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How to Find the Best Twitter Hashtags

How to Find the Best Twitter Hashtags
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6 Ways Digital Learning is Changing Teaching Email Share December 1, 2011 - by Tom Vander Ark 0 Email Share I visited Wireless Generation , a leading education technology company, in Brooklyn this week. As someone who has, within the last decade, been a student and a teacher, as well as administrative support, I was very interested by the parts in your book when you made it clear that educational institutions are evolving. There will be a half a dozen significant changes in teaching in this decade. Model differentiation will proliferate over the next decade as school developers invent new ways to blend online and onsite experience around competency-based pathways. The second profound change underway is the shift from the individual practitioner to more collaborative and team based teaching. A third and related point is that staffing models will be more differentiated with specific roles and different levels. Four, we’re seeing a general shift from didactic instruction to more interactive learning experiences.

5 Google Analytics Features You Probably Don’t Use Enough There’s no question that Google Analytics is an essential tool to understanding your digital audience. It allows you to dig deeper into the types of content they interact with, the platforms they engage on, and the path that leads to a conversion. Businesses large and small can take advantage of these benefits, giving them the data to adjust their marketing plan as needed and make the best use of their budget. In 2014 over two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies utilized Google Analytics as part of their data collection and marketing strategies, a 6% increase from 2013. Across companies of all sizes, over half of businesses utilizing web analytics software rely solely on Google Analytics. It’s hard to believe, but Google Analytics has already been around for 10 years! While regular Google Analytics users are probably well-versed in the “Audience” and “Acquisition” reporting tools, there are so many other features that tend to go untouched or unnoticed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Keep Up With What’s New

How to Track Twitter Hashtags Sometimes, you need to track hashtags, for example, if you want to see whether twitterers are mentioning your company, brand, or event. People talk about you and your company on Twitter, although probably not as much as they discuss celebrity deaths or charges of election tampering. The following websites enable you to track hashtags: A site that lets you see not only what’s trending that day, week, or month, but it also gives you a graphical representation of the frequency of tweets on the topic, who’s using hashtags, and even a count of how many times a hashtag is used.

50 Brilliant Apps to Enhance Your Twitter Experience Without a doubt, Twitter is one of the best innovations of the century. It’s a simple idea coupled with a simple interface that took them to the stratosphere. But after a few years and millions of dollars in venture funding, Twitter’s simplicity isn’t what people are looking for anymore. Right from the start, most of the innovation in the Twitter ecosystem has been coming from third party developers. Hootsuite HootSuite Hootsuite is the ideal choice if you are a social media power user to stay on top of your social media. Genre: Monitoring and AnalyticsPricing: From $5.99 per monthFree Account: AvailableMultiple Accounts: SupportedSupport for Other Social Networks: Available SocialOomph SocialOomph SocialOomph is another equally capable web app to stay on top of social trends. Genre: Monitoring and AnalyticsPricing: From $19.97Free Account: AvailableMultiple Accounts: SupportedSupport for Other Social Networks: Available CoTweet cotweet Seesmic Seesmic Twellow Twellow Klout Klout Strawberryjam Ping

Be Inspired: The Best B2B Content Of 2015 Ok, we are calling it early but here are our views on some of the best B2B content of 2015. We collaborated with our frends at Uberflip to review and highlight the top B2B content that has inspired us this year. We have included 20 examples from eBooks and research reports through to “how to” posts and product launches. Hopefully these examples will be an inspiration for your content strategy in 2016. What did we miss? Identifying the top or best content is clearly a subjective task. We have looked across the sales funnel and identified examples of inspiring highly shared content from some of the leading B2B companies. Research ContenteBooks and GuidesUpdated Reference ContentTrending & Hashtag/News Jacking Content‘How to’ and Practical ContentProvocative ContentCurated and list contentQuizzesProduct Launch ContentToolsInfographicsCase Studies Research Content Most B2B audiences are interested in findings from new research and how it may affect what they do. eBooks and Guides Quizzes Tools

Search 11,000,000+ hashtags | RiteTag Hashtag Audit Load/import tweet(s) for instant hashtag rating, optimization and re-scheduling. Hashtag Optimizer Tweet from the site, mobile apps or browser extensions and measure & refine the effectiveness of your hashtags. Hashtag Scanner Auto-monitor newly trending hashtags for your topic. The Virtues of Video What if your struggling students could view demonstrations of difficult math concepts as often as necessary? Picture your students asking questions of an expert diver as she explores Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Or imagine a motivated student in a remote location attending an advanced placement physics class without leaving home. Much of what we define as education can now take place anywhere, anytime—and much of it can be acquired free through resources available over the Internet. Videoconferencing: Engaging Millenials As early as the 1980s, students in rural areas of Alaska, Washington, Texas, and Oregon connected to teachers through interactive videoconferencing. Interactive videoconferencing is often a good solution for resource-strapped school districts that can't afford to hire more teachers. When learners are engaged, retention occurs. Distance Classes: The Power of Access the process begins when a school identifies a learning need they can't serve on their own. References

