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Panguin Tool - Barracuda Digital

Panguin Tool - Barracuda Digital

service for competitors research, shows organic and Ads keywords for any site or domain Google Analytics Official Website – Web Analytics & Reporting – Google Analytics Delivered on Google's world-class platform. Learn more Monitor activity as it happens on your site. So you'll immediately see what's working and what's not. Learn more Don’t rely on guesswork when it comes to your social media investment. See how your marketing channels work together to create sales and conversions. 14 Great Tools to Create Engaging Infographics and Images for your Social Media Posts 3.8K Flares 3.8K Flares × It wasn’t long ago that Twitter added inline image previews to its official apps, including the web view. Now, Twitter is including more image focus in the latest redesign. On the left-hand side of Twitter’s new web view, your profile and header images are now visible. We’ve done tests on our own Twitter account previously that showed images make a huge difference to engagement: Images aren’t just useful for Twitter, either. In particular for looking at Twitter, in a recent research study we conducted, we found that images can increase retweet rate by up to 150%: To make the visual side of your social media strategy a bit easier, here are some tools to help you create awesome pictures. 1. PicMonkey is a really easy-to-use photo editing tool that runs in your browser. I love how easy-to-use PicMonkey is, and that you can jump in straight away and give it a go without creating an account or even uploading your own photos. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Introducción al SEO, ¿Cómo aplicarlo a mi web? La palabra SEO es un acrónimo del inglés (Search Engines Optimization) que en Español significa optimización para motores de búsqueda. Cualquier usuario de Internet sabe que accede a al mayoría de las webs previa búsqueda en algún buscador como Google, Bing o Yahoo. Por eso resulta importante optimizar las webs para hacerla amigables a los buscadores y que aparezcan lo más arriba posible en los resultados de búsqueda. A continuación se exponen los elementos fundamentales del SEO para una web. Título: es quizás el elemento más importante, todos los CMS como Wordpress o Joomla tienen un campo para el título de cada página. Por supuesto todo lo anterior debe estar fundamentado en un contenido de calidad, intenta que tu web sea lo más amigable e interesante para tus usuarios. ·El SEO es el conjunto de técnicas que se pueden implementar en una web para posicionarla lo más alto posible en los resultados de los buscadores .

What’s the story, Storyboard? This Web app helps you create an online multimedia press kit Quick and easy – two core underlying components of many of the best Web and mobile apps out there. Too many of the wrong features can confuse; not enough of the right features and, well, traction can be difficult to garner. With that in mind, Storyboard is the latest app to hit our radar that manages to focus on the mission in hand, making it easy for prospective users to come back for more. Storyboard is a little like…for businesses, but it’s a much more multimedia-oriented than that. What’s the story, Storyboard? Remember those days of re-editing and uploading PDFs to the ‘Media Centre’ section on your company website? With Storyboard, the creators are going for the traditional press kit’s jugular. Here’s how it works. You’ll be invited to start creating your first press kit – at which time you’ll probably want to grab a company-specific URL. You only need to give an email address, password and you’re good to go – once in, you’ll see a list of options to get the ball rolling.

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