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FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting — The national media watch group

FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting — The national media watch group
Adam Gaffney on Obamacare Costs; Astra Taylor on 'The People's Platform'A progressive physician talks about the limits of the Affordable Care Act, and author Astra Taylor discusses how the internet can inhibit democracy. Can White People Be Terrorists?Why won't media call Frazier Glenn Miller a terrorist? The decision is a political one. FAIR TV: April 11, 2014Right-wing pundits fudge the numbers on Obamacare, Media botch Israel-Palestine timeline and Bill O'Reilly finds Moses at the Supreme Court. Botching the Israel/Palestine TimelineThe story behind the breakdown of Israel-Palestine negotiations is easy to understand.

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About In October 2012 we added the names and because we think such a group is needed. Veterans For Peace and Code Pink Women For Peace and various nationalities for peace are all terrific efforts. Humans For Peace is a way to include everyone. Join by making yourself a username and password on this site! In May 2010 we renamed Here Are The Most- And Least-Trusted News Outlets In America News outlets like CNN and ABC News might have the biggest audiences, but they're not the most trusted across-the-board in America. The most trusted news outlets in America, according to a new study from Pew Research Center, are actually British. BBC and The Economist top the list of outlets that are trusted by every ideological group, while BuzzFeed and The Rush Limbaugh Show are at the bottom. Check out the chart: Pew Research Center

Bias? CNN Headline, Story Call Those Opposed to Raising the Debt Ceiling…‘Wingnuts’ One news outlet that has been frequently criticized for liberal bias is going to have a hard time slithering its way out of this one. Earlier today, CNN Money’s Jeanne Sahadi published an article about America’s ongoing debt ceiling debate. While this is certainly an important subject worth discussing and examining, Sahadi’s headline was startling. Occupy Boston Radio for the 99%! Listen Now! People’s Parade for Peace, Equality, Jobs, Environmental Stewardship, Social & Economic Justice Read more… Schedule/ProgramsMembersSubmissions GREEN ROOM (Our Blog) @OccupyBosRadio Facebook Wiki Chat Follow THIS LINK if the player is not working for you or you are listening from a smartphone. What is the NDAA? Whether you are talking to a friend, speaking at a convention, confronting your representative or just want some facts about the NDAA, you've come to the right place. NDAA Basics The basics is the place to start your journey.

ZNet Top Welcome to ZCommunications. The site has ZNet and ZMag content, topic and place pages under the Focuses link in the top menu - reading lists and whole books, debates, interviews, multimedia, Blogs, Forums, comments, a Store, Sustainer program, WISC, and more. Relating to Z To participate more deeply and generally in ZCommunications, please become a Sustainer. Sustainers who log in will see "+ New" in the black band at the top. Press Accuracy Rating Hits Two Decade Low Public Evaluations of the News Media: 1985-2009 Overview The public’s assessment of the accuracy of news stories is now at its lowest level in more than two decades of Pew Research surveys, and Americans’ views of media bias and independence now match previous lows. Just 29% of Americans say that news organizations generally get the facts straight, while 63% say that news stories are often inaccurate. In the initial survey in this series about the news media’s performance in 1985, 55% said news stories were accurate while 34% said they were inaccurate. That percentage had fallen sharply by the late 1990s and has remained low over the last decade.

FOX News Bias Evidence FOX News Channel Bias For Daily Updates and information about Bill O'Reilly, FOX news, the corporate media, and the crooked republicans in the White House, visit the oreilly-sucks Forum. You can get to it through the Forums link on the main page or Click Here Pew Media Study - Only 25% Trust FOX News Network: Less Than 33% Trust Any Cable Media Source Faux Journalism is The White House's New Ally: Frank Rich Exposes FOX News Right-Wing Bias Ratings Mirage - CNN Actually Has More Viewers: CNN Has 20% More Viewers Than FOX

The Public Intellectual Within the last few decades, the emergence of public intellectuals as important cultural and social critics has raised fundamental questions not only about the social function of academics, but also about the connection between higher education and public life, between academic work and the major issues shaping the broader society. Truthout's Public Intellectual Project will provide progressive academics with an opportunity to address a number of important social issues in a language that is both rigorous and accessible. All too often, academics produce work that is either too abstract for a generally informed public, or they separate their scholarship from the myriad of issues and contemporary problems that shape everyday life in the United States and abroad. Articles by Henry A. Giroux

Climate Alarmists Try To Redefine What A Hurricane Is So We’ll Have More Of Them Hurricane Joaquin as a category 4 storm in October 2015 This op-ed from IBD points out what we have been saying for years, that even though there is no trend in hurricane frequency of intensity, alarmists like Mashable’s Andrew Freedman are trying to get the definition of a hurricane redefined, so that the trend will become a positive one. Recall that hateful science blogger Greg Laden asked Should There be a Category 6 for Hurricanes? after super typhoon Haiyan hit in 2013, something that ABC news opined had “already happened” without one shred of evidence to back up that opinion for a Category 6 storm. They also note: Globalization and Trade Initiatives Together, two separate corporate entities called Public Citizen, Inc. and Public Citizen Foundation, Inc., form Public Citizen. Both entities are part of the same overall organization, and this Web site refers to the two organizations collectively as Public Citizen. Although the work of the two components overlaps, some activities are done by one component and not the other.

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