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Quickly Become a Barefoot Writer — With Reliable, Consistent Income. Many writers look forward to the freedom of being a Barefoot Writer.

Quickly Become a Barefoot Writer — With Reliable, Consistent Income

They’re eager to do anything they want, when they want, and from where they want. There’s just one thing standing in their way … The fear of not having a predictable, steady income. How to Market Your Business on a Small Budget. Looking to learn how to market your business without spending a thousands of dollars on ads?

How to Market Your Business on a Small Budget

I’ve gotchu! Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’ve been at it for a while, marketing often comes up as a big question mark for most entrepreneurs. Frankly, I’m not surprised. Here’s why: Marketing is an ever-evolving field, especially online, so it might feel difficult to keep up with the trends.Putting yourself (and your business) “out there” feels uncomfortable to many new entrepreneurs.Fear of failing (or success) plagues many people who know they have to market their business but are afraid of actually doing it. 31 Powerful Tips for Getting Engagement on Facebook (#29 is my favorite) - Kamila Gornia. In this post, we will uncover 31 powerful tips and ideas for getting more engagement on Facebook.

31 Powerful Tips for Getting Engagement on Facebook (#29 is my favorite) - Kamila Gornia

Facebook. Oh yes. We love it, don’t we? The sad thing about Facebook is that, contrary to what we might think, it’s not free. Especially not today – with its organic reach being at an all-time low, the only way to really get your message out there is by paying. So then what’s the point of even focusing on getting engagement on your Facebook page, you might ask?

6 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies and Tactics For Brand Awareness. How to Build a Blog with 100,000+ Monthly Page Views. 9 Social Media Strategies for Entrepreneurs. Today, knowing your way around the social media landscape is a must for any entrepreneur, author, or socially engaged professional, but few have time to keep abreast of the most current applications to simplify that task.

9 Social Media Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Enter Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick, two social media and Internet gurus who offer a roadmap in The Art of Social Media, a must-have for the social media how-to bookshelf, and one of the best I’ve read on social media tips for small businesses. The subtitle of the book is “Power Tips for Power Users,” and this is an important key.

This book is a guide to finding applications that can leverage your time and maximize social reach with a minimum of effort. You’ll find no wasted words in this concise, straight-to-the-point book. Too often I wade through business books to find the meat — but not here. This is a fast read, but the value is in the information contained, not in the length it takes to convey it. What is the ideal blogging frequency for your business? Blogging frequency is among the most common questions I am asked, and it occurred to me that I have never directly addressed this in a blog post.

What is the ideal blogging frequency for your business?

So here we go — how often should you post on your blog? First, let’s start at a very high level and set the stage about blogging as a business imperative in general. I think that most businesses need to have a source of rich content to fuel their social media presence. Generally that means a blog, video series, podcast or something visual that can drive Instagram, Pinterest and/or Slideshare. So blogging is an important and popular option, but not necessarily the only option for content creation. What is the ideal blogging frequency? This week in small business: To grow your small business, work for free. Getting a small business off the ground can be one of the most daunting things in the world.

This week in small business: To grow your small business, work for free

As a small business owner, you’re expected to deliver top quality at a price the market will bear, all while trying to stay on top of branding your business, developing your products and services, generating leads and converting them, managing your employees and everything else a fully functional business is supposed to do. Oh yeah, and you have to do it all on a shoestring budget while possibly acting as the sole point of contact for any employees and customers. Ouch. This initial growth stage is generally where small businesses either sink or swim. How to pitch the modern journalist. A recent report from the folks at Edelman got me thinking about how PR pros approach and work with the press.

How to pitch the modern journalist

As our world has changed the last number of years, so has the media world, but how often do you think about how those changes shaking up their world affects the way you pitch these modern journalists? Let’s take a look at a few key stats from the Edelamn/Muck Rack study and talk about what they mean for the PR side of the coin: Stat: More than 75 percent of journalists say they feel more pressure now to think about their story’s potential to get shared on social platforms.

Like it or not, these numbers are likely to drive even higher in the coming years as media outlets continue to favor shareability. Ramit Sethi on Persuasion and Turning a Blog Into a Multi-Million-Dollar Business. If you want detailed tactics and hilarity, Ramit Sethi is your man.

Ramit Sethi on Persuasion and Turning a Blog Into a Multi-Million-Dollar Business

Here one quote from this episode, to give you an idea: “Indian people don’t get punched, dude. We don’t get into fights. We’re doing spelling bees.” Ramit Sethi built his personal finance blog up to 500,000+ readers per month, and has since turned it into a revenue generating monster. I don’t use that phrasing lightly. Tons of amazing links and goodies below… Stream with the player below: If you can’t see the above, here are other ways to listen: Content Curation: How to Easily Find Great Content to Share. 8 Ways to Better Market Yourself on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has always been the industry standard when it comes to marketing yourself professionally, but the past few years have seen the social network’s importance and reach increase dramatically.

8 Ways to Better Market Yourself on LinkedIn

TechCrunch reports that LinkedIn has roughly 187 million unique visitors per month, and that number looks like it’ll continue to grow. In addition, LinkedIn has ramped up its efforts to become a content platform. In the past three years LinkedIn has acquired Slideshare, Pulse and Newsle; all of which hint at a continuing push towards content distribution. Instead of just maintaining your profile and company page and being active in LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn is now encouraging brands and individuals to leverage its robust, new publishing capabilities. It is clear that LinkedIn sees itself as a vital part of the future of content marketing.

Building out your LinkedIn presence can seem intimidating. Viveka von Rosen: Leverage LinkedIn’s CRM She recommends leveraging these tools in five steps: 1. 2. 6 productivity apps you'll never want to be without. In entrepreneurship and in life, the most valuable commodity is time.

6 productivity apps you'll never want to be without

There's never enough time, and yet a staggering amount is spent doing the mundane tasks that come with running a business day to day. I hate inefficiency, and I loathe wasting time, so I'm always looking for the latest cool gadgets to help me get things done quicker and easier. The following are some of my favorite productivity boosters that I use daily. These apps, plug-ins and tools have helped me become a more effective CEO by freeing up dozens of hours a month that would otherwise be relegated to things everyone hates doing. The best things in life are free, and these tools are no exception.