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Websites for Artists by FASO - Your Professional Artist Website Made Easy. Fetching art | Currently Trending on artFido. Promotion de l'art contemporain. Artrepublic. How to Sell Art Online | Start a Fine Art & Prints Business Online - Free Trial. You Won't Believe How Many People Buy Art via Mobile Apps. From Cory: Freddy Grant at Bluethumb gallery caught my eye when they reached out to let me know about the study from TEFAF that mentioned that only 6% of all fine art sales happen online – but that number was up nearly double the year before.

I asked them to write an article about their experience as an online-only gallery, and to highlight the fact that more than 20% of their sales come from smartphone orders. The way people buy art is changing. TEFAF’s annual Art Market Report shows that we now trust e-commerce to make bigger purchases. Globally, online art sales have increased from €2.5bn to €3.3bn in the last year growing their total share of the market by 1%, with the majority of sales being made in the middle-market range of $1,000 – $50,000 (US). In the first quarter of 2015, Bluethumb, one of Australia’s leading original art sites and the company I work for, saw sales rise by 78% year-on-year. However, the investment in creating the first version of the app was a gamble. KOGa | Buy contemporary art online. ERIC_LACAN_catalogue_Openspace. Galerie Openspace — Lithographie "Madone" Online Art Sales, Free Shipping, Artist Interviews. W Magazine Salutes the Art World Online.

Artnet.Photo: Courtesy of W magazine. Paddle8.Photo: Courtesy of W magazine. Paddle8.Photo: Courtesy of W magazine. Artsy.Photo: Courtesy of W magazine. Artsy.Photo: Courtesy of W magazine. Artspace.Photo: Courtesy of W magazine. Triple Canopy.Photo: Courtesy of W magazine. artnet.Photo: Courtesy of W magazine. W magazine's biannual art issue, which profiles art trailblazers, hits newsstands today. Within the issue's pages, you'll find Phaidon-owned Artspace (see Artspace Sale Augurs Inevitable Shake-Out in Online Art Sales), Artsy, Triple Canopy, Paddle8, and yours truly, artnet. This month, none other than pioneering artist and icon Yoko Ono is on the cover (see 7 Facts That Will Change the Way You See Yoko Ono). Marilyn Minter, Tracey Emin, Catherine Opie, and Karen Kilimnik all contributed to making artworks inspired by Clooney for the issue.

Thank you, W mag! Follow artnet News on Facebook and @chuchristie on Twitter. Next Art World Article Proceed. Arts factory [ webstore ] - scène graphique contemporaine depuis 1996 - arts factory [ webstore ] MyArtMakers | vente d'oeuvres d'art personnalisées et sur mesure. Home page. Affordable art : buy art online, contemporary digital art prints - artwebfair. Home page. Art accessible : éditions limitées d'art contemporain accessible sur une sélection de photographies, art numérique - artwebfair. Artistik Rezo, agitateur de vie culturelleStrip Art - Galerie d'art urbain et de street art en ligne | Art | actualites. Artsy, a tech startup, lures art galleries and collectors online.

Sold Art : Online street art Gallery - Galerie d'Art Urbain. Artmajeur. Qu'est-ce que Artmajeur ? Artmajeur est une galerie d’art en ligne créée en 2000 par Samuel Charmetant et Yann Sarazin à Montpellier, France. Elle propose aujourd’hui une des plus larges collections d’oeuvres d’art originales au monde. SC: “Après avoir créé plusieurs sites pour des artistes peintres ou sculpteurs, nous nous sommes aperçus que leurs besoins étaient très similaires et qu’ils rencontraient souvent les même difficultés pour conclure les ventes en ligne. Nous avons créé Artmajeur pour permettre aux artistes d’échanger de manière libre, trouver leur public, et favoriser les ventes en proposant un espace de confiance 100% sécurisé”. Comment ça marche ? A qui s’adresse Artmajeur ? Ouverte sur le monde, la galerie est disponible en 12 langues.

Artmajeur en chiffres1,5 Millions d’oeuvre d’art présentées pour un total de plus de 1 milliard d’EUR.80 000 artistes et 7 000 galeries d’art issus de 197 pays représentés.4 millions de pages vues et 600 contacts de vente générés chaque mois. Contact Artmajeur. Artfinder - Buy Original Art, Paintings, Signed Prints & Photography Directly from Artists and Galleries. Acheter de l'art sur Internet ? Meilleurs sites, conseils et avis.

