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Guide to Advanced CSS Selectors - Part One. This is episode #24 in a series examining modern CSS solutions to problems I've been solving over the last 13+ years of being a frontend developer.

Guide to Advanced CSS Selectors - Part One

Whether you choose to completely write your own CSS, or use a framework, or be required to build within a design system - understanding selectors, the cascade, and specificity are critical to developing CSS and modifying existing style rules. You're probably quite familiar with creating CSS selectors based on IDs, classes, and element types. And you've likely often used the humble space character to select descendants. In this two-part mini-series, we'll explore some of the more advanced CSS selectors, and examples of when to use them. Omatsuri. How to Fix Cumulative Layout Shift for Divi Websites (4.0 and Higher) Google’s introduction of Core Web Vitals as a ranking signal has put a significant strain on Divi website creators who rely on organic search traffic from Google.

How to Fix Cumulative Layout Shift for Divi Websites (4.0 and Higher)

Cumulative layout shift has had a lot of those users stumped, and I was one of them. I found a way to reduce my website’s cumulative layout shift (CLS), reduce total time blocked (TBT), and how to maintain a low score for longest contentful paint (LCP). Follow these 3 steps to put yourself in good standing, too. Step 1: Make Responsive Pages, Not Separate Ones. Write Better Headlines: Headline Analyzer From CoSchedule. Divi Nederlandse vertaling van versie 4.1. Omdat ik altijd kwaliteit wil leveren.

Divi Nederlandse vertaling van versie 4.1

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. Webdesign Toolbox - Webdesign Toolbox. Stop Spam met Honeypot for ContactForm 7 - Succes met je Site. Start Profiling - Fast or Slow. Start Profiling - Fast or Slow. SEO Tools. BuiltWith Technology Lookup. Index. Access and change attributes. How to View Your DNS History for Free - woorkup. Working with clients over the years, there is always that possibility that someone will change a DNS record on a website and then need to change it back.

How to View Your DNS History for Free - woorkup

Sometimes people forget to document things, and so you might arrive in a situation where you are trying to find out what the old nameservers were, or what IPs your custom nameservers were set to. Below are 6 great websites that will show you your DNS history for free and a premium alternative. 1. DNS Trails DNS Trails is an awesome free solution to lookup DNS history.

Visit DNS Trails 2. Complete DNS is a great quick, easy, and free way to easily see changes on your nameservers, etc. Visit Complete DNS 3. CSS colour names. CSS Reference. Can I use WP Rocket with SG Optimizer? - WP Rocket Knowledge Base. Am I Responsive? Three WordPress Security Mistakes You Didn't Realize You Made. Considering the amount of malicious activity that takes place on the internet, it’s no surprise that successful attacks on WordPress sites are launched across a wide variety of vectors.

Three WordPress Security Mistakes You Didn't Realize You Made

Whether outdated plugin code is to blame, or password reuse, or any number of other security flaws, no site owner sets out to introduce a vulnerability into their environment. Ultimately any security issue begins with a mistake, and while mistakes are forgivable there’s still risk involved if they’re not discovered and remedied. In today’s post, we’ll look at a few common mistakes made by owners of WordPress sites that can create security concerns. These mistakes aren’t strictly application-specific, but are issues many WordPress users will encounter in the course of running their site. ColorBox by Lyft Design. Helping a Beginner Understand Getting a Website Live. By Chris Coyier On September 6, 2018 deployment, domains, hosting I got a great email from a fellow named Josh Long the other day.

Helping a Beginner Understand Getting a Website Live

He is, in his words, "relatively new to web design" and was a bit stuck on the concept of getting a site live. I should say that I'm happy to get emails like this an I always read them, but I typically can't offer tech support over email. If I can respond at all, I normally point people to other community resources. In this case, it struck me what a perfect moment this is for Josh. Here's one of the original paragraphs Josh sent me, completely unedited: Coolbackgrounds. Wordpress website overzetten naar https? In 10 minuten gefixed! - This SVG always shows today’s date.

