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Wendy Weiss - Cold Calling and Selling Success - The Queen of Cold Calling IBM WebSphere Portal - Career Insider Login and Registration 30+ Search Engine Optimization Techniques You Cannot Miss You completed a web site for your business about three months ago, but you are still not seeing very many people visiting your web site. You do a little research and find that your web site is buried about ten pages deep on all of the major search engines. It seems that you have created a very nice web site, but it is not optimized for search engines, so your page rank is very low. Search engine optimization has become a very large field for many different consultants all over the internet. 1. Many people do a good job putting a good description and group of keywords in their meta tags, but they do not use these same keywords throughout the rest of their web site. 2. Many search engines will try to index your site’s pages by following links to all of the different pages. 3. Flash is a very neat technology and it has its place on the web. 4. One of the best things that you can do for search engine optimization is to get inbound links to your web site. 5. 6. www or not www 7. 8. 9. 10.

Home | Breeze - Create and send amazing email campaigns The GMAT Pill Study Method Web development tips: Ten (or a few more) files every Web site needs Introduction There are a few standard files that every Web site should really have, but that most neglect. Most of these are matters of convention, not of technical requirement, but you are doing your site wrong not to provide them. Let users who make a wild guess about what they want to find usually succeed when they guess URLs. This tip discusses each of these standard files briefly. Exactly how a given resource is provided depends on the Web server and Web application layers you use. 404.html When users use your Web site, they will inevitably seek resources that do not exist. A warning when you create a custom 404.html (or whatever mechanism your Web server uses to deliver a custom "not found" message): Far too many Web sites are misconfigured to deliver "soft 404" messages. about.html So why did you create your Web site, anyway? contact.html So who are you? copyright.html To whom does this stuff belong? Obviously, different pages or resources might have different copyright information.

When The Sky Is Nearly the Limit: Highest Paid MBAs of 2010 by John A. ByrnePoets & QuantsAuthor on December 27, 2010 HIGHEST PAID MBAs AT TOP SCHOOLS THIS YEAR. SOURCE: Business school employment reports. * An estimate based on Harvard’s report that a $185,000 base salary for one of its Class of 2010 MBAs is at the 75th percentile of the range of offers for private grads going into private equity. Most business schools try to play these numbers down because they don’t want to raise unrealistic expectations among applicants and students. On the other extreme, Wharton reported that the lowest-paid MBA in the Class of 2010 received a base salary of juist $25,000 a year for a job in the “media and entertainment” industry in the midwest. SOURCE: Wharton Career Reports. Use Buttons Instead of Links and Increase Your Clicks There has been some research around whether using “buttons” on your website and in your email marketing campaigns as a call-to-action instead of words with links drives more clicks. It’s one of those things that every company really has to test for themselves. For businesses that market to consumers, you’ll probably find buttons like “Sign Up Now” or “Buy Now.” Our marketing team developed a few buttons for us to use internally. In the end, it’s all pretty scientific, so as always we suggest you test both and see what works for your own audience! Some great resources I found for creating buttons: Best Practices for Using Buttons 35 Creative call to action buttons for inspiration How to Make an Effective Call to Action Button Are you seeing a better response with buttons? © 2010 – 2012, VR Marketing Blog. Tags: button, email marketing, email newsletters, links, Small Business, small business marketing About the Author Janine Popick is the CEO and founder of VerticalResponse.

management leadership, entrepreneurial advisor Nashville, TN - XMi Summer Festivals - Alan Taylor - In Focus Summer weather brings people together outside to enjoy music festivals, county fairs, carnivals and religious observations. I've gathered here some recent images of these celebrations, including a flaming horseman in Kyrgyzstan, Bastille Day in France, a German fun park inside a former nuclear power plant, and much more. [39 photos] Use j/k keys or ←/→ to navigate Choose: A girl on her father's shoulders looks through a maze of sunflowers growing in a field during a three-day sunflower festival in the town of Nogi, Tochigi prefecture, north of Tokyo, on July 24, 2011. A monk wearing a mask performs a dance on the first day of two-day festival in Hemis Gompa, 45 km (28 miles) southeast of Leh, on July 10, 2011. Roy Johnson, from Etna, California, rides Strawberry Alley for a score of 68, placing him 4th after Thursday night's July 28, 2011 rides at the Last Chance Rodeo in Helena Montana. A Kyrgyz rider performs during a traditional folk festival near Son-Kul lake on July 21, 2011.

Self Study Programs - Wall Street Prep Wall Street Prep's industry leading self-study courses equip you with the financial modeling skills you will actually need in interviews and on the job. You’ll learn exactly what investment bankers do using a step-by-step approach mixing HD videos, manuals, Excel templates, and on demand teacher support. What Sets Us Apart Wall Street Prep Courses are Best-of-Breed Hands-on, step-by-step training using actual case studies to mimic the experience of an investment banking and corporate finance professional. Support and Certification All courses include unlimited email-based support for 24 months directly from our experienced instructors. Investment Banks and Business Schools Trust Wall Street Prep Over 150 investment banks, private equity firms, and investment funds use Wall Street Prep to train new and experienced analysts and associates. Real-world, hands-on training All our courses are developed by industry practitioners with years of investment banking experience. Customer Reviews

Top 6 tips for ranking high in google places | Ranking in Google Places for several searches is not just easy. This also shows that Google Places has evolved to become very important. Google Places usually occupy the top segment of the result page for a search phrase. As a result, you may rank number one in a particular keyword, you would notice that more than three Google Places are ranking above your number one position. Now, what techniques are effective when it comes to ranking high in Google Places? Business Page Set Up The initial step towards ranking high in Google Places is to set up your business page. These valuable tips are too effective to be neglected!

What Job Would Make You Happy? Among the most distressing facts of the Great Recession is the length of unemployment. Previously, job seekers could expect a search to last four to six weeks for every $10,000 they expected to earn. The average length of unemployment now extends more than seven months, more for senior job seekers and high-income earners. Executives whose industries have been hit especially hard face even greater periods out of work or may never work in their fields again. So, it’s fair to ask the question: “At what point is it time to start considering a different line of work?” Don’t get me wrong: If you’re fully engaged in what feels like a fruitful job search, please stay with it. Sure, Napoleon Hill said, “Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” Your awesome day Even if you’re just wondering what other type of work you might do, it’s not a bad idea to think things through a bit. Imagine your ideal workday. Imagine your ideal work week.