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National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia
The internet is a valuable aid to research into family history. These Australian sites contain a variety of information relating to family history and genealogy including guides, indexes and digitised images of documents. They also provide links to other informative sites both in Australia and overseas and pathways to make contact with other family historians via indexed family trees, mailing lists and bulletin boards. Further online resources for family history can be located via eResources, although some of these subscription resources are only available for use in the National Library reading rooms. State and Territory libraries State and territory libraries hold family history collections specialising in resources for their jurisdiction and a selection of material relating to other areas of Australia and overseas. National, State and Territory archives The National Archives of Australia holds the records of the Commonwealth government. Family history societies Births, marriages and deaths

Government and Police Gazettes | Genealogy in New South Wales Blog Government Gazettes and Police Gazettes are an enormously rich source of information for family historians. They can be useful for filling in some of the detail about the lives of our ancestors, and in many cases can solve mysteries. Government gazettes contained all the administrative detail that affected the lives of ordinary citizens going about their daily lives – such as laws and regulations, licenses, land auctions and sales, unclaimed mail, and much, much more. Records of convict assignments and absconding may appear nowhere else but here. Sailors who deserted their ships are listed, as are government employees. Court notices of probate and bankruptcies, livestock brands, and petitions. Your ancestor should be in a government gazette if he or she: Notices of this type were published in the local colonial newspaper until a regular government publication was established: Police gazettes are where the juicy stuff was going on. Police Gazettes were published in the following years:

Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters Digital collection makes family history research easy - ABC Brisbane - Australian Broadcasting Corporation If you have ever felt put off by the time and money required to research your family history, a new web service from Queensland's Births, Deaths and Marriages office may help to change your mind. All you need is a name, and you can use the website to easily search through a database containing 650,000 historical documents. Once you've found what you're looking for, a scanned copy costs $20 to download, almost half the cost of a hard copy certificate ordered over the counter. Margaret Doherty from the Geneological Society of Queensland says she thinks the changes will allow more people to research their family history. And she says the price drop in particular will encourage people to look beyond their immediate family. "Queensland was very expensive to get a birth, death or marriage certificate at $39," she said. "Now it's $20 and downloaded immediately, and it's a copy of the actual register, rather than a transcription, which could have errors." Birth records of famous Queenslanders