For my contact page, I wanted a generic calendar icon to let people view my diary.

This SVG always shows today’s date

Calendar icons are almost always a skeuomorph of a paper calendar, but I wondered if I could make it slightly more useful by creating a dynamic icon. Here it is, an SVG calendar which always display's today's date: The background image is derived from the Twitter TweMoji Calendar icon - CC-BY. Help! Mijn WordPress admin is niet bereikbaar ⋆ WPbeveiligen. Na een update horen wij geregeld van WordPress gebruikers dat hun admin niet meer bereikbaar is.

Help! Mijn WordPress admin is niet bereikbaar ⋆ WPbeveiligen

Favicon.ico Generator. Compress JPEG Images Online. Social Media Cheat Sheet 2017: Must-Have Image Sizes! The Ultimate Guide to Flexbox — Learning Through Examples. Check hoeveel cookies een site gebruikt - The Modern Guidebook to Email Marketing. 10 “Hidden” Divi Features You Need to Know About. In recent years, many convenient and powerful features have been added to the Divi Theme.

10 “Hidden” Divi Features You Need to Know About

And, some of these features may have snuck in to your theme without you realizing it. In fact, they are lurking right now, hiding in plain site (an impressive survival tactic maybe, but an unfortunate one). That is why I’m taking some time to shed some light on ten Divi features that should not remain hidden or ignored. Let’s take a look… 1. Feature Location: Simply right click on any section from within the Divi Builder. Social Image Resizer Tool. Resize and crop your images for web use Today there are innumerable uses for photos and images on the web.

Social Image Resizer Tool

Websites need favicon and content images, people need Twitter profile pictures and Facebook profile banners, others want to create custom-sized photos for other uses – the need is endless. To optimize images for web use, you likely need to resize, crop or change their file format type from the source image for their final use. And to optimize your website for site speed, it is best to not resize large images on the fly, but to use properly sized images in the first place, which are typically smaller. There are many big, complex image manipulation tools available for such work, but not everyone can afford to buy Photoshop or even figure out how to do such simple tasks in its cluttered, confusing user interface. Internet Marketing Ninjas is pleased to offer just such a tool for webmasters, social media fans, and everyone else who wants a simple tool for work with images for the web. WordPress iDEAL plugins voor betalingen - Webtalis.

Jouw wereld. Ons Domein. Een HTML handtekening maken doe je zo. 17 aan- en afraders voor e-mailhandtekeningen: druk pas op de verzendknop nadat u ze heeft doorgenomen. Hoe maak je een child theme in WordPress? Dexteryy/spellbook-of-modern-webdev: A Big Picture, Thesaurus, and Taxonomy of Modern JavaScript Web Development. 30 free Sketch plugins to grab right now - InVision Blog. You’ve been working up a storm in Sketch, and for that you deserve all of the high-fives. But now it’s time to kick things up a notch and improve your workflow—so stop what you’re doing and grab these 30 free Sketch plugins.

BaseAlign Using the alignment tools in Sketch works great for shapes, but with text layers, the vertical alignment is based on the bounding box around the text rather than the text itself. The result is typically that text boxes with different sized fonts end up being shifted up and down, creating a jagged baseline. Animista. Newsletters spam test by JotForm 4.0: Build Forms Anywhere, Anytime. What to do with those ‘User Locked Out From Signing In’ Wordfence Notices. Siberian CMS, free and open-source app creator. Build your mobile app for free for iPhone and Android. Bouncy Ball - Compare Web Animation Techniques.

