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Social Media Management Software

Social Media Management Software
World-Class Engagement Tools Reach your audience across networks and promptly reply to your customers. Sprout makes it easy for teams to keep tabs on conversations and effectively engage at all times. More on Engagement » Unified Inbox Assign Tasks See who is available now & route messages to the appropriate person or department.

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Napping Can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, And More Napping Can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, And More Many Europeans believe in the benefits of napping so much that they shut down in the afternoon to allow everyone to take a quick power nap, recharge, and come back to work. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in the U.S. where a mid-day nap is not only a luxury, but often times is perceived as downright laziness. If you’re among those who enjoy the occasional midday snooze, you should continue the habit as studies have shown that it’s a normal and integral part of the circadian (sleep-wake cycle) rhythm.

Twtrland Launches Social Data Toolset for Businesses Social analytics platform Twtrland has been providing fancy stats about individuals for over a year, and today the Israeli startup behind it is launching a business-focused product called, unsurprisingly, Twtrland for Business. The new service provides the ability to track accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, monitoring KPIs like brand impressions and the number of new followers against rivals’ performance. It can break down your social audience by age, location, interests and attributes such as whether they’re a celebrity, a power user, casual user or social media novice. Twtrland for Business also suggests the best time of day to tweet about particular topics or particular audiences, and allows you to identify key influencers in your audience based on filters such as their location or skill set. If this all sounds kind of familiar, it’s because there are plenty of other products on the market that offer similar services, not least The Next Web’s own Twitter Counter.

Editor - Argunet Argunet Editor is a free argument map editor for analyzing and visualizing complex debates. You can use it offline and save your debates on your hard-disk. Or you can use it as a client-server application. This allows you to share your debates and collaborate with others on the Argunet server. Fast sketching mode: You can use Argunet to quickly outline the macro-structure of a debate. How to Post on Social Media to Gain Popularity Social media is a mysterious and multifaceted beast. Much like the Internet, the social media landscape evolves at a dizzying pace, making it very difficult indeed to keep up with the numerous changes and new platforms that crop up left, right and center. Especially if you aren’t a social media strategist by trade, and you’re simply trying to navigate the murky waters of digital marketing to, say, promote your personal blog posts or make sure your Facebook status gets seen by as many eyeballs as possible.

Why the Largest Social Network in 2015 Won't be Facebook, and Will Be From Asia We’re all familiar with the major social networks in the U.S. (FB, Twitter, etc.) as well as which ones are up and coming ( Vine, Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp). But what are not talked about a lot, are the social networks out in Asia that are growing insanely fast — like WeChat, KakaoTalk, and LINE. Although culturally targeted towards a different audience, these Asian networks will one day cross the pond and come to the U.S. and start competing out here. And although they started as pure messaging apps, they’ve increasingly added features to become full social networks.

France’s next revolution: The vote that could wreck the European Union IT HAS been many years since France last had a revolution, or even a serious attempt at reform. Stagnation, both political and economic, has been the hallmark of a country where little has changed for decades, even as power has rotated between the established parties of left and right. Until now. 6 Social Media Tips That Will Improve Your Marketing When it comes to helping you out with social media, we often like to categorize things. For example, we’d write about the optimal timing of your posts, or how to come up with the best headlines, and the like. What happened over the last few weeks though is that we collected a number of awesome tips to post on social media, that didn’t quite all fit together. So we thought, why not creating a list of unique tips, that might not have that much in common, but are hopefully still very useful for you! So, here we go, a list of six rather random social media tips to help you improve your marketing today:

12 Royalty free image search engines This is something that comes up quite a lot, as people are always looking for images that they can use without fear of payment or copyright restrictions. There's a nice new collection of such engines over at the Hootsuite blog, and I've picked a few of my favourites. Picjumbo It's a nice resource but only has a small number of images (600 or so), but they are of excellent quality. Unsplash is excellent - my search for 'books' returned a lot of results (277) and they were really interesting pictures. T-shirt Memory Quilts A square is the front or back of a t-shirt. We can also use a combination of smaller logos, photos, ties, hats or almost any fabric item you can think of for an extra charge. Some of the most common sizes are listed below. If you choose a quilt with sashing, it will increase the size by 1.5" per seam.

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