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Glide - video texting

Glide - video texting
We all love the fun of live video chat, but it can be a hassle to schedule, picture quality is poor and calls freeze or get dropped. Messaging is quick and convenient, but doesn't compare with the intimacy of face-to-face video. Texting apps that allow you to attach video are slow and cumbersome. That's why we created Glide - the world's first instant video messenger. It's a revolutionary new way to stay in touch that combines the expressiveness of live video chat with the spontaneity of messaging.

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OutWiker - the tree notes organizer Description OutWiker is designed to store notes in a tree. Such programs are called "outliner", personal wiki, or tree-like editors. OutWiker's main difference from the other similar programs is keeping the tree of notes in the form of directories on disk, and encouraging changing the base by external sources and programs. Also any number of files can be attached to the page. OutWiker can contain pages of different types, currently supports three types of pages: plain text, HTML pages and wiki pages, but the number of types of pages will increase in future.

A 3D-printing business that will sell you a hyperrealistic 6-inch statuette of yourself is actually doing well - Quartz A little over a year ago, a German company called Twinkind opened its doors with a novel proposition: For $300 it would 3D-print you a full-color, lifelike replica of yourself. The detail the figurines could capture was uncanny—the bristles of a moustache, the wisps of thread on a faded pair of jeans. The company is part of a wave of 3D-printed-portrait businesses opening around the world, some roving and some, like Twinkind and London’s My3Dtwin, based in storefronts, but all trying to capture the public’s growing interest in a hugely hyped emerging technology. As it happens, souvenirs manufactured on demand are not a recent invention.

Introducing Hightail Spaces Today I am excited to announce the beta release of Hightail Spaces, a new service that aims to solve the problem of creative collaboration. We’ve created a uniquely visual way for designers, photographers, video producers, marketers and other creative professionals to share work and get feedback from clients, managers and colleagues. We really want you to try it out at and tell us what you think.

Applauze Discover We work with 1000s of ticket partners to get you the best events in 50+ cities - including VIP packages and exclusive pre-sales. Plan Let friends know about an event and chat with them to coordinate a great night out. Buy Online Charts Builder Hohli Online Charts Builder New version: Drones Are So Last Year At Amazon, Yet The PR Machine Rolls On Remember last Cyber Monday? Amazon was the center of attention, but not for its sales. It was in the news for its “drones” and Amazon Prime Air, a skunkworks project that suggested Big Seattle would soon be shipping products via quadcopter. Jeff Bezos legitimately shocked everyone during an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes by announcing the retail giant was experimenting so boldly. But that was last year. Now Amazon is back, but with robots.

Cinemagram #SquareDroid is a simple no crop tool that allows you to post full size photos to Instagram, with no need to crop them.Dreams come true — #SquareDroid allows you to use instagram without cropping your full size pictures. Other no crop tools like Instasize and Photo Squarer often decrease photos quality even on hi-end devices, but #SquareDroid lets you to share full size picture to Instagram with high resolution and square size. You also can choose JPG or PNG format and, in case of JPG — image quality. How to Automate WordPress and Social Media with IFTTT We get questions like how can I update facebook from my WordPress blog. Or how can I automatically tweet every time I publish a new blog post. There are tons of plugins for that, but we are about to show you a method that doesn’t require any plugins. IFTTT is a robust service that lets you create simple “if this then that” actions. If you can think of an action (trigger), then you can have IFTTT do something else (re-actions) as a result. While it is impossible to automate WordPress and social media entirely, IFTTT really puts the internet to work for you.

400+ Free Resources for DevOps & Sysadmins 400+ Free Resources for DevOps & Sysadmins In 2014 Google indexed 200 Terabytes of data (1 T of data is equal to 1024 GB, to give you some perspective). And, it’s estimated that Google’s 200 TB is just .004% of the entire internet. Working for the weeknd: GoPro filmmakers capture major musical moment Shutterstock: How did this project originate? What made The Weeknd the ideal choice as an artist to work with? We were interested in his personal story. He was originally unknown, living an ordinary life in Toronto, and produced an amazing mixtape (House of Balloons). Similar to the rise of GoPro, his rise to fame was fueled by passion, new technology, and the power of the internet.

Two Brothers Re-Create Childhood Photos As A Priceless Gift To Their Mother EmailEmail There’s a fun new trend in contemporary photography – digging through one’s old childhood photos and creating detailed replicas. The Luxton brothers’ project, though, is probably the most hilarious of them all. The brothers made the pictures into a Christmas calendar as a gift for their mother to remind her of the good old days and appreciate her children’s beautiful brotherhood, which only seems to have grown stronger over all those years. Some of them are disturbing, some of them are odd, but all in all, the photo calendar came out touching and brilliantly amusing! 20 works of street art that make you say: how did they even think of this? Street art is becoming more and more popular and the artists are becoming more creative. Instead of pointless vandalizing, impressive works that can really captivate you are becoming the new trend. These 20 works are really exceptional because they establish a connection with their environment. It’s incredible that they even thought of such innovative connections. Imgur

On International Yoga Day, yoga is just politics by other means The business of yoga is steadily growing and includes an over $10 billion industry in the United States alone. Yet, some fear that yoga has been forgotten in India where it is being replaced by damaging “foreign” habits, such as eating unhealthy food and remaining stationary at desk jobs for most of the day. That is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken it upon himself and his government to reclaim yoga from the yoga enthusiasts abroad, who are perceived to have co-opted the practice. Modi’s recent decision to appoint a Minister of Yoga in Shripad Naik reflects his ongoing efforts to reclaim yoga for India. The Ministry’s strategy is to expand the role of yoga in key areas of Indian civil society, including schools, hospitals, and police training centers.