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Am I Responsive?

Am I Responsive?

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Customize checkboxes and radio buttons with iCheck (jQuery and Zepto) plugin - Iceweasel iCheck plugin works with checkboxes and radio buttons like a constructor. It wraps each input with a div, which may be customized by you or using one of the available skins. You may also place inside that div some HTML code or text using insert option. WiFi USB Disk - Smart Disk Smart Disk Mounter is the app which the smart phone can be used as Wireless USB disk at the computer. Smart mobile phones can be used as a wireless hard drive in PC Windows and Mac OS-X. It is designed that the smartphone can do same operation with general USB memory disk or Wi-Fi wireless disk device. It doesn't use any USB cable, USB memory, memory card, web browsers or the general FTP programs. This app offers functions to save and read the data of smartphone in PC Windows and Mac OS-X. Have you been using the USB memory which is easy to be lost or broken?

db&w Tools (free) - db&w The db&w Tools are a free collection of small plugins for LightWave 3D. They've been written out of personal need, due to user suggestions, as a playground or to complement our commercial plugins. The db&w Tools are available in our download section for 32-/64-bit Windows and UB OS X (both 32- and 64-bit). The current version is V1.9. The CFM OSX version has been deprecated, the last version is V1.5a which is available in the downloads section as well. Select2 3.3.2 - Iceweasel Gets or sets the selection. If the value parameter is not specified, the id attribute of the currently selected element is returned. If the value parameter is specified it will become the current selection. val method invoked on a single-select with an unset value will return "", while a val method invoked on an empty multi-select will return [].

Twitter Search, Monitoring, & Analytics With iOS 9, Search lets you look for content from the web, your contacts, apps, nearby places, and more. Powered by Siri, Search offers suggestions and updates results as you type. There are two ways to use Search on your iOS device. Quick Search

Download - Kray You need to log in to have access to purchased product downloads and unlock codes. Kray Menu for LightWave For installation into Layout go to Edit> Edit Menu Layout and right click to import the branch in the place where you want the buttons to appear. Creating Different CSS3 Box Shadows Effects - Iceweasel In this tutorial we are going to be creating box shadow effects with just CSS. Below is an image created in photoshop of different box shadows effects. These used to be the only way of creating this effect but thanks to CSS3 we can now do all this with just CSS. View Demo page to see what we are going to create CSS Box Shadow Effects Demo CSS Box Shadow We are going to be using the CSS box shadow property which is one my favourite CSS properties which you will see in this tutorial how easy you can use it.

Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool Notes If you select the Add a date checkbox, today's date will be filled in automatically. If you plan on publishing your web page at a later date, you can still edit the date input field manually. View topic - OctaneRender™ for LightWave™ v1.10 released We are very pleased to announce the availability of OctaneRender™ for NewTek® LightWave™, developed by Juan Gonzalez using OctaneRender's SDK. Now you can render with OctaneRender™ GPU-based rendering engine from within the NewTek® LightWave™ modelling environment. OctaneRender™ is currently recognized by many industry professionals and 3d graphic visualization artists as the most advanced and fastest GPU-based physically-based render engine with an advanced and flexible node-based workflow and user-interface. Now, with our new plugin products, you can have the most advanced, fastest physically-based render engine on the market tightly integrated into your 3d modeling and animation software. This new plugin will provide a fast workflow and rendering pipeline suitable for interactive editing and fast final animation rendering output by using LightWave's environment for scene setup.

Flippant Heading Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum nibh, ut fermentum massa justo sit amet risus. Etiam porta sem malesuada magna mollis euismod. 99 Online Marketing Tools You Won’t Be Able To Live Without To say that digital marketers have to be jacks-of-all-trades is a considerable understatement. Marketers don’t often get the recognition they deserve for having to master so many different software tools, but if there’s one profession that requires knowledge of more tools than a Swiss army knife, online marketing is it. In this post, we’ll be rounding up our top 99 online marketing tools. In this list is (almost!) every tool you’ll ever need to master (almost!)

Visual feedback and bug tracking for Trello User management An automatic user data export and role-management from Trello. Comments and statuses Comments and statuses of tasks are always up-to-date. Web snapshot tool for Trello OctaneRender OctaneRender is the world’s first and fastest GPU-accelerated, unbiased, physically correct renderer. What does that mean? It means that Octane uses the graphics card in your computer to render photo-realistic images super fast. With Octane’s parallel compute capabilities, you can create stunning works in a fraction of the time. The release of the new OctaneRender 3, brings new state-of-the-art tools never seen before in any production renderer. Features include volumetric light field primitives and deep motion buffers for high frame rate VR rendering.

Porto - Responsive HTML5 Template Versions HTML5 Version Main Features Overview Porto is a professional multipurpose template for any business or portfolio website, it’s fully responsive design ready to look stunning on any device. Customize your website as much as you want, you have tons of layout possibilities with unlimited variations and colors.