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Canonicalization - Centre d'aide pour les webmasters

Canonicalization - Centre d'aide pour les webmasters
This article describes how you can use canonical URLs to improve link and ranking signals for content available through multiple URL structures or via syndication. In the world of content management and online shopping systems, it's common for the same content to be accessed through multiple URLs. With content syndication, it's also easy for content to be distributed to different URLs and domains entirely. For example: While these systems make it more convenient to develop and distribute content, they cause some challenges when people use search engines to reach your page. For instance: Consolidating link signals for the duplicate or similar content. To address these issues, we recommend you define a canonical URL for content (or equivalent content) available through multiple URLs. While we encourage you to use any of these methods, none of them are required. Don't use the robots.txt file for canonicalization purposes. Set your preferred domain Read Set your preferred domain for details.

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URL parameters - Webmaster Tools Help Google’s goal is to crawl your site as efficiently as possible. Crawling and indexing pages with identical content is an inefficient use of our resources. It can limit the number of pages we can crawl on your site, and duplicate content in our index can hinder your pages' performance in our search results. Duplicate content often occurs when sites make the same content available via different URLs—for example, by using session IDs or other parameters, like this: Objects, Images, and Applets in HTML documents 13.1 Introduction to objects, images, and applets HTML's multimedia features allow authors to include images, applets (programs that are automatically downloaded and run on the user's machine), video clips, and other HTML documents in their pages. For example, to include a PNG image in a document, authors may write: <BODY><P>Here's a closeup of the Grand Canyon: <OBJECT data="canyon.png" type="image/png"> This is a <EM>closeup</EM> of the Grand Canyon. </OBJECT></BODY> Previous versions of HTML allowed authors to include images (via IMG) and applets (via APPLET).

Two Examples of How One Line of Code Could Kill Your SEO [Case Studies] With all of the buzz about Social Media Marketing, I think too many companies overlook the importance of having a rock solid technical structure (SEO-wise). Sure, Social Media Marketing is important, but let’s not forget that SEO can be driving quality traffic 24/7, and for the long-term. When it comes to building SEO strength, you absolutely need a clean and crawlable structure so the search engines can easily crawl and then index your content. If your site can’t be crawled or indexed properly, you’re essentially dead in the water. You can build links until the cows come home and it won’t make a difference SEO-wise.

Google Algorithm Change History 2014 Updates Pigeon Expands (UK, CA, AU) — December 22, 2014 Google's major local algorithm update, dubbed "Pigeon", expanded to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. How to Fix the Most Common Advanced SEO Issues – Part 2: URL Parameters AUTHOR NOTE – This is part two of a mega-post on what the most common advanced issues are, understanding why advanced SEO issues need more attention than most SEOs give them, and how to fix those issues. In Part 1 of this series, I gave a basic overview of how my cumulative site auditing experience has helped me realize that even though every site is unique and thus has unique problems, most sites—from small mom & pop eCommerce sites all the way up to global reach sites with more than 100,000,000 pages—share a number of advanced SEO problems. Today, I want to start showing what to look for, how to determine the severity of problems, and how to go about the work of resolving them, starting with URL parameters. This is Not A Developer Training Course Although I’m going to talk about how to resolve big issues, this is not a Web development post.

SEO SEM Social Media (Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing) Actualités sur le groupe I normally aim to write one to two blogs per week but the reason I was kinda away this week (apart from the nasty flu I’ve suffered from since Friday night) is due to some development issues with a client’s web site. You see, I consider myself a very good SEO consultant but when it comes to development I know what must be done but not necessarily how to do it, as I have web site developers to do that for me. I decided through this article to give some technical information about two very well-known SEO issues most companies suffer and most people are not aware of. Through this you will be able to check your own web sites and see if you suffer from similar technical problems and how to solve them. How to redirect your non-www web site version to the www one. If you type you will be directed to that address, while you should have been redirected to, even if you did not use www on your link bar.

How many sites per pagerank toolbar value? Google Desktop Tools and Google Labs Projects forum at WebmasterWorld Side tracking from Brett's value of websites according to PR. [] How about guestimates on actual numbers of sites of which the highest ranking page has a PR of: 10 - Three 9 - About seventy (see this overview of PR9 & PR10 sites) [] 8 - about 4.200 7 - about 180.000 6 - about 850.000 5 - about 2.500.000 I am also interested in ways/methods of estimating these numbers - any ideas? and how did you reach that number?. The PR10 and PR 9 sites are easy. Technical Foul! Canonicals and Duplicate Content Nobody knows technical fouls better than Ron Artest, period. You can probably make an argument for Rasheed or Malone but no one took it to another level than Mr. World Peace himself. Although I am nowhere near as experienced with Mr.

Free HTML Newsletter Templates - Noupe Design Blog Mar 18 2011 Choosing a well designed newsletter can provide any marketing campaign a great deal of success. Here are excellent examples of some of the best free HTML newsletter templates that you can use without spending a fortune. No matter how you’d like to update your customers about a particular product or simply want to share some information with them, you can do so effectively by contacting them with a pleasant template in your email. Enjoy! Clouds Template — Download Link Seo and PPC competitor analysis using SEMRUSH SEMrush our offering a free 14 day trial, link can be found at the bottom of the article. Your competitors are a valuable source of information and data, you should be keeping an eye on them as chances are they are doing the same to you. One of my favourite tools to spy on competitors SEO and PPC is SEMrush. SEMrush allows you to benchmark yourself against your competitors by analysing their organic and paid search activity.

Rel=Confused? Answers to Your Rel=Canonical Questions It’s been over four years (February 2009) since Google and Yahoo announced support for the rel=canonical tag, and yet this single line of HTML is still causing a lot of confusion for SEOs and webmasters. Recently, Google posted 5 common mistakes with rel=canonical – it’s a good post and a welcome bit of transparency, but it doesn’t address a lot of the questions we see daily here in Q&A. So, I thought it was a good time to tackle some of your most common questions (and please forgive the following nonsense)....

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