Artfinder - Buy Original Art, Paintings, Signed Prints & Photography Directly from Artists and Galleries. ARTUNER: Collect Curated Contemporary Artworks | In Tune with Art. Artspace - Contemporary Art for Sale From The World's Best Artists. Artsper. “L’art sauvera le monde” disait Dostoïevski mais en attendant, si vous êtes férus d’art et que vous souhaitez agrandir votre collection (ou tout simplement consulter les tendances du moment), vous devriez jeter un coup d’oeil à Artsper ! Que proposez vous ? Artsper est le premier site d’oeuvres d’art sélectionnées par des galeries partenaires.

Le site offre de la visibilité aux galeries, une accessibilité 24 heures sur 24, 365 jours par an, depuis le monde entier, et s’engage sur la réception et la livraison des oeuvres. Comment avez vous eu l’idée ? A la suite d’expériences professionnelles à Londres et aux Etats-Unis, Hugo Mulliez a l’idée de monter une start-up de vente d’art contemporain en ligne. L’idée est de rendre l’art plus accessible tout en valorisant l’expertise des galeries en respectant leur identité et leur engagement auprès des artistes. Qu’est ce qui vous a convaincu de vous lancer et de créer ce projet ? Depuis combien de temps avez vous commencé ce projet ?

Welcome to Forbes. Artistic Inclinations: MENA Platform Lets You Buy And Sell Fine Art Online. Untitled by Fateh Moudarres, Oil On Canvas, 60 cm x 42 cm With annual art fairs like Art Dubai and Galleries Night, plus cultural districts such as Alserkal Avenue bringing in visitors to see regional and international artists and showings, there's evidently a great interest in MENA artists and artwork. It's an ideal time to start investing in hallmark works, but when we think of buying art, admit it, what comes to mind? Quiet hallways and elitist artsy types. This is where Artscoops comes in, an online platform specializing in buying and selling art from MENA artists and commercial galleries. Being an online avenue, it can reach the niche of art buyers who are more comfortable browsing collections in the comfort of their homes sans the intimidating mise-en-sce? Ne of a gallery. When asked about establishing an online art space instead of having an offline presence, co-founder Raya Mamarbachi pointed how there's already major galleries doing that effectively across the Middle East.

Numbers. Online Sales Platform Offers Artists a Cut - artnet News. ArtList founders Maxime Germain, Kenneth Schlenker, and Astrid de Maismont.Photo: Benjamin Norman/New York Times ArtList, a new online art sales platform from the team that founded Gertrude, went live today after six months of beta testing. To announce themselves, ArtList threw a rowdy Christmas carnival back in December (see Dustin Yellin Got Naked at a Christmas Carnival), but the public hasn't been free to explore the site until today.

The question on the tip of everyone's tongue, of course, is what makes ArtList any different from the myriad of other online art sales platforms that have sprung up over the past few years? It turns out, quite a few things. "It was coming from a place of 'how do we make buying and selling on the secondary market not suck,' basically," CEO Kenneth Schlenker told artnet News. Sellers have a lot of privileges, including not having to be bound by an exclusivity agreement. Juniqe Looking To Buy Compelling Artwork At Affordable Prices? | Artparasites - Art Magazine, Art Events, Trending Galleries.

When the Fine Art Market Goes Online. Photo LONDON — Is 2015 going to be the year in which the art market — or at least a sizeable chunk of it — finally goes digital? Unlike recorded music and books, which are now bought routinely by millions of people from websites, fine art has proved stubbornly resistant to the march of e-commerce. At least so it would seem from the statistics. Online transactions contributed 6 percent of the record 51 billion euros, or about $59 billion, of art sold by auction houses and dealers in 2014, according to a report published on March 11 by the Netherlands-based European Fine Art Foundation. The art market is an extension of the luxury goods industry, which, with its relatively high prices and expensive-to-run stores, has had an openly King Canute-like resistance to online sales.

