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The Artist’s Magazine Current Issue Pick up our April 2017 issue to see work from Jesse Lane, David Jon Kassan, Tanja Gant, and many others, too! Also included is an Ask the Experts on the safe disposal of paint, a Drawing Board on drawing eyes, and lots more! Our April issue is full of great information and instruction, so make sure to get your copy today. Ben Carson is rising. How long until he falls? How long can Ben Carson last? If history is any judge, the answer is "not long." That's what happens to candidates like him: They receive a surge of interest, get subjected to media scrutiny, don't fare too well under that scrutiny, and fade away in short order. One might argue that this is the year that proved historical precedents are meaningless, but that may only apply to Donald Trump, a unique candidate if ever there was one. So while politics is always unpredictable, chances are strong that Ben Carson's elevated status will be temporary.

Donald Trump: Supporter at Rally Says Obama is Muslim Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump took questions at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Thursday, and the first one came from an audience member who expressed anti-Muslim sentiment. “We have a problem in this country, it’s called Muslims. Our current President is one. We know he’s not even an American,” the audience member said. “We have training camps growing where they want to kill us. That’s my question, when can we get rid of them?”

Arts and Culture By Julian Sancton Sep-2015 Over the past decade, Abu Dhabi has spent billions creating a cultural paradise on the recently uninhabited island of Saadiyat, including outposts of the Louvre and the Guggenheim. MORE FEATURES: 1 of 5 © Ateliers Jean Nouvel, ArteFactory, TDIC, Lourve Abu Dhabi Model, singer, and boundary breaker, Grace Jones defined the disco era.

10 Must-Follow Photography Blogs (Part II) Remember the 10 must-follow photography blog list we shared last month on our blog. Looking at the responses that that post received, we thought of doing a sequel of it. Helping our readers in making their online business a success, irrespective of the fact what field they are into, is something that we enjoy doing and in fact we live for. That's why we make it a point to provide them with all sorts of good-to-know information that they can use and benefit from. This time we have not only included blogs that are a great resource for aspiring photographers but we have also considered some blog suggestions that our readers gave us. If you are looking to master you photography skills and interact with others in your community and learn from the experts then you ought to checkout these blogs listed below.

Books Archives The first time I read Matthew Salesses’ work was five years ago, when we were published together in a (now-defunct) online literary journal, Pindeldyboz. Matt’s flash fiction story, one of several that would eventually form his chapbook collection Our Island of Epidemics, blew me away for its mingling of lyricism, surprise, myth, and human longing. After I reached out to tell him I admired his work, we became friends, and since then I’ve followed his career closely, as he’s published the chapbook, a novella (The Last Repatriate), a novel-in-flash (I’m Not Saying, I’m Just Saying), an ebook of essays (Different Racisms), and now, his first full-length novel, The Hundred Year Flood. What I admire about Matt is how he is able to tackle different genres, different aesthetics, and different forms, all with the same insight and empathy that first captured me in that first piece of flash I encountered. Karissa Chen: I’d like to start off by talking a little bit about the genesis of this book.

Best Photography Apps To Boost Your Skills Smartphones and tablets are fast becoming an integral part of everyday life for many people. While being able to stay in touch with other people is always of benefit, one of the strongest points about smartphones and tablets is the number of apps that are available for them. If you want to have fun or develop skills in a hobby or interest you have, there will definitely be an app for that! When it comes to improving your photography skills, there are a number of different apps to choose from which can really boost your skills and whether you are an Apple iPhone user, an Android user or even a Windows phone convert, there are a number of different apps for you to choose from that will help to boost your photography skills. Just because an app has been download a lot of times doesn’t necessarily make it good but the fact that Camera+ has been downloaded over 10 million times indicates that it is doing something right. Check out some creative photography here

Book News, Reviews, Author Interviews & Recommendations Comment Why Nick Cave joined writers' call on the government to explain Sam Twyford-Moore 8:23pm Nick Cave – the dark prince of rock 'n' roll, an Australian icon with true standing on the international stage – is not just a singer and songwriter. He's a novelist and a poet too. Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau Believe it or not, you don't have to own super expensive equipment or be some kind of camera wiz to take high quality camera shots like these… … but all those hotdog pro photographers out there will NEVER reveal their secrets to you… … so I'm about to do it for you. Don't take my word for that though - here's what just one person had to say: If you've ever wanted to: Take breathtaking special effects shots with just your regular camera…Finally know how to create "light painting" images that are simply out of this world…Improve your "regular" photography skills and take better photos immediately…

Books Section Barbara Berman reviews Heather Christle's Heliopause today in Rumpus Poetry. ...more Yumi Sakugawa discusses her latest book, Ikebana, discovering meditation, exploring blank spaces, and drawing a world of sentient oranges and one-eyed monsters. ...more Connor Goodwin reviews The Mountain and the Wall by Alisa Ganieva today in Rumpus Books. ...more I wanted what Ari wanted: affirmation that I could be a good mother while making mistakes and having ugly, difficult thoughts....more Jeff Lennon reviews Rachel Eliza Griffiths's Lighting the Shadow today in Rumpus Poetry. ...more Author Christopher Bollen talks about his sophomore novel, Orient, secrets and privacy, sexual orientation in fiction, and the lost art of the whodunit mystery. ...more

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