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Economics and Politics by Paul Krugman - The Conscience of a Liberal This Is Hell! Random Roger Dissent Magazine VBS.TV About ©2016 VICE Media LLC United States The VICE Channels Featured Video This Teenager Is Fighting Climate Change by Suing the Government Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh is a 15-year-old who is one of the young activists who argue that the nationwide lack of action on climate change is violating his generation's rights. More Apr 21, 2016 Daily VICE Thomas Morton Shares the Language of Alaska Natives on Today's 'Daily VICE' Apr 21, 2016 Then Motherboard tells us why tourists are facing extreme weather conditions to visit a military plane wreck in Iceland, and MUNCHIES explains how chef John Besh is helping aspiring chefs in New Orleans. Apr 20, 2016 Daily VICE We Suit Up with Spain's Latex Fetishists on Today's 'Daily VICE' Apr 20, 2016 VICE Spain's Raül Calàbria suits up and heads to a fetish party to understand why some believe being covered in rubber is the ultimate sensory experience. Apr 19, 2016 Daily VICE We Hop in the Ring with Lucha Libre Wrestlers on Today's 'Daily VICE' Apr 19, 2016 Apr 18, 2016 Toxic

The Lie Factory It's a crisp fall day in western Virginia, a hundred miles from Washington, D.C., and a breeze is rustling the red and gold leaves of the Shenandoah hills. On the weather-beaten wood porch of a ramshackle 90-year-old farmhouse, at the end of a winding dirt-and-gravel road, Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski is perched on a plastic chair, wearing shorts, a purple sweatshirt, and muddy sneakers. Two scrawny dogs and a lone cat are on the prowl, and the air is filled with swarms of ladybugs. So far, she says, no investigators have come knocking. Not from the Central Intelligence Agency, which conducted an internal inquiry into intelligence on Iraq, not from the congressional intelligence committees, not from the president's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. Until now, the story of how the Bush administration produced its wildly exaggerated estimates of the threat posed by Iraq has never been revealed in full. Both Wolfowitz and Feith have deep roots in the neoconservative movement.

Brad BlogSpeed - Stream of semi-consciousness. Weigel Dana Stevens and I just recorded a Spoiler Special for The Unknown Known, Erroll Morris' long-awaited, critic-confounding documentary about Donald Rumsfeld. Off the clock, I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the latest blockbuster in the Marvel movie universe, and the one most likely to incite anger on Fox News followed by anger-at-the-anger on The Daily Show. It wasn't planned this way, but the two films went together like a white wine and fish pairing. The Unknown Known comes to the screen with heavier expectations, of course, and an aura of Importance. Donald Rumsfeld was not paying attention. But that's it. The Captain America sequel, naturally, makes its black hats and white hats more distinct. Plenty of critics have called this one of the best, or the best, of the Marvel films. It's played for darkness, for a while. In a closing scene, Black Widow justifies the destruction of the program and leaking of every S.H.I.E.L.D. secret in front of a governent panel.

Bullet Cars - Supercharger Kits, Performance Parts, Bullet Roadster Cars The New Israeli Left As the controversial 443 highway, which connects Tel Aviv with Jerusalem by passing through the West Bank, begins to curve toward Israel’s capital, the eye is inevitably drawn to an imposing gray structure with massive concrete walls, part of the Ofer Military Prison. Commuters are barely aware of what takes place behind those walls, and that’s no accident—the Ofer compound, comprising a military court, detention center and prison, is just one of many black holes that enable Israelis to go on with their daily lives, unaware of the everyday realities of the occupation. We Recommend The deteriorating ability to protest and the narrowing space for political activism against the Israeli occupation, Pollak says, have coincided with a growing space for racism and nationalism. About the Author Noam Sheizaf Noam Sheizaf, an Israeli journalist and blogger based in Tel Aviv, is an editor and contributor for the web magazine +... Joseph Dana Also by the Author Friday morning in Tel Aviv.

Techmeme The Nation Joe Genius click to close x Joe Genius Hosted by Jonah Ray. Welcome the first show that proves how exciting, hilarious, and sometimes dangerous, homegrown science can be. Joe Genius turns the spotlight on some of the best science videos online, from dry ice bombs to robot musicians, and explain why they work...or more often than not, why they don't. Favorite Sorry, playback is notsupported with your system. Gravity QualityHigh HDHighLow Share Videos Featured episodes More Episodes + Older › ‹ Newer Chemistry Cafe In this volatile episode of Joe Genius, host Jonah Ray explores the world of backyard chemistry, bringing you videos of the... Read More ↓ Gravity Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 What goes up must come down. It's time for Joe Genius: Where backyard science goes BIG TIME. Check out the official Joe Genius fan page. GoDADDY Check out for a list of all of the amazing GoDaddy deals from Revision3. Please enable JavaScript to view the <a href=" Download This Episode RSS Feeds