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leopard mac osx widget apple by Andrew Anderson 05/06/2005 According to Apple, Tiger adds over 200 new features to Mac OS X. While some of these features are simple upgrades or underlying fixes that are nearly invisible to users, one feature that users and developers alike have been looking forward to for months is Dashboard. Dashboard is a new environment that allows users to run mini-applications called widgets. Dashboard Overview Dashboard widgets are a lot like web pages. Dashboard's hooks into OS X allowing developers to: Run any Unix command. Add in the features and ease of coding with JavaScript, and you have an environment that gives developers all of the tools they need to develop powerful, interesting applications. Since widgets are really just web pages, presenting them to the user can be something of a challenge. Apple's Dashboard environment strips the toolbars, default size, and background color from the browser and puts each widget in its own sandbox so they cannot interfere with each other. <?

How to Use the jQuery UI Autocomplete Widget In this tutorial we'll be looking at one of jQuery UI 1.8's newest components - the Autocomplete widget. Auto-completing text fields can be a popular choice with visitors to your site because they make entering information much easier. They can be used on product search fields for example, or when a visitor must enter a country, or a city, or anything else that may be a choice from a common dataset. As well as being popular with visitors, the jQuery UI Autocomplete is popular with developers because it's easy to use, powerful and flexible. I'm not a massive fan of Facebook, I much prefer Twitter (@danwellman btw), but one Facebook feature I do like is the messaging feature which lets you send a message to a friend or friends. In this tutorial we'll use the jQuery UI Autocomplete widget to replicate this aspect of Facebook's messaging system. Step 1 Getting Started CoreWidgetPosition Once downloaded, create a new folder on your computer and call it autocomplete. Step 2 The Underlying HTML