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Kelly Gregory sur Twitter : "Marketers On Their Top Goals, Tactics, and Challenges #marketing #contentmarketing #SMM. B2B Inbound Marketing Snapshot: Top Goals, Tactics, and Challenges. B2B inbound marketers say their top objectives for the year ahead are to boost conversion rates and improve the quality of leads, according to a recent report from Ascend2.

B2B Inbound Marketing Snapshot: Top Goals, Tactics, and Challenges

The report was based on data from a survey of 270 marketing, sales, and business professionals from around the world who use inbound marketing tactics (75% B2B-focused, 25% B2C). Just under half of respondents (49%) say increasing conversion rates is one of their most important inbound marketing objectives in the next 12 months. A similar number (48%) say improving lead quality is a top goal. Other key objectives include: Growing sales revenue (46% of respondents cite as important), increasing the quantity of leads (44%), improving brand awareness (31%), and boosting website traffic (29%). Below, additional key findings from the report.

Most Effective Tactics. Kelly Gregory sur Twitter : "The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation: #marketing #SMM #ebusiness #digitalmarketing. The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation. The Sneaky Way to Sell Products Like Crazy...from Day One. Deep down, you know it’s true.

The Sneaky Way to Sell Products Like Crazy...from Day One

Creating a product is a natural next step for you as a blogger. (It’s your best chance of making some real money from your blog too.) But building a product is scary. Not just because it means putting yourself out there for the world to judge – though that can be pretty terrifying. No, it’s scary because of all the things that can go wrong. How to Become a Blog Commenting Superstar. I have a very special guest for you today because this is her first guest post.

How to Become a Blog Commenting Superstar

This is the second one this year so I’m thrilled that their first experience is here on my blog. Not that she needs any introductions but I’m so very pleased to have the lovely and talented Harleena with us because she’s sharing a topic that is near and dear to us all; blog commenting. I could go one forever but I’ll just let Harleena share with you what she’s learned about this topic and how you can also have success in this area. This is my first ever guest post! I was indeed delighted when Adrienne asked me to be her guest for this month because she inspires me so much, and I had no doubt in my mind that her blog was the perfect place to start my guest blogging journey.

Not to mention that I’ve learnt so much from Adrienne, most of all the art of blog commenting. Yes, blog commenting is a skill so important for blogging, which can be learned by anyone. 50 Free and Fabulous Traffic Strategies. As a small business owner, you probably already know the obvious ways to generate free traffic back to your website.

50 Free and Fabulous Traffic Strategies

(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, video marketing, etc.) But as a Shoestring Marketer, you’re going to need to tap into an arsenal of creative, high-impact and hard-hitting tools. Here are 50 fabulous traffic strategies that you may not be currently using. And remember, the best part is that every one of these marketing tools is totally, completely and absolutely free: 25 Simple Tips for Increasing Website Traffic. Lack of website traffic is one of the biggest concerns for small business owners.

25 Simple Tips for Increasing Website Traffic

Obviously, if no one is visiting your website, it’s pretty tough to make any sales. 10 Ways to Double Your Email Subscribers in Just Two Weeks — ITERATE SOCIAL. 3.

10 Ways to Double Your Email Subscribers in Just Two Weeks — ITERATE SOCIAL

Create a separate newsletter landing page on your website that you can lead people to. This invitation method creates a seamless user experience and encourages visitors to sign up. It also allows you to track conversion rates. If people are visiting and not signing up, you can easily change the page and experiment with it. Check out my page as an example. If you don’t want to create a separate page, make sure the email opt-in is very prominent on your blog or welcome page and send them there. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Extra tip on this: When you go to a website, your eye naturally scans from the top of the site to the right. 10. 14 Sites to Ignite Your Content Marketing. Is this you?

14 Sites to Ignite Your Content Marketing

You've been putting out content for some time now but haven't seen the explosive growth that you know you are capable of. You spend hours crafting an article, only to have it lose traction within a week. 6 Simple Ways Your Business Grows Through Followups. There is a tendency in all aspects of our lives to treat that which is newest with the most interest, enthusiasm, and favor.

6 Simple Ways Your Business Grows Through Followups

Whether it’s a new shirt, a new puppy, or a new friend, it’s not uncommon to give a little more attention to the "new" new thing and neglect some of the older things we’ve had around for awhile. The same goes for marketing. We put a lot of energy, creative thinking, and money to bring new shoppers to our business. Twitter Marketing Tips: 7 Ways You're Wasting Time. Edit: This post has been refreshed to reflect another 3 months of time-saving and the addition of 6 more twitter accounts plus a revitalization of our other 4 social channels.

Twitter Marketing Tips: 7 Ways You're Wasting Time

I've included a TL;DR section at each heading for a quick read and to help the narrative flow along. What I Do My title is “Director of Content” at Moblized. I edit, format, write, direct, manage, and really take care of all of the tasks surrounding our blog and social content. There is no “Marketing Team” to speak of so I’m in the most logical spot to both generate the content AND get it out there.

While we are distributing content primarily via social media, we are also always looking to post pieces on our blog. I do have help, in the form of solid curation, responding, and engagement efforts by my colleague. Why write about it? Because time, and where we spend it, is our most valuable asset. 22 Killer Social Media Marketing Resources. Feeling as though your social media skills could use some fine-tuning?

22 Killer Social Media Marketing Resources

Looking for retweets, reposts, and returns on your marketing investments but you are not sure how to get them? Check out 22 social media marketing resources designed to enhance your social (media) appeal and ensure you get the most fans, followers, and impressions for your efforts! 1. Free Marketing Tools for Startups - Startup Marketing Strategies & Best Practices.