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Link Building

Natural Link Building 101 Link building is one of the most important things you can do in terms of off-site search engine optimization. As you probably know by now, search engines like Google tend to rank pages higher in search results based on the number and quality of links to those pages. Essentially, the more links you have, the more likely you will be to rank well when someone searches for keywords related to your website. Link Requests – This is where you simply ask another website owner to link back to your website. For this post, we’re not going to focus on the first three (requests, buying, or directories) but rather, the last two – content and social. The reason these two are so important is that they are not just about creating links for SEO value (although some will have some SEO value anyway). Linking with Content Creating content is a great way to gain valuable backlinks to your website while also demonstrating expertise in your industry. Guest Blogging Article Marketing Videos Twitter Facebook LinkedIn

WordPress Google SEO Tips 2012 WordPress Google SEO Tips 2012 Branding Social Media: One of the big changes to hit 2012 will be the focus on branding. Make sure your business stands out from the crowd and has its own identity. At the very least, this relates to weeding out the duplicate content on your site, but more so it means working on your content to fit within your brand. The more unique you sound, the better this will be towards your own identity and hence you will stand out from your competitors. Regular posting schedules: The more content you publish, the better chance Google will pick up on it and it also enables more crawling of your site. Unique Content: Nothing new here, right? Add multimedia to your blogs: Now more than ever does Google want to see video and high quality images added to your content releases. Add more video: Take interviews, add real life footage of products or services Update Poor Content: Specifically, check for duplicate content. Create content for backlinks: Don’t copy or duplicate!

The First 7 Items On Your SEO Audit To-Do List You've just been given one day to do an SEO audit for a site, and you're asking yourself what to do with so little time. Instead of following your instinct to yell at the person who made the request, today's column will outline a practical approach to doing the best job possible in one day. The focus of this rapid audit is to identify issues at a strategic level - either because they are big impact items or may require large development team efforts to address. Given the one day restriction, we'll focus on identifying problems, not fixing them. This plan is not thorough, because you can't be in a day. The major elements are: 1. If Google Webmaster Tools isn't currently set up, then get it put in place. Are there are any messages for the site in the opening screen? 2. Think there is no value in looking at a second Webmaster Tools? Google does a nice job with their tools, but allows you to get the viewpoint from a second search engine, and you will see different things. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

(GUIDE) Autoblogging for Dummies - my perspective for beginners Uploading Theme(s) + settings Ah.. everybody's favorite part. Don't forget that the theme you are going to be using, plays a big roll in how your advertisements are going to convert into sales. If you are not sure what to use, then see this thread: Code: Mimbo seems to be a popular one. After that go to the options of the theme and customize as you need. After that, add Google Analytics to the footer (before the closing body tag) Go and add Yahoo site explorer (google it) + Google webmasters site verification code to your header.php file. From here on it's really up to you how you design your blog with which fonts and colors. Robots.txt + .htaccess + favicon files It's important to have those 2 files in your root folder, simply because you don't want Google to find out that you are using autoblog plugins. Sitemap: /sitemap.xml Next up is .htaccess, which should be there. Add this to it: # END WordPress

SEO Copywriting Tips for Improved Link Building Compare the two posts below, both written by the exact same SEO expert and each containing around the same number of words. Without knowing the subject, can you guess which post earned more links? Try 378 to 6. In addition to its visual appeal, the left post was more timely, useful and informative - all hallmarks of copywriting grace. The “secrets” of copywriting have existed since before the ancient Greeks. So why don’t more authors take advantage? Here’s the takeaway. 1. Steve Krug’s words of wisdom for website usability in his book Don’t Make Me Think ring true for all elements of SEO copywriting. "We don’t read pages. Krug advocates for a billboard style of design. To be fair, prettying up mediocre content won’t make it any better. Unless you are Wikipedia, don’t look like Wikipedia. 2. Headlines organize your content by making a promise to the reader. Check out this recent cover for Wired Magazine. Don't be scared of headline formulas. 3. I made that number up. 4. Words are magic. 5.

