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10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business
Are you thinking about putting your business on Instagram? Are you looking for content ideas for this increasingly popular mobile social platform? Read further to discover how you can use Instagram to give your business extra visibility and better engage with the Instagram community. What Is Instagram? Instagram is a free mobile photo-sharing app with 80 million users and counting. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in April 2012, launched a redesign on iOS that includes a new “Explore” tab and is rumored to be developing a web presence (so that users can see photos online, not just on the mobile app). A view of Instagram's interface in iOS. Social media management platform HootSuite also recently announced the addition of Instagram to its app directory. Clearly, Instagram is an up-and-coming photo-focused social platform not to be ignored. Here are 10 creative ways your business can use Instagram. #1: Show Your Products Got a service-oriented business? Rogue Ales shows off its beer selection. Related:  Internet Marketing and SEO

6 Tools to Nurture and Engage Your Twitter Followers A while back I wrote a piece on Blogging tools you'll actually use to run and grow your blog. I received a lot of great feedback on that series of posts and I wanted to provide a similar short list for running and growing your Twitter community. Instead of a frighteningly comprehensive list of every Twitter tool under the sun, below are just the 6 that I think are particularly useful and effective for starting to really engage people on Twitter. The first 3 are kind of standard/basics so skip 'em if you're a Twitter veteran. The second three are tools you may not have heard of and should check out because they'll enable you to do things that you can leverage for additional exposure, traffic, and customers. The Basics Link Shorteners - the vast majority of posts I see on Twitter are not the "what I ate for breakfast" posts, but people sending links to content - articles, videos, pictures etc. and turn them into nice 15-20 character ones à la: (go ahead, click it!).

SendUs launches with $17M to help brands harness user videos Social media gives consumers more control over a brand’s message than ever before and SendUs helps brands take it back. SendUs launched out of stealth mode today and revealed that it is backed by $17 million in funding. The company provides a video submission and management platform so brands can use video content created by fans to their own advantage. “SendUs was founded to address the needs of brands to tell better, more engaging stories along with their consumers,” said executive chairman George Crowley in an email. “Consumers and brands alike care about co-creation and one-dimensional brand messages are no longer impactful. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 80 percent of consumers are interested in being involved in projects with brands they love, however less than 1 out of 5 companies are actually involving consumers.

Social Video Marketing Software - 110 Sites The Online Video Marketing Guide ReelSEO ► Video Tools & Software ► Social Video Marketing Software - 110 Sites Social Video Marketing Software - 110 Sites Mark R Robertson | Feb 9, 2008 @ 1:51am | 3 Replies For the few weeks I have had the opportunity to test a beta version of VideoWildFire, a new tool released this week from Roger and Shaun Hurley. Ive used most of the video uploading and syndication platforms, web-based as well as software for the PC. The tool enables you to manage accounts with 50 video sharing platforms, making joining, submitting and editing a breeze. It also comes with: Tag suggestion tool (related tags from Del. That is a total of 110 websites for your video marketing campaign. Here is a short promo video clip about the software: Right now, there is a special offer for ReelSEO readers - One weeks FREE membership to VideoWildfire with access to the whole system and a special launch offer of only $19.99 per mont thereafter. Don't Miss Any Stories! by Taboolaby Taboola

Google: Parked Domains, Scraper Sites Targeted Among New Search Changes In what’s now to be a monthly update on search changes, a new Google “Inside Search” blog post today tells us that life is getting tougher for those with parked domains, life may get better for those plagued by scraper sites and those hoping to “push down” negative listings may have a tougher challenge. New Monthly Search Update The news comes from a post to the Google Inside Search blog, itemizing ten search-related changes that have been made. Google did a similar post like this last month, and now it confirms this will be a monthly update on what it considers to be noteworthy changes but ones not big enough to merit blog posts of their own. From the post: Today we’re publishing another list of search improvements, beginning a monthly series where we’ll be sharing even more details about the algorithm and feature enhancements we make on a near-daily basis… We’ve been wracking our brains trying to think about how to make search even more transparent. On to the changes: Stop Crowding Me

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