Lead Nurturing On average, 50% of the leads in any system are not yet ready to buy (Marketo).Almost 80% of new leads never become sales (MarketingSherpa). Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel, and through every step of the buyer’s journey. It focuses marketing and communication efforts on listening to the needs of prospects, and providing the information and answers they need. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost (Marketo).Nurtured leads makes 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads (The Annuitas Group). Effectively developing leads in today’s buyer-driven marketplace means establishing and nurturing buyer relationships with a strategic lead scoring system, and then filling out that framework with a thorough content marketing plan. How to Score Leads for Nurturing 1 - Lead Fit: Is She Your Type? 2 - Lead Interest: Does She Like You? Nurturing Leads with Content Marketing

27 Super Easy Tactics To Boost Your Twitter Strategy Twitter accounts for roughly 9% of all social media shares, about a tenth of the amount of activity on Facebook, according to analysis by BuzzSumo and . YET Twitter’s contribution to lead generation and sales—marketers’ key metrics—ranks last in terms of being the initial, final or only social media platform touched, because its content and interaction occur in the middle of the purchase funnel, based on AOL Platform research (Chart). This makes Twitter’s contribution difficult to track. Many marketers just set up a Twitter strategy and leave it on autopilot. Unfortunately, this becomes a vicious circle for marketers because their efforts are insufficient to drive business. As you begin your 2015 social media marketing plans, it’s a good time to take your Twitter marketing up a notch to yield results aligned with your business objectives. Since you’ve already got the basics down, these Twitter tactics 201 will help you improve your strategy and make your time more effective. 1. 2.

5 Excellent Cloud Tools You Should Be Using It seems like everything is moving to the cloud from documents to photos to podcasts; plus more and more services are implementing cloud storage for security reasons. While 10 years ago you needed to have actual space on your computer or mobile device in order to save and access files, now you really don’t need much because free cloud storage is everywhere. Since there are so many new and useful cloud tools that are regularly popping up on the scene, I decided to share 5 that I feel are extremely beneficial to bloggers and social media users. So here are 5 excellent cloud tools that you should be using, if you aren’t already. Pogoplug Plain and simple, Pogoplug is “cloud storage for your mobile life”. Pogoplug is great for streaming music, movies and photos from your mobile device. ZeroPC ZeroPC is known as “your content navigator for the cloud”. ZeroPC has mobile apps for the iPad and Android and can run in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. sideCLOUDload Mougg Flapcast

The Ultimate Marketing Stack for Startups This is how most early-stage startups pursue marketing: start an account on Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat, write some articles, cold-blast a bunch of journalists with a press release, and hope for the best. There’s nothing wrong with doing the above—they are decent, if not necessary, starting points. But, your startup marketing efforts can be much more effective with useful analytics, conversion optimization, and workflow organization. Below are seven must-have marketing tools to help you get the most out of your startup marketing strategy. And if you’re looking for more, here’s a full collection of startup marketing tools: 1. Learn how your visitors are really using your site This tool is kind of exactly what every marketer is looking for. 2. Get notified in Slack when your startup is mentioned online There are so many things you can do with this Slack integration, and setting it up is super easy. 3. A free database to help you find the right journalists for your startup 4. 5. 6. 7.

6 Tips to Boost Your Twitter Conversations Are you struggling to build an engaging Twitter community? Do you want to lead relevant conversations, but aren’t sure where to begin? Standard auto-tweets aren’t going to cut it. In this article I’ll tell you six ways you can start Twitter conversations and keep your followers’ attention. #1: Make Your Twitter Profile Inviting When someone is looking for you or your brand on Twitter, the first thing they’ll do is search for you, and then they’ll check out your profile. SpareFoot is an example of a Twitter profile done right. New followers love to see the real you in your Twitter profile. Are your Twitter pictures and bio compelling enough to follow? If you’re not sure, give it a quick test. You can include elements that encourage an emotional connection with any audience. Pro Tip: Clear out all of the clutter! #2: Add Enticing Visual Content Ninety percent of information transferred through the brain is visual. A study by Buffer found that tweets with images get 150% more interaction.

Social Media's Slow Slog Into the Ivory Towers of Academia - Josh Sternberg - Technology Underpinning a disdain for social media in higher education is the assumption that incoming students have an inherent aptitude for new technologies "If you took a soldier from a thousand years ago and put them on a battlefield, they'd be dead," Howard Rheingold, a professor teaching virtual community and social media at Stanford University, told me one morning via Skype. "If you took a doctor from a thousand years ago and put them in a modern surgical theater, they would have no idea what to do. Terms like "digital native" and "digital immigrant" have been used by marketers as a way of differentiating generations. This tale is not new. For the last several years, teaching social media has been reactionary, found either in non-matriculated night classes for the working professional or in business schools for the budding marketer to learn and hone his or her online and social marketing skills. But as social interactions and technologies mature, there has been a swing in the pendulum.

Why You Need to Start Creating Visual Content Back in the day, infographics were used to visualize data. Presenting data visually was a super-handy technique if you had a lot of complex data and needed a way to translate it. Today, infographics are used to visualize content. And the practice of presenting content in images goes beyond infographics. Funders and Founders produces graphs that visualize content. Snapguide writes visual-based guides. The Washington Post uses photography to tell stories. None of this means written content is dead. What visualization does is solve problems for people. Today’s post shows you the best ways to visualize content.