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Now / Art & Design, Tech By AMUSEMENT [DIGITALLY-INSPIRED] Take the time to watch the video and to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes created by the laser projections before racking your brain a bit to understand the technology at work behind it. Now / Art & Design By AMUSEMENT [MUST-HAVE] Every season, "Le Monde d'Hermès" celebrates the venerable house in a playful and elegant way.

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Capitol Couture In his latest multimedia project, renown photographer/videographer Nick Knight unites with model Alexia Wight and couturier Lady Amanda Harlech for an unique look at the marriage of art and science- a subtle homage to the collaborative efforts of Districts 1,2, and 8 in the latest Peacekeeper armor redesign. “The Elegant Universe” is a beautiful amalgamation of several prestigious couture pieces from names like Armani Prive, Chanel Haute Couture, Dior Haute Couture, Atelier Versace and more, collected in a scientific, technologic setting to “create a stunning, mathematical universe out of each individual piece of couture.” The unique endeavor strives to display beautiful images next to their more scientific, abstract-appearing 3-D scanned texture maps. Capitol Couture salutes Nick Knight, Alexia Wight, and Lady Amanda Harlech for their collaborative efforts and their continuing commitment to the united vision of One Panem.

Home - Valve Cyber Café Program Features Games Valve Cybercafe Program members receive access to 100 games on Steam*. The complete game list can be found here. Stripeyhorse Creative June 29th, 2012 We really like the new logo design for British Gymnastics. Using bright bold colourful graphics the swirls track the motion of a gymnast. There is also a video that accompanies the logo design, check it out on our facebook page. Via the Creative Review website Interesting Google Maps Locations Edge.I-Hacked is a security / tech / hardware news blog Posted by hevnsnt under Internet , Tech [88] Comments Using Google Maps we can find some satellite pictures of some pretty amazing things. Here are a few I and some friends have found. Please post in the comment section if you have any others! Interesting Locations Vegas Belagio Fountain Statue of Liberty Ground Zero Memphis Pyramid Buried Warheads Hollywood Sign Nude Beach Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch.

That can be my next tweet Gizmodo Dreamlike. Semi-sensical. How to Use Polyvore to Drive Traffic and Sales for Your Online Store If you thought you had all your social commerce bases covered, you might be in for a surprise. Launched in 2007, Polyvore has gradually emerged as one of the most effective social platforms for ecommerce sites to drive high-value traffic and sales from. Focusing on fashion and home décor, the community powered social network allows you to create collections and collages called “sets”. These sets can be made up of products from online stores around the web – including your own. Products can be mixed and matched using Polyvore's visual set creation tool to create elaborate or simple designs, with each product presenting pricing, details and origin when hovered over. The aim for fashion lovers and shoppers is to find new styles and trends in action from different brands across the world, and perhaps discover a bargain or two in the process.

Playstation Mobile PlayStation®Mobile (PSM) is a new initiative to deliver PlayStation® content on open operating system-based portable devices. This new initiative will allow SCE to deliver the PlayStation® experience to a greater number of users. From the PlayStation®Store, users can purchase a wide variety of content developed by a diverse pool of developers through SCE’s new PSM Developer Program, and enjoy that content on PlayStation™Certified devices (PS Certified devices) and the PlayStation®Vita system. PlayStation®Mobile Developer Program allows SCE to offer a greater amount of developers with a convenient and efficient content development environment, and actively support content creation. SCE has started a PlayStation™Certified licensing program for hardware manufacturers so that the world of PlayStation® may be enjoyed on an open system.

Brand Identity Blog, Creative Direction Blog – Gary Swindell, Aimizm — Gary Swindell is a Creative Director specializing in strategic brand identity. Working in the UK and Scandinavia helping clients deliver through Strategy, Design and Art Direction. Date Item There's a McQeenish vibe to these 'wearable' sculptures by Rien Vollenga. { Comments on this entry are closed }

10 Memorable Viral Videos of 2010 [Mashable Awards] As part of the upcoming Mashable Awards, we're taking a closer look at each of the nomination categories. This is "Best Web Video." Be sure to nominate your favorites and join us for the Gala in Las Vegas! Sponsorships are available. Please contact for more information. Ah, viral videos — you post them to your Facebook wall, watch them during sad, lonely lunch breaks, spam your friends with them to the point where they no longer take your calls ("One more cat video and it's over, buddy..."). untitled Open Weather Map © OpenStreetMap contributors, Weather from OpenWeatherMap Overlays Base Layer - the free weather and meteo MapAbout project | Weather layers | Server API | ContactsShare current view of the map (Permalink)

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