McKinsey & Company said in a report last April that e-commerce represented just 4 percent of all the luxury goods sold in 2013. Sotheby’s has been here before. Mr. Artsper démocratise la vente d'oeuvres d'art contemporain, François-Xavier Trancart, dans GMB - 07/08. Google launches online gallery for emerging artists. Google has launched an online art gallery to give emerging artists a chance to display their creations to a larger audience without competing for wall space in a traditional gallery. With its new Open Gallery, Google joins a growing movement of moving fine art online to offer an alternative venue for artists and give more people access to fine art without traveling to a gallery and paying an entry fee. Tech giants including Amazon and eBay also offer online art galleries, each featuring a range of prints from masters the likes of Picasso to unknown artists, and are joined by a growing industry of independent online galleries such as San Francisco’s startup UGallery.

Google Open Gallery lets artists upload images of their art, videos (uploaded on YouTube), audio and text to create an online exhibition, according to the site. Through the platform, artists can create a new websiteor get enhancements to an existing website. Even leading galleries are recognizing the need to put work online. ArtQuid - The Global Online Art Fair | Art, Design, Antiques.

10 Tiendas de Arte Online. Twitter409 409facebook934 934pinterest1 1google plus3Share3linked in0 0email0 0stumbleupon1Share1meneame0Share0 La llegada del Internet ha significado para los artistas visuales la oportunidad de entrar en contacto directo con el público en línea para así generar ventas de sus obras, pero, en un escenario típico, un artista visual emergente que lanza su blog o tienda virtual no siempre obtiene el éxito que espera.

Como artista es difícil hacerse cargo de la administración de una página web, los errores comunes es que se olvidan de subir nuevo material, lo que provoca que no haya movimiento dentro de la página. Las tiendas online brindan interfaces que permiten al público estar conectados con los productos. En el caso de los artistas visuales, crear un blog personal evitará que sus obras sean vistas por un mayor número de personas, mientras que dentro de una plataforma extensa de artistas será mucho más accesible. A continuación presentamos una lista de algunas Tiendas de Arte Online. 10. Sell Art Online - How to Start Selling Your Art Online. Have you ever wanted to license your artwork for use on television?

Now you can! Fine Art America has been selected to provide artwork for ABC's television series, Desperate Housewives, as part of a pilot program that's going to revolutionize the way that artwork is licensed for use on television. Designing sets for popular TV shows such as Desperate Housewives is a high-energy, fast-paced business. With scripts often changing at the last minute, producers and set designers need to be able to design and build new sets in a matter of days. The process of procuring artwork for these sets is particularly challenging because each piece of artwork that gets used as a prop or set decoration needs to be licensed from the original artist and cleared for use on television. With limited time on their hands, it can be very difficult for TV producers to find high-quality artwork for their sets... locate the original artists... and then obtain signed licensing agreements from each artist.

Online Art Sales - How Galleries Sell Art Online. << Back to Articles for Artists If you don't think the Internet is reshaping the art business, transforming how art is exhibited and the ways sales are made, you must still be reading newspapers and watching TV on a television. To be honest, I had an inkling that the art business paradigm was shifting and that sales were taking place online, and I'd heard numerous instances of online sales happening, but I never really paid much attention, nor did I think the totality of it all was any big deal... until recently when I put the question to gallery owners, "What percentage of art do you sell either substantially or totally online as opposed to at your gallery?

" Based on their answers, the realization was sudden, immediate and stunning that the online art world revolution is happening now in a very major way, and is no longer some hypothetical outcome that may or may not eventually come to pass at some indeterminate point in the future. Why People Buy Art Online Gallery Website Enhancements. BUY ART ONLINE. Buying art on Planitars claims a lot of advantages: You can choose your artworks from a wide range of artists and artworks. You can find artists and artworks that maybe you would have never found in a physical space. You can discover and looking for an artwork autonomously and you can share what you love with your friends. You do not need to ask the seller to buy.