Google's EMD Update: the numbers - HP Group Blog Only got 5 minutes? skip to the bottom for the TL;DR version. Just over a week ago now (September 28 to be exact), Google released what is being called the “EMD Update“. You can follow that link for a bit more background, but in essence this update was the long-awaited solution to the apparent problem of low quality Exact Match Domains ranking in the SERPs. The EMD ‘problem’ has been around a long time. I won’t get into my views on the EMD issue right now, but here’s a great post by Martin MacDonald that is close to my opinion: Why EMDs should stay. From looking at the Mozcast EMD Influence chart above you would be forgiven for thinking that this had a massive impact on SERPs, but in truth most search terms witnessed very little overall movement, as can be seen on SERPmetrics Flux on the day: The Real Impact of the EMD Update Now – mozcast is awesome, but it only tracks 1000 keywords each day and so the EMD influence might not quite represent what we see in our daily SERPs. TL;DR / Summary

40+ SEO Tools of the Trade The ongoing SEO responsibility of attaining and retaining a productive organic search engine presence requires patience, tenacity, and a focus on every detail that might have an impact. Moderated by Thom Craver (@thomcraver), Web and Database Specialist, Saunders College (RIT), The Tools of the Trade for SEO panel at SES New York 2012 pulled together more than 40 tools in this whirlwind session. Your Comprehensive List of SEO Tools Michael King (@iPullRank), SEO Manager, Publicis Modem, came up first with his presentation, “Tools for Pulling Rank – Nearly Every Tool You’ll Ever Need – EVER”. Here is a short list of most (certainly not all) of those tools covered: Some of the tools above were proprietary or built upon functionality inherent to the understanding and administration of available resources. Fortunately for conference attendees and Search Engine Watch readers (and writers), King was kind enough to provide his presentation on Slideshare. What About SEO Tools in Asia? T.R.

senuke case study on new site. im a member ofdoylelewi...-on-a-new-site/ thought id share this here and save yall $20. Great for beginning senukers.SEnuke On A New Site – A Case StudyIn this case study I will be walking through the entire process of setting up an affiliate site and promoting it with SEnuke. Steps we’ll cover include:Niche ResearchKeyword ResearchDomain RegistrationSales Page CreationContent CreationNukingRanking Other Pages The case study is mostly over. I ended up getting several top 10 spots for both main keywords I was targeting.This case study started June 5th, 2010. New Year’s Link-a-Lutions: Quality Link Building in 2012 by Vertical Measures Behind every successful client campaign is a great link-building strategy. With that said, let me introduce myself. My name is Amanda and I am new to Vertical Measures. In fact, this is my first blog post for VM! On my link building journey I have compiled a list of tips and strategies, mostly for myself that I wanted to share with Vertical Measures’ readers. Let 2012 bring us builder’s great link building, high rankings for competitive keywords, and a new year full of link love! Read: Keep up to date with “industry” content. Articles: Use high authority article sites to link to you. Google alerts: Create an alert in Google for a keyword of interest. Directories: Don’t ignore directory submissions. Build Relationships: Keep in contact with your blogger friends and other network members you have linked with in the past. Forums: If you find an appropriate forum in your niche, join them. Guest blogging: Offer free relevant content to blogs. Free Social Communities: Backlink Analysis: Amanda Fornator

Predatory Thinking and Robots – Brighton SEO September 2012 Friday 14th September kicked off another great BrightonSEO event which was just as full of antics and inspiring presentations as last April’s. Remote control cars, scooters and shooting NERF nail guns at cut outs of Justin Bieber! A big shout out to Kelvin, the sponsors, the speakers, attendees and everyone else involved in the event! Here is my recap of the best from the Brighton Dome. Dave Trott @davetrott – Predatory Thinking In hindsight Dave kicked off with my personal favourite presentation of the day. £18.3 Billion was spent last year in the UK on ads, with 89% not remembered, 4% remembered positively and 7% negatively. He breaks advertising down into 3 simple steps; impact, communication and persuasion and stresses the importance of impact. He gives a few examples of upstream thinking. Dave has his own book out entitled “Creative Mischief”, so check it out! Antony Mayfield of @brilliantnoise – Do You Speak Brand? Stephanie Troeth @sniffles – Speaking your User’s Language