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Siteliner - Find Duplicate Content on your site

Siteliner - Find Duplicate Content on your site

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The Ultimate List of IFTTT Recipes for Marketers The Ultimate List of IFTTT Recipes for Marketers Here at SEER, we’re big proponents of scaling and automating as many tasks as possible so that we can spend the bulk of our time strategizing for our clients. So, we’re huge fans of IFTTT. Free Screenshot App Marketing Tool & Templates How do I record my iOS app? Please click here for instructions on how to record your iOS app. How do I record my Android app? Please click here for instructions on how to record your Android app. I've installed Recordit but it keeps asking me to install Recordit

The Web's #1 Hacking Tools Directory - with tutorial videos! Hacking Tools Directory with Video Tutorials By Henry Dalziel | Information Security Blogger | Concise Courses We are big fans of blogging about Hacker Tools – for one major reason: if you are serious about working in cyber security you need to be able to use these tools like a boss. Hacking tools are what boxing gloves are to a boxer or what a spanner is to a plumber.

How To Improve Your Conversion Rate With Google Analytics Data Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most powerful tools on the internet that provides actionable data that can be used to increase website traffic and improve conversion rates. But chances are you don't know how to leverage it well. As 80 percent of online retailers are using GA incorrectly. Therefore to help you out, QuickSprout created this infographic (featured below), that will serve as you quick guide to improving your marketing with Google Analytics data. Screaming Frog Guide to Doing Almost Anything Screaming Frog Guide to Doing Almost Anything: 55+ Ways of Looking at a Tool So, I admit it: I love technical SEO audits. Some of you may cringe at the thought of combing through a site for potential architecture issues, but it’s one of my favorite activities—an SEO treasure hunt, if you will. For normal people, the overall site audit process can be daunting and time-consuming, but with tools like the Screaming Frog SEO Spider, the task can be made easier for newbs and pros alike. With a very user-friendly interface, Screaming Frog can be a breeze to work with, but the breadth of configuration options and functionality can make it hard to know where to begin. With that in mind, I put together this comprehensive guide to Screaming Frog to showcase the various ways that SEO, PPC and other marketing folks can use the tool for site audits, keyword research, competitive analysis, link building and more!

Keyword Researcher: A Long Tail Keywords Generator Tool Create and deploy keyword-optimized content. 1. What is a Content Strategy and why is it important? If you've ever wondered how Google is able to find the best webpage for your search query, the short answer is this: They compare the words you type, with the words that appear in their database of all the websites of the Internet. Basically, Google has downloaded the text of almost every website in the world. Elena Godunova) Login with Facebook Login with Google connect with Google Drive O'Reilly Open Books Project O'Reilly has published a number of Open Books--books with various forms of "open" copyright--over the years. The reasons for "opening" copyright, as well as the specific license agreements under which they are opened, are as varied as our authors. Perhaps a book was outdated enough to be put out of print, yet some people still needed the information it covered. Or the author or subject of a book felt strongly that it should be published under a particular open copyright.

Google Ranking Factors: The Complete List You probably already know that Google uses about 200 ranking factors in their algorithm… But what the heck are they? Well today you’re in for a treat because I’ve put together a complete list. Some are proven. Some are controversial. Others are SEO nerd speculation. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool Notes If you select the Add a date checkbox, today's date will be filled in automatically. If you plan on publishing your web page at a later date, you can still edit the date input field manually. In most cases, the date Google shows in the SERP snippet will match the date it found in your page content (for example, the date a blog post was first published). If your web page does not have a date somewhere in its content, Google probably won't show one in your SERP snippet either.

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