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User Testing and Usability Research Platform

Upload your design or screenshot Just upload an image, and choose the type of test you'd like to run: a Five Second Test, a Click Test, or a Nav Flow Test. We show your design to users You can specify how many people you want to see your test, or even bring your own testers. You'll be receiving results in no time. Receive a detailed report of results

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Customer Experience & UX Research Platform Comprehensive Review Of Usability And User Experience Testing Tools - Smashing UX Design Advertisement Usability and user experience testing is vital to creating a successful website, and only more so if it’s an e-commerce website, a complex app or another website for which there’s a definite ROI. And running your own user tests to find out how users are interacting with your website and where problems might arise is completely possible. But using one of the many existing tools and services for user testing is a lot easier than creating your own. Free, freemium and premium tools are out there, with options for most budgets.

60 Useful Online Generators for Designers Today’s competitive market makes it necessary to stay updated in all the dimensions in designing industry and designers need all the latest software to be in the top. But purchasing software or downloading a huge one may not be in the top priority especially if it is going to be used only after a trial. In such cases online generators can be of great help which do the necessary job and some tools don’t have to be downloaded also. A lot goes in designing the backgrounds with different textures and patterns, choosing the right colors and a lot other factors. Not only the backgrounds but buttons, logos, scrollbars, texts, and a lot is important when it comes in designing and it does involve a lot of creativity and time to zero in the final one.

Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool Notes If you select the Add a date checkbox, today's date will be filled in automatically. If you plan on publishing your web page at a later date, you can still edit the date input field manually. In most cases, the date Google shows in the SERP snippet will match the date it found in your page content (for example, the date a blog post was first published). Cross Browser Testing, Selenium Testing, and Mobile Testing User feedback and concept testing with Verify Colours ELLES : le film, le Pitch ou comment interpeller ses interlocuteurs ! - Présentations percutantes : Storytelling et Slidologie, mode d'emploi. Hasard du calendrier cinématographique, pas du tout :) Plutôt hasard de la rencontre avec cette affiche ce matin sur un quai du métro. Juliette Binoche est belle certes et pleine de promesse dans son jeu d'actrice, mais j'ai surtout été attirée par le texte à droite du visuel qui a retenu mon attention et qui marqué mon esprit (EUREKA, un pitch en 21 mots ! qui laisse penseur et qui interpelle) ma curiosité m'a amené ensuite à surfer sur les sites de cinéma pour y trouver le VRAI pitch du film et pour réaliser cet article ;) En entreprise, un bon pitch ou un elevator pitch , c'est la bande annonce, le spot publicitaire, c'est le condensé d'une présentation de la société.

Collect, Analyze and Activate on User Feedback with Qualaroo – A realtime feedback platform for companies that want to learn more about their customers and prospects.