Check which cookies a sites uses - Hoe verzamel je tegenwoordig nog e-mailadressen? 5 tips! - Frankwatching. Fijn dat je er bent ;-) Je ziet het goed: Frankwatching zit achter een cookiewall. Dat doen we niet omdat we met cookies inbreuk maken op je privacy. We gaan achter de wall omdat de wet over cookies zo complex en tegenstrijdig is, dat dit de enige werkbare en betaalbare oplossing is om aan de wet te kunnen voldoen. Op Frankwatching vind je functionele, analytische en advertising cookies. Functionele cookies zorgen ervoor dat de site goed werkt. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan cookies voor onze zoekfunctie. De cookiewetgeving Op 5 juni 2012 is de Nederlandse cookiewet in werking getreden. Mooie HTML-handtekening in Mail. Alle afmetingen voor afbeeldingen bij Facebook updates. Geplaatst op 10 december 2015 in Facebook door Rene Schipper Afbeeldingen in Facebook updates met de juiste afmetingen update zorgen voor meer clicks en interactie.   Google Developers.

As part of our transition of display ads to HTML5. the Swiffy Flash conversion tool is no longer available. We will continue to serve the Swiffy runtimes, so any files you have already converted will continue to play. Today more consumers are using the web in HTML5 compatible environments than Flash-compatible environments. Let's Encrypt. De beste website hosting providers vergelijken in Nederland. Allright. We gaan op zoek naar de beste hostingprovider voor jou. Boosting Productivity: How to Organize the WordPress Admin. Alright, I’ll admit it: I’m a procrastinator.

I struggle to work productively unless my working environment is just so. That means a clutter-free work space, a meticulously organized hard-drive, and a beautifully formatted Excel spreadsheet I use to track my every action. But there’s one part of my working environment that I don’t hold to the same standard: my WordPress admin. Surprisingly, I’ve never properly considered how my haphazardly organized WordPress admin impacts my performance, despite spending most of my working hours staring at it. All this changes today, however, as I take a look at ten WordPress plugins that allow you to organize all aspects of the WordPress admin. WordPress Developer Resources. Elegant Themes Members Area. Drag & Drop WordPress Themes. Shade. Adobe acrobat - How to make a multline form in pdf that text flows through? - Graphic Design Stack Exchange. HTML 5 Outliner.

Sections and Outlines of an HTML5 Document - Web developer guide. Note: The HTML5 outline algorithm as described below is not implemented in user agents, as a consequence, users who make use of heading semantics are exposed to the HTML 4 document structure. The description of problems solved by HTML5 is theoretical only. Thing. Thing The most generic type of item. Instances of Thing may appear as values for the following properties. Hoe plaats je je handtekening (signature) in Apple Gepost op 9 June 2009 door redg. leren programmeren. Designers: Learn To Code! Here's How To Start.

A friend, formerly a competitive fighter, once asked me: "Have you ever been punched in the face? " He and I were about to get in a bar fight. He needed to know if I could handle myself: Apparently, the fear of getting punched in the face holds you back from being effective in a fight. But once you’ve been punched in the face, you realize it’s not so bad—it’s easy to fling yourself into a fight without hesitating.

Similarly, learning how to code can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. 17.2 Named character references — HTML: The Living Standard - Edition for Web Developers. JavaScript reference - JavaScript. This part of the JavaScript section on MDN serves as a repository of facts about the JavaScript language. Read more about this reference. Global objects This chapter documents all the JavaScript standard built-in objects, along with their methods and properties. Google JavaScript Style Guide. 5G Blacklist 2012. Interactive Guide to Blog Typography. GUI. 69 beste Wordpress plugins! Maak jouw WordPress veilig in 5 stappen tegen brute kracht aanvallen.

Introducing the new CSS layouts in Dreamweaver CS5. One list, many options - Using CSS and a simple list to create radically different list options. Alles wat je over HTML5 & CSS3 wil weten, maar nooit durfde vragen. Avoiding common HTML5 mistakes. AdWords: Hulpprogramma voor zoekwoorden. Web Design Dashboard. Dynamic Drive- FavIcon Generator. Vischeck: Home. The W3C Markup Validation Service. WDG HTML Validator.