Planitars verifys the identity of the artists before selling their artworks, that will be shipped directly from the artist’s studio. If you need more informations about the artworks and/or the artist you can ask directly to the artist. You can find immediately the most complete description of the artworks and of the artist’s profile (biography and curriculum). Planitars offers a wide range of artworks at affordable prices. Buying directly from the artist is a warranty of autheniticy of the artworks. All the sold artworks travel with an insurance for the shipping. We know that you can’t see phisically the artwork before buying it. - Posters, Art Prints, Framed Art, and Wall Art Collections. - peintures, tableaux, toiles et posters pour décoration intérieure et idées déco. Artplode - Where galleries dealers artists and the public can buy and sell art with no commission. Buy Artworks Company | Benefits | Artsper.

Your fiscal benefits as a company You are a CEO and you want to acquire some works of art in order to embellish your office by receiving interesting tax deduction? Artsper has concocted for you a small “guide of the businessman-collector” that will allow you to discover the tax deduction that you have the right to demand if your company acquires works of art on Artsper’s website. Conditions to the implementation of the taxdeduction This deduction was created in favor of companies which purchase original works of art of living artists. Companies beneficiate from it as soon as the goods acquired are exhibited in an area accessible from the public or the employees, except their office, during the period of acquisition and for the next four years. All works of art exhibited on Artsper’s website offer the right to fiscal benefit since they are original works from living artists. The tax deduction The work of art must be among the company’s immobilisations.

Oeuvres d'Art Contemporain en Vente | L'art Vous Appartient. Galerie d'Art en ligne Vendre des tableaux, acheter des œuvres originales et impressions haut de gamme sur Artmajeur. Under $50: 10 Online Sources for Affordable Art. The idea of collecting art can be a daunting one and when it comes to finding the perfect pieces to fill your walls it can feel like there are only two directions you can go in, mass produced cookie-cutter art or the intimidating, confusing and often expensive option of buying directly from a gallery. The internet has democratized the process quite a bit, but can be hard to sift through what's available. Here are ten of my go to resources for good, affordable art. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the comments below. 1.

Minted This member curated gallery features tons of fresh, modern prints starting as low as $20. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. (Artwork shown by: Intro. Devenir collectionneur d'art. Artstar. Beheld Home Page. Achat et vente d'oeuvres d'art: peinture, sculpture, tableau, dessin. Artsper | Oeuvres d'Art Contemporain en Vente | L'art Vous Appartient. Martín Pérez Irusta | Córdoba, Argentina 1967.

Cecilia Palma | Regala Arte en Navidad. Art Selling Guide. Before the advent of the Internet, art lovers were often limited by location in their search to find the perfect artwork to complement their personal and professional spaces. Gone are the days, however, when sellers relied on selling through local markets, art houses, and auctions. The far-reaching connectivity available on the Web today has made connecting global art sellers, artists, and buyers simple and fun. Whether a seller is an experienced collector, a self-representing artist, or simply looking to sell a few pieces from home, this guide will provide a quick start to selling drawings, paintings, photos, posters, prints, or sculptures.

Already know what art you want to sell? Who Buys Art? Quite simply, everyone buys art in one form or another. Buyers look for all types of artwork, depending on their personal preferences and the artwork’s intended use. Types of Art Many art sellers successfully sell pieces of art to collectors around the world. Prints Posters Paintings and Drawings. Where to Sell Online. Artnet Has Online Art Sales Success. Artnet Has Online Art Sales Success. Artnet Has Online Art Sales Success. Cecilia Palma | Galería de Arte Online. Más rápido y barato: la venta de arte por internet despega en Chile | Cultura. ¿Cómo vender Arte en Internet? :: PicassoMio. Tu GALERÍA DE ARTE Online. Venta Online de Obras de Arte. Tienda de Arte. Comprar Arte - BYGART.

Amazon Art Takes on eBay With Flexible Pricing Model. Artsy - Discover, Research, and Collect the World's Best Art Online. Artspace - Contemporary Art for Sale From The World's Best Artists. 20x200 - 20x200 | Jen Bekman Projects. Can 20x200 Be Saved? Anger From Collectors Mounts as Leading Art Site Flounders. The Battle for the Online Collector: Inside 3 Companies That Are Betting Big on Art E-Commerce. 20x200 - 20x200 | Jen Bekman Projects.

Would You Buy Art Online? The Truth About the Murky Online Art Market. You searched for online sales | Skate’s Art Business Intelligence. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. How To Sell My Art - Buy art online and sell art online - Buy art online and sell art online -