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Podcast Advertising: $51,975 Spent. Here's What We Learned. 10 Ways To Make All Bloggers Want (To Work With) You · Rock n Roll Bride. I’m obviously pretty biased, but if you’re running your own business and not harnessing the power of working with bloggers then you’re missing a seriously big trick!

10 Ways To Make All Bloggers Want (To Work With) You · Rock n Roll Bride

With thousands (or for some of us hundreds of thousands) of loyal monthly readers, getting your product or service in front of all those eager eyeballs has got to be a no-brainer. 5 Ways Brands are Getting Creative With Blogger Outreach. How To Do Blogger Outreach in Facebook Groups. A year ago, I learned about the awesome power of Facebook groups.

How To Do Blogger Outreach in Facebook Groups

I went to a conference called Pioneer Nation in Portland, Oregon. It had a private Facebook group where conference attendees could connect before and after the conference. A week or so after the conference, I noticed a post where a guy named Josh was asking for feedback on his website. I responded with a couple of suggestions, and asked if I could interview him for my blog. We ended up talking for 2 hours. Facebook groups can, and often do, lead to real relationships that keep you blogging even when it gets hard, give you great post ideas that people are dying to read, and provide opportunities for you to expand your audience and your reach. You just have to approach them in the right way.

Once you learn to do those 5 things, the magical Facebook group doors will open and lead to great things for your blog. 1. Let’s face it. How Guest Posting Propelled One Site From 0 to 100,000 Customers. This interview is with Leo Widrich, co-founder of BufferApp, which is a social media tool that allows you to space out your social media status updates.

How Guest Posting Propelled One Site From 0 to 100,000 Customers

Widrich used a strong guest blogging strategy to acquire over 100,000 customers for BufferApp. Let’s find out how he did it in this interview. Eric Siu: Approximately how many users have you acquired through guest blogging? Leo Widrich: Solely through guest blogging we’ve acquired around 100,000 users within the first 9 months of running Buffer. Here is more on this number, a bit before we hit the 100,000. It’s been something that was very gradual though. 10 Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Website. August 14, 2015 12 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

10 Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Website

"Backlinks," meaning sites that link to your site, are, for most search engines, the supreme ranking factor. So is getting more organic traffic. 19 Press Release Distribution Tips From The Pros. You have exciting news to share about your company, but how do you get the word out?

19 Press Release Distribution Tips From The Pros

One of the most effective strategies is to create and distribute a press release. With an attention-grabbing title and the right hook, your company news can be shared with the right audience at the right time. Bill Gates, PR Bankruptcy, and Your Last Dollar - eReleases. The PR Fuel Mailbag: the Cost of Public Relations, Press Release Don'ts, and More - eReleases. It’s once again time to dip into the PR Fuel mailbag for another batch of reader queries.

The PR Fuel Mailbag: the Cost of Public Relations, Press Release Don'ts, and More - eReleases

How much do I charge for public relations services? Can a newswire service refuse to distribute my press release? Come find out the answers to these puzzlers from the world of public relations. Question: I recently started a small public relations firm, doing press for my artist friends or those with start-up companies. Many are coming to me by word-of-mouth or are acquaintances, and I’ve faltered when naming a price for these services. Brushing Up on Some Press Release Basics - eReleases. Even seasoned public relations pros sometimes need to be reminded what makes for the most effective press release.

Brushing Up on Some Press Release Basics - eReleases

Whether you’re a press release newbie or have written hundreds of releases during your career, the following tips should serve as a reminder of what to do—and maybe more importantly, what not to do. 1. Brushing Up on Some Press Release Basics - eReleases. Press Release Distribution for Maximum Media Pickup - eReleases. Bernetta writes: I’m old and new in the business.

Press Release Distribution for Maximum Media Pickup - eReleases

That is, I was in the business for a long time and have been away from PR for more than seven years. I believe folks are emailing press releases today rather than snail-mailing them. Is that correct? How to Send a Press Release. There are people on the Internet that will sell you the email addresses of editors and publishers.

How to Send a Press Release

Did the editors request to be put on these lists? Do they look forward to your press release? The answer is no. Sending unsolicited email, even press releases, is spam. You’ve heard about it in newspapers and magazines. In the months I spent contacting and querying editors to accept press releases for, I was told of numerous horror stories. The more editors I contacted, the more horror stories I heard. Deconstructing PR: Advice From A Former VentureBeat Writer. Guest Post By Conrad Egusa I want to begin by thanking Sean for the opportunity to write this guest article.

Deconstructing PR: Advice From A Former VentureBeat Writer

I came across Sean’s website many years ago, and to this day I don’t believe another resource has had a larger impact on my career. Most business owners intuitively understand that PR is important. Before the days of Google Adwords and the internet, the media was one of the few ways for companies to access distribution. Unfortunately, today PR remains one of the most misunderstood marketing channels. Effective Outreach: Making It as Easy as Possible for Journalists to Say "Yes" How to Approach Owned and Earned Media. Image: Flickr user nickrate We all know content is king, but if your content marketing plan consists of blindly publishing daily blog posts on your website or submitting countless bylined articles (i.e., guest posts) to random outlets, your king will turn into the court jester.

Marketing must have a sound strategy behind it to be successful. To help the Moz community maximize the return on investment of their content, I want to share a strategy I used in my prior position as a senior director at a global agency, and continue to use as a digital marketing and communications consultant. What is content, exactly? First, it is important to know that content is not simply something used to get links. Goal Identification Audience Research Messaging and Positioning Channel Research Content Creation Campaign Execution Measuring Results. How to Get Content into the Hands of Influencers Who Can Help Amplify It. Step 1: Create 10x content. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Massive flood of traffic. There's a bigger gap in step 2 than many marketers anticipate, and one of the best ways to fill it is getting your content in front of influential people who can help spread the word. You'll have to make it worth their while, though, and in today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains how to go about that.

Case Study: How We Gained More than 100 Links for a Travel Website via Content Marketing. Many small businesses see content marketing as something that you can only be successful with if you are a huge company with a big budget. I was in the same boat for a long time, but after much research, many (many) failed attempts, and a lot of perseverance, I’ve finally started to see some predictability in how to get results from content marketing. Nothing illustrates this better than a project we managed for a travel company that was inspired by the finale to the fifth season of the television series Game of Thrones.

To sum up how effective this effort was, let me break down the results: 111 linking domains acquired (and counting) 19 linking domains on sites with DA of 70+ 33 linking domains on sites with DA of 50+ 12 all-time-high days of traffic Referral traffic was 245 percent higher than the previous year Coverage in The Washington Post, Business Insider, Mashable, Yahoo, Bored Panda and other top-tier publications. Where & How do Top Startups Get Their Links? [Estimated read time: 7 minutes] As a startup founder myself, it feels weird to talk about startups through the lens of backlinks. How to PR Like a Pro: A Guide to Getting Media Attention.

Why We Only Accept 1 Out of Every 10 Guest Blog Pitches. 36 Authoritative Outreach Tips for Digital PR Specialists.