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What is Digital PR? - Your Top 5 PR Questions Answered. We’ve answered the 5 most common questions people ask a Digital PR agency and busted some of the myths about how Digital PR fits into your brand’s marketing strategy.

What is Digital PR? - Your Top 5 PR Questions Answered

We did this with the help and expertise of Jodie Harris, our Head of Digital PR, and hope you find these definitions and tips helpful! 1. Vloggers Now Get The Smack-Down For Sneaky Product Placement. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is clamping down on vloggers who fail to clearly label any paid content (paid in cash or product) as advertorial content.

Vloggers Now Get The Smack-Down For Sneaky Product Placement

This is not only limited to videos, but paid posts on social media platforms and blogs as well. This development is the result of a recent Oreo campaign that the ASA has banned. Parent company Mondelēz recently paid popular UK YouTubers to feature the brand in their videos in a fun manner that resembled the structure of their regular video content. The Oreo obsessed YouTubers did make a point of telling viewers that they worked in collaboration with Oreo to produce the video, and thanked the brand for “making the video possible”. This was done both in the video content and the video description below the video.

Advertising regulations in the UK state that: What does this mean for advertisers and YouTubers though? What do you think about the matter? 3 Digital PR Tools That Your Business Needs. October 16, 2014 If you ask many small business owners and entrepreneurs about public relations (or PR) and how it fits into their marketing mix, you’re likely to get a furrowed brow, a quizzical look and an admission that they’re not really sure.

3 Digital PR Tools That Your Business Needs

The fact is PR is kind of a murky area for many small business owners, who have a hard time quantifying the benefits of “getting our name out there.” They often think of PR as little more than soft advertising or marketing that’s designed to generate favorable media coverage, or combat negative coverage if that’s what their company is facing. But small business public relations in the 21st century involves much more that just getting your executives quoted in news articles or sending out press releases to media outlets. Like most things, the Internet has revolutionized small business public relations in recent years.

Why Most Startups Don't 'Get' Press. Saving Face: Don't Make a $12 Billion Mistake. When Brand Ambassadors Go Bad Oh Luis Suarez.

Saving Face: Don't Make a $12 Billion Mistake

We’re halfway through the World Cup, and I can safely say that the defining meme for the tournament is that of the striker’s cannibalistic tendencies. On the marketing side of things, however, sponsors are left to scramble for cover when their brand stars put a foot wrong…or in this instance, their teeth. (So many dental jokes, so little time.) Promotional Stunts at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Marketing and advertising should at its core always deliver value to consumers. Be it for entertainment or informational purposes, there needs to be some sort of value, otherwise your marketing tactics or campaign will go on unnoticed by consumers who are dazzled by competitor brands. Now we’ve seen some bizarre promotional stunts during past World Cups, but what have us marketers gotten up to this year?

In our latest blog post we take a look at brands that have implemented successful promotional campaigns thus far and evaluate those who haven’t. PR and its Tactics. The rise of the digital age has turned PR on its head and caused the industry to rethink its tactics with regards to reaching out to journalists and influencers.

PR and its Tactics

Traditional agencies refute the claim that the press release is retiring, whilst others rely on the telephone to communicate newsworthy stories to the press. Then there is the powerhouse of social media. Allowing you to connect with anyone from an A lister to your next door neighbour, the likes of Twitter and Facebook present the opportunity to complete a PR reach on a global scale, with just 140 characters and a click of a button. With so many PR tactics available, it is a constant wonder which one is most effective.

Until recent years, PR’s could only rely on a well written press release to gain exposure for a brand. How to do PR without a press release. How to do PR without a Press Release You can also listen to this article in our audiopost (download here with right-click) Until recent years, the humble press release used to be an important piece of ammo to a PR’s arsenal.

How to do PR without a press release

Nowadays, PR doesn’t need to be dictated by a sharply written piece of copy, nor is there a need for gumph to make a story or a brand compelling. PR stands for Public Relations and it’s the relations part that is so critical when working with brands and influencers. Using client time to construct a copy-heavy press release needn’t be the case to gain exposure. The new affiliate scheme Sidebar ads and affiliate links have littered most sites. The inside scoop Building a list of press contacts is the easy part. Interviews with key people from the brand are a great way to entice your best press contacts. PR Collaborations PR collaborations are easy to implement and very effective.