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Glide - video texting

Glide - video texting
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SlideDog - Free Multimedia Presentation Software Life360 - The New Family Circle A 3D-printing business that will sell you a hyperrealistic 6-inch statuette of yourself is actually doing well - Quartz A little over a year ago, a German company called Twinkind opened its doors with a novel proposition: For $300 it would 3D-print you a full-color, lifelike replica of yourself. The detail the figurines could capture was uncanny—the bristles of a moustache, the wisps of thread on a faded pair of jeans. The company is part of a wave of 3D-printed-portrait businesses opening around the world, some roving and some, like Twinkind and London’s My3Dtwin, based in storefronts, but all trying to capture the public’s growing interest in a hugely hyped emerging technology. As it happens, souvenirs manufactured on demand are not a recent invention. At the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, you can buy an injection-molded plastic replica of the bus Rosa Parks rode or the Lincoln limousine in which John F. Kennedy was assassinated. You can find Mold-A-Ramas at a handful of other places—a few US museums and fairs have kept them for nostalgia’s sake.

untitled Google is doing nothing to support this app. The groups are plagued by constant assault from spam bots. My feed is full of blurry porn pictures that link to websites about doing taxes and other random things that try to steal your personal information. Sending report after report does nothing. Literacy, Key Stage 2 Sentence Detectives A useful site for teaching basic punctuation marks such as question marks, exclamation marks and full stops. Includes a download option. Types of Sentence An interactive activity with the character Ed the owl. The site looks at different types of sentences and the punctuation that needed to go with them. Skillswise Sentence Grammar Choose from different types of text such as a letter, an email and story and then punctuate with full-stops and add capital letters where needed Contraction Match A drag and drop activity on the use of apostrophes in contractions. Apostrophes for Contraction and Possession Activities which demonstrate the use of the apostrophe. Lexis the Magician A delightful interactive tutorial on compound words and apostrophes (contractions) with two cartoon characters Lexis the Magician and his friend Grizzle. Don't Use Said A great teaching resource for looking at alternatives to the word 'said' in written work. Apostrophes for Possession

Vosae: Company Management Application Zoosk Online Dating Site - Dating Apps Drones Are So Last Year At Amazon, Yet The PR Machine Rolls On Remember last Cyber Monday? Amazon was the center of attention, but not for its sales. It was in the news for its “drones” and Amazon Prime Air, a skunkworks project that suggested Big Seattle would soon be shipping products via quadcopter. Jeff Bezos legitimately shocked everyone during an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes by announcing the retail giant was experimenting so boldly. Now Amazon is back, but with robots. Amazon knows what it’s doing. This year’s news plays perfectly with the growing trend of smarter robots. This is the Amazon PR machine at its best. Amazon learned a lesson last year. Media tours are standard operating procedure for many companies. Yet it’s Amazon that times its press events perfectly. Amazon is currently flying high on its holiday sales expectations.

FAQ How it Works > FAQs Curious about Sony Rewards? Wondering how to brag about your swag on Facebook? Want to keep track of your must-have rewards? Want the most bang for your points? Well, you've come to the right place. About Sony Rewards What is Sony Rewards? The Sony Rewards Program connects you to all things Sony®. Do my Sony Rewards points expire? Yes. If you don't have a Sony Card / PlayStation®Card: You earn Sony Rewards points on a calendar year basis. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions. What browser is the best one to use with Sony Rewards? The Sony Rewards website uses HTML 5. My Account How do I update my profile? It's easy. If you are a card member, you can only update your email address via My Profile. Can PSN sub accounts link to a Sony Rewards account? Yes, PSN sub accounts can be linked to Sony Rewards. Earning Points How do I earn Sony Rewards points? There are many ways to earn points — and most of them involve doing things you already love to do. Using Points

Obama on 50th anniversary of 'dream' speech: King's 'words belong to the ages' President Obama paid tribute to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on Wednesday before throngs of people who descended on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his "I Have a Dream" speech, declaring that "his words belong to the ages." King's address, delivered to 250,000 supporters, punctuated the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. It was a watershed moment for race relations in America that has been remembered in a week-long series of events, which culminated in remarks from President Obama on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Wednesday afternoon. "His words belong to the ages, possessing a power and prophecy unmatched in our time," Obama said of King. Pointing to laws, social change, and himself as an example of how far the nation has come since King's speech, Obama was quick to highlight economic disparities between whites and blacks as proof that King's dream hasn't been fully realized. “Part of what Dr. "Dr. Sen. "Dr. Related:

OutWiker - the tree notes organizer Description OutWiker is designed to store notes in a tree. Such programs are called "outliner", personal wiki, or tree-like editors. OutWiker's main difference from the other similar programs is keeping the tree of notes in the form of directories on disk, and encouraging changing the base by external sources and programs. Also any number of files can be attached to the page. The program uses some sets of free icons taken from sites, and OutWiker distributed with source code under the GPL 3. Downloads Current version - 1.9 OutWiker for Windowsoutwiker_1.9_win.exe (installer, 19 МБ).outwiker_1.9_win.7z (7z archive, 19 МБ) (zip archive, 26 МБ). OutWiker for Windows with all (архив 7z, 30 МБ).outwiker_1.9_win_all_plugins.7z (архив 7z, 21 МБ). For Linux users created PPA-repository. sudo apt-add-repository ppa:outwiker-team/ppasudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install outwiker Screenshots 1.

Badoo - Meet New People, Chat, Socialize Ontdek de meest gefotografeerde plekjes ter wereld Europa moet enkel New York nog laten voorgaan, maar het continent telt zonder twijfel de meest fotogenieke plekjes op aarde. Dat blijkt uit Sightsmap, een heatmap die de meest gefotografeerde plaatsen ter wereld in kaart brengt. Sightsmap is een toepassing van Google Maps en geeft met kleuren aan op welke locaties ter wereld mensen het vaakst een foto maken. De tool baseert zich hiervoor op gegevens van Panoramio, een website van Google waarop foto’s kunnen worden geüpload. Uit Sightsmap blijkt overduidelijk dat Europa de top 20 aanvoert en dus het meest fotogenieke continent is. De hoogstgenoteerde Belgische steden zijn Brussel (65) en Brugge (88).