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The War of Ideas in the Middle East

The War of Ideas in the Middle East
A new biography of the philosopher Walter Benjamin, who died in 1940 escaping the Nazis, says that in 1929 he became a political writer, battening on to the radical right in Germany, which was given to “war mysticism,” contempt for international law, and nationalist idealism. Much of Benjamin’s critique of these fascists can be found in Max Blumenthal’s critique of the radical right in Israel, in his book “Goliath.” Continue reading

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About In October 2012 we added the names and because we think such a group is needed. Veterans For Peace and Code Pink Women For Peace and various nationalities for peace are all terrific efforts. Humans For Peace is a way to include everyone. Join by making yourself a username and password on this site! In May 2010 we renamed Please read When the World Outlawed War. Daily Kos Labor at Daily Kos Remember green jobs? They were supposed to be a win-win for America, simultaneously creating new skilled jobs and moving us toward sustainability. But, as Michelle Chen details, the momentum has died: Though federal green initiatives have provided vital seed money for wind farms and solar-generation projects nationwide, the blue-collar workers who have the most to gain from the projected clean-tech boom are still struggling to find any job, much less a green one. Of course, green jobs are not the boondoggle portrayed by right-wingers.

Middle East Dozens dead in Pakistan bus crash#link# Jordan media freedom down in 2013#link# clash in Ukraine's restive east#link# bodies recovered from S Korea ferry#link# culture in Iraq's Kurdish region #link# Godot of Egypt#link# Ukraine's political crisis#link# across Iraq leave many dead#link# Algerian soldiers killed in ambush#link# drone strike 'kills al-Qaeda fighters'#link# Pakistani journalist shot#link# removes 80 percent of chemical weapons#link# anger at Japan island surveillance unit#link# in latest attack on Egypt's police#link# 'blocks' UN envoy from Easter service#link#

Independent Media Center West Papua: Neglected genocide - 29 Nov 2013 Indonesian police use Shootings, killings, beatings, arrests on West Papuan independence rallies Indonesian police have opened fire on peaceful protesters in Jayapura, with at least four gunshot wounds and one death. West Papuan activists and families have been forced to flee to the jungle for safety. London Middle East Institute Welcome to SOAS Language Centre The Language Centre is a department of the Faculty of Languages and Cultures at SOAS. Its proven expertise lies in making the learning of languages practically useful, highly enjoyable and accessible to people from all walks of life. The Language Centre is unique in the UK, offering tuition in an unrivalled variety of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Swahili and many other languages of Africa and Asia.

Globalization and Trade Initiatives Together, two separate corporate entities called Public Citizen, Inc. and Public Citizen Foundation, Inc., form Public Citizen. Both entities are part of the same overall organization, and this Web site refers to the two organizations collectively as Public Citizen. Although the work of the two components overlaps, some activities are done by one component and not the other. The primary distinction is with respect to lobbying activity. Greek Success Story: The latest Orwellian Turn of the Greek Crisis Greece’s Prime Minister recently flew to China, to woo Chinese investors. In his bid to be persuasive, he adopted a radical narrative: Greece is a Success Story. A country that almost perished in 2012 is now on the mend; on the road to stabilisation and growth; a wonderful opportunity, currently, for investors to pick up ultra cheap investments and to benefit from the forthcoming growth. How much of this is true, however?

Latest Breaking News, Analysis, and Opinion Erdogan emerged from municipal polls with his popularity largely intact While opposition doesn’t consent to defeat, it says stalemate likely to continue Uncertainty clouds Aoun’s decision as politicians hedge their bets

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