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Why Are People Dying to Bring You Dinner? The Shocking Facts About Our Food System March 30, 2012 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Cesar Chavez, the champion of farmworkers' rights who gets his annual day of state recognition this Saturday, must be rolling in his grave.

New Benefits of Marriage Study Actually Hints at the Horrors of Middle Age Marriage has long been linked to greater happiness, health, and well-being, at least in wealthy, Western cultures. Previous studies, though, could only hazard a correlation, and researchers warned of a likely significant selection bias at play. But a new paper, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research and based primarily on data from the United Kingdom, suggests that there’s a real causal effect of getting married. Even after controlling for pre-marital well-being levels, as well as other potentially confounding factors, marriage appears to increase life satisfaction, beyond the honeymoon period, and particularly during the slump in happiness that often accompanies middle age. The effect seems to have less to do with the legal institution than with the relationship; the benefit of co-habitating is almost as large. After all, it's impossible to control for the enormous pressure people feel to get married in many cultures.

What You Can Do to Help Do you work at a place, or have access to images and video that would fit in here, or even something you think would make national news even if it doesn't fit in here? Contact me ( and let me know what you have. I can assure your 100% anonymity. I keep no IP logs, so even if someone were to inquire where the stuff came from, I couldn't tell them, because there is no way I could look it up. I did the same thing with NTFU, when the police wanted names of the military people who submitted gory war pictures, I sat in jail with my mouth shut.

Interaction Institute for Social Change Blog The structural vs. transformational debate is alive and well. I’m glad that Curtis and Cynthia have been dipping back into it over the last few weeks. It is good to start at the end: the answer is a both/and, it’s not a good idea to get stuck in binaries. Women as Academic Authors, 1665-2010 - Special Reports 1665-1970321,368 authors 1971-1990609,635 authors 1991-20101.1 million authors All years2.0 million authors Anthropology 27.2% female authors(45,099 authors) 32 subfields Classical studies "Theory" in sociology What is a sociological theory? And how does it relate to the challenge of providing explanations of social facts? In the natural sciences the answer to this question is fairly clear. A theory is a hypothesis about one or more entities or processes and a specification of their operations and interactions.

Scientists think they have spotted the only black flamingo in the world An extremely rare black flamingo, thought to be only one in the world, has been filmed on the island of Cyprus. The footage was captured on Wednesday and shows the black flamingo surrounded by more conventionally coloured birds feeding on the banks of Aktoriri salt lake on the island that lies in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The bird is almost entirely black except for a tuft of white feathers on its rear and was spotted by environmentalists during an annual count of the island's flamingos. The bird’s distinctive colour is thought to be the result of a genetic condition that causes it to generate more pigment melanin than usual, turning it dark rather than its usual pink colour.

Some opening words “Human beings make their history themselves, but they do not do so voluntarily, not under circumstances of their own choosing, rather under immediately found, given and transmitted circumstances.” – Karl Marx It’s been a frantic flurry of message threads, late night emails, and artistic touchups since we first came together just a very, very short while ago (that might be the understatement of the century), but it’s finally here. Welcome to The Daily Opium – an experiment with the transformative potentials of the social sciences… with a little help from the Internet. So why this site? In laying out the objectives of this site we owe a substantial debt to others who have made a mark blogging about their own social scientific pursuits. We were, and still are, inspired by such social science blogs and sites as The Monkey Cage, Sociological Images, and Freakonomics, to name a few.

I Don't Know Without help. I mean, I know what time it is when I look at a clock or see it on my phone or on t.v. or the web or ask somebody. But I don’t know what time it is without going through some 3rd Party, you know? Somebody or some thing has to tell me what time it is in order for me to know it.

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