreadsheet tool to identify whether or not an opportunity is a TRUE fit. T-erms: The Business terms R-elationship: Are you on the inside or outside? It's Your Turn. 11 Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Hate Sales. An introverted entrepreneur? Yes, they exist. Not all people love selling all the time. But as a startup founder, that's usually part of the job description, at least at first. We asked 11 successful entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) for practical advice on how to make peace with their new, unofficial role as chief salesperson. 1.

Understanding sales is important and will let you explore ways to offset your inability or dislike of sales. Choose to network and do lunches and coffees. —Benj Miller, eyespeak 2. The biggest strategic shift I took in my current approach to sales was not actually expecting I would get anything. —Matthew Manos, verynice 3. The reason you hate to sell is because deep down you think you don't bring value.

—Michael Parker, DSFederal 4. If you're just warming up to sales, start with your immediate network to cut your teeth. —Darrah Brustein, Finance Whiz Kids | Equitable Payments 5. —Doreen Bloch, Poshly 6. I wouldn't spend much time selling. 7. Understanding Your 'Unique Selling Proposition' Never Drop Your Prices Again! How to Stop Selling on Price | Marc Wayshak. 10 Great Sales Tips | bananatag | Support Community. 62 Sales Tips and Sales Quotes from Top Sales Experts. 10 Tips to Kick-start Your Sales Skills. Sales Tip of the Week.