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Secret Garden: Bruce Springsteen

Secret Garden: Bruce Springsteen
Since Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band last played in Cincinnati in March, 2008, the United States has gone through two presidential elections and a great recession. Two cherished members of the E Street Band have passed away. Bruce has released two powerful studio albums and, along the way, has enabled new voices and new sounds for his Hall of Fame-bound band. During those six years, while the rest of us aged, Bruce somehow became younger. We can conjecture from what or where his fountain of youth came. Was it from the booty shaking?

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Musica & Memoria / Alcune canzoni di Charles Trenet Una selezione di canzoni del grande chansonnier francese, definito l"allegro malinconico", che ha contrappuntato con le sue canzoni la storia francese, dai tempi della seconda guerra mondiale fino agli anni '80. Indice: La mer / Je Chante / Que reste-t-il de nos amours / Y'a de la joie/ Douce France / Débit de l'eau, débit de lait /L'ane et le gendarme Beirut en écoute intégrale Depuis la déclaration enflammée des premiers amours cuivrés pour son Beirut, Zach Condon est le chouchou de beaucoup de monde -à commencer par nous. Et son The Rip Tide , premier véritable album après le The Flying Club Cup en 2007 et troisième au total dans une carrière qui sait prendre son temps, est sans doute l’un des albums les plus attendus de la rentrée. Chance : alors qu’il ne sortira que fin août en France, la toujours excellente radio publique US, NPR, a mis The Rip Tide en écoute intégrale. Cliquer sur ce lien devrait ouvrir, quelque part, le fameux player . Ce qui laissera cette fenêtre ouverte pour éventuellement y donner votre avis, ou pour aller lire ou relire la longue interview du bonhomme, que nous avons publié il y a quelques semaines. Alors, heureux?

Résultats de recherche pour sharon van etten "J’ai décroché un job chez Joe, un petit restaurant Italien de Times Square. Trois heures après le début de mon premier service, j’ai été relevée de mes fonctions quand j’ai renversé une assiette de veau sur le complet en tweed d’un client. Consciente de n’avoir pas d’avenir dans la profession, j’ai abandonné ma tenue – à peine tâchée - avec les talons compensés dans des toilettes publiques.

Casa de Calexico Bruce Springsteen: 'What was done to my country was un-American' At a Paris press conference on Thursday night, Bruce Springsteen was asked whether he was advocating an armed uprising in America. He laughed at the idea, but that the question was even posed at all gives you some idea of the fury of his new album Wrecking Ball. Indeed, it is as angry a cry from the belly of a wounded America as has been heard since the dustbowl and Woody Guthrie, a thundering blow of New Jersey pig iron down on the heads of Wall Street and all who have sold his country down the swanny. Springsteen has gone to the great American canon for ammunition, borrowing from folk, civil war anthems, Irish rebel songs and gospel. The result is a howl of pain and disbelief as visceral as anything he has ever produced, that segues into a search for redemption: "Hold tight to your anger/ And don't fall to your fears … Bring on your wrecking ball."

Paul McCartney - Ram On Guitar Tab Your Flash Player (ver. ) is outdated - Songsterr will support it for a very limited time. All new features are added to (or later) version only. Please upgrade to the latest Flash Player! Contribute to Ram On Tab! Songsterr tab archive is collaboratively built and maintained by your fellow music lovers. Something Else! sneak peek: Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball (2012) Bruce Springsteen’s much-anticipated new studio album Wrecking Ball is — much as all the advance hype has suggested — a somewhat radical left turn for the artist, both musically and quite literally in the case of the lyrics. But it is also nowhere near the huge departure some of those early dispatches from the recording studio may have led some to believe. Wrecking Ball is still instantly recognizable as a Bruce Springsteen album. Reports using words like “experimental,” “loops” and “hip hop beats” to describe these songs — while not entirely off-base — don’t mean so much that Bruce has adopted some new-fangled, “hippity-hop, ya’ don’t stop” type of sound.

Bruce Springsteen: I enjoy artists who take on the world If so, it is a conversation that is taking a bleak turn. Springsteen has long chronicled the underbelly of the American Dream but this time he sounds sad, angry and even, at times, close to defeat. It is his Grapes of Wrath, an album for the New Depression. Despite the anthemic roar and gutsy drive of the opening track, We Take Care Of Our Own, Wrecking Ball is not the kind of back-to-basics E Street rock Springsteen has been essaying in recent years. Reaching into the raucous roots of his Seeger Sessions, referencing gospel, folk and blues while bringing in drum loops, hints of hip hop and a raw mix that pushes vocals high, Springsteen appears keen to build bridges between the past and the present, finding contemporary resonances in timeless sources.

Why Bruce Springsteen is still attacking the 'fat bankers' and 'robber barons' As rock ‘n’ roll’s No 1 chronicler of the life of the working man, it’s not lost on Bruce Springsteen that his ultra-privileged lifestyle leaves him open to criticism from right-wing critics. But the so-called “limousine liberal” is insistent that despite the 400-acre horse farm in New Jersey, the Beverly Hills mansion and £150million in the bank, his upbringing in a rough-and-tumble Catholic working class neighbourhood continues to inform not only his songs, but his life. Raised in Freehold, New Jersey – he still lives 15 minutes away – his father Douglas Frederick was mostly unemployed and his mother Adele was a legal secretary. “I think politics comes out of psychology whether we like to think so or not,” Springsteen, 62, says during a flying visit to France to promote his new album Wrecking Ball. “My experience growing up was that my mother was the primary breadwinner, she worked very hard every day.

Turn The Page lyrics On a long and lonesome highway East of Omaha You can listen to the engine Moanin' out his one note song You can think about the woman Or the girl you knew the night before But your thoughts will soon be wandering The way they always do When you're ridin' sixteen hours And there's nothin' much to do And you don't feel much like ridin', You just wish the trip was through Here I am On the road again There I am Up on the stage Here I go Playin' star again There I go Turn the page Well you walk into a restaurant, Strung out from the road And you feel the eyes upon you As you're shakin' off the cold You pretend it doesn't bother you But you just want to explode

Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball is the most despairing, confrontational and musically turbulent album Bruce Springsteen has ever made. He is angry and accusing in these songs, to the point of exhaustion, with grave reason. The America here is a scorched earth: razed by profiteers, and suffering a shameful erosion in truly democratic values and national charity. The surrender running through the chain-gang march and Springsteen's muddy-river growl in "Shackled and Drawn"; the double meaning loaded into the ballad "This Depression"; the reproach driving "We Take Care of Our Own," a song so obviously about abandoned ideals and mutual blame that no candidate would dare touch it: This is darkness gone way past the edge of town, to the heart of the republic.

Bruce Springsteen's lastest album, so far no Canadian tour dates have been posted. by cortneycook Mar 20

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