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The Socjournal

The Socjournal
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TomDispatch Public Intelligence Blog Sociological Research Online - Home page The BRAD BLOG Thom Hartmann The Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology LAmyths Robert Reich Qualitative Sociology Review For a long time, we have observed an increased interest in qualitative sociology, and the use of an interpretive frame to understand human actions, social processes, meanings and definitions, and new social theory generally. In order to enable a free flow of information and to integrate the community of qualitative sociologists, we have decided to create an open-access, international scientific journal. Qualitative Sociology Review publishes empirical, theoretical and methodological articles applicable to all fields and specializations within sociology. Volume XIII April 2017 is already available! All sociologists who make use of an interpretative paradigm and a qualitative research methodology are welcome to submit their articles and support our initiative.

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