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Digital Location Management Software

Digital Location Management Software

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Changes coming to Google Local ... is your business ready? - Online Ownership Change is on its way to Google’s local search space. If you are a local business that has taken your Google Business Page for granted over the years, then these changes may impact your local traffic. There have been two announcements from Google recently regarding business pages, separately these announcements are not immediately striking, however, put the two together and we have a major change to the local landscape. The first announcement, 4th June by Jade Wang, Google My Business community manager. This was by no means an earth shattering announcement, because unverified pages still appear in local packs, the Google+ page links are still live, and to any user that has searched for any local business, there are thousands of these that appear in maps and local packs …. so no big deal really!

Google Checkout Google Checkout is an online payment processing service provided by Google aimed at simplifying the process of paying for online purchases. Users store their credit or debit card and shipping information in their Google Account, so that they can purchase at participating stores at the click of a button. Google Checkout also offers fraud protection, as well a unified page for tracking purchases and their status. The service competes with Paypal for users. Recent Milestones A Powerful FREE Marketing Tool! You've heard it a million times and for good reason ... because it's true. The #1 problem when it comes to internet marketing is TRAFFIC! If you're like most people trying to make money online, then you have probably struggled to get the traffic you need to make sales. Whether you are promoting products as an affiliate, trying to make money with CPA offers, or just trying to get people over to your website ... it all comes down to traffic. So, how do you get people to see your offers?

TalkBox - Instant Voice Messaging - walkie talkie app compatible with iOS5 iPhone, Android The Story of TalkBox The idea is initiated from - there ought to be a better messaging way? With much craving for speed and yearning for a freer form of expression, TalkBox was born. People gave us lots of names, some said we're an instant voice messenger, some said we're a global walkie talkie, some said we're a voicemail service, we'd like to think of TalkBox as a springboard of voice messages. Your voice is carefully curated and delivered by TalkBox voice bubbles of maximum 1 minute in length. Why local SEO is the new black – and five quick tips for mastering it Local SEO has been enjoying a turn in the spotlight lately, thanks in no small part to the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go. But it’s not just a fluke. According to Think with Google, mobile searches overtook desktop in October 2015 – a now oft-cited moment in the history of SEO – and, subsequently, 30 percent of all mobile searches are related to location. What’s more, Google cited a 2.1x increase in mobile searches for “stores open now” or “food open now” and a 1.3x increase in mobile searches for “where to find/buy/get.”

Video Tour of the Google Ventures Startup Lab As incoming CEO Larry Page seeks to recapture Google’s entrepreneurial spirit, Google Ventures thinks it’s in for a year of expansion and support from its corporate parent. The VC arm, which gets $100 million from Google each year to invest as it sees fit, wants to give more early-stage companies seed funding, and to that end has taken over an enormous Google-owned building in Mountain View, Calif., and started filling it with companies. The space is mostly empty; there are just about 20 people working there now. Google Ventures Partner David Krane took us on a tour of the Startup Lab, which opened in October and is currently occupied by start-ups like LawPivot (legal Q&A) and OpenCandy (software discovery), a product group from the vacation rental roll-up company HomeAway, and the yet-to-be-launched company of GrandCentral (now Google Voice) founder Craig Walker (which Google Ventures hasn’t invested in yet, though it’s made Walker an entrepreneur in residence).

Hide My IP Address Hide your real IP address and geograpic location with Easy Hide IP Easy Hide IP is the worlds most advanced IP changer, bypass virtually any form of censorship or internet traffic blocking imposed on you by your ISP, your company, or third parties. Your internet traffic is routed through remote servers. On your ISP's log file, only the IPs of the remote servers will be shown, not the sites you have visited.

Software - Mobile Responsive Landing Page Generator and Builder Turn your next idea into a published landing page in less than five minutes with LeadPages™. We have engineered the simplest landing page builder in the industry, so you can create, edit and deploy your next high-converting page without touching a single line of code. Our 100% mobile responsive landing pages also work effortlessly on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, so you can ensure that everyone can navigate through your landing pages. Click here to demo this feature

Update across over 50 content networks and some social media sites all from one centralized location. Need to go through a partner but a good way to build links and update promotions, menus and content quickly across multiple sites all at once. Also will monitor sites for reviews. by ryanwiniarski Feb 28

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