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How the Economic Machine Works [Animation] by Ray Dalio

How the Economic Machine Works [Animation] by Ray Dalio

Why Even the Smallest Pieces of Content Really Matter | Professional Content Creation Podcast: Play in new window | Download Most often when we think of the content on our website, we think of things like our blog posts. And in most cases, that is the main part of our content. But content is really anything that is on our site, and it’s important to consider how every piece of content on our website makes people feel, whether that content is blog posts, terms of service, the about page, or any other type of content. Your readers may not tell you how your content makes them feel, so put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself how you would feel when consuming the content on your site. I’m inspired to write about this today because I just had an experience on a website that made me, a paying customer, feel crappy. Background I purchased a plugin awhile back, and need to install it on my site. Seeking Support I went to the support forum for this product. I did a search for how to re-download a purchased plugin, and found that someone else had asked a similar question.

How To Make A Vision Board And Why They Will Make You Rich | Over the years, a lot of people have asked me if there was one key factor that they could implement that would help propel them to millionaire status, what would it be? I mean, can anyone go from nothing to a millionaire? Can this be taught to the average person and have them generate results virtually overnight? And the answer is YES! In fact, if you talk to a few of my students you will find that within 4 to 6 weeks of implementing the strategies I teach, their lives begin to totally transform in all areas. So how do they do it? What you will find interesting is that when people hear the steps, each step seems so simple. But if you are one of the few that do….this blog post will put you well on your way to a MILLIONAIRE LIFESTYLE. How To Make A Vision Board And Why They Will Make You Rich VISION: “The art of seeing what others cannot yet see”. This has always been a topic that has intrigued me and one that I have explored extensively. Why is a VISION BOARD So Important?

Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / home Amazing To Know | Know all amazing facts about our world at a single place.(One new page daily) What Do Your Dreams Mean? Here’s How to Decode Them | How to Create the Income You Desire + A Life You Love Guest post by Astrology Answers “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt Did you know that by the age of 60, you’ll have slept a total of about 175,200 hours… And you’ll have had roughly 197,100 dreams? According to scientists, every single night that you sleep, you dream. But what you dream about at night can reveal a lot about who you are and what’s working or not working for you in your life right now. Do you want to know what your dreams really mean? Here are a few simple steps you can follow to begin decoding your dreams: STEP #1: Keep a dream journal Keep this beside your bed and, as soon as you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to jot down what you remember from your dreams the night before while it’s still fresh in your mind. STEP #2: Pay attention to what’s happening astrologically Pay attention to your weekly horoscope. STEP #3: Use our free “Dream Dictionary” to interpret your dreams For example:

Future Conferences | EIBA Events > Future Conferences / Past Conferences The EIBA Annual Conference provides the main networking event and focal point of communication for EIBA members past, present,and future. At this annual meeting of the European Academy, usually held early to mid-December in various European locations and occasionally outside Europe, presentations on new and on-going research as well as practice are discussed by academics and professionals in the field of International Business. Below is a future perspective on the event, in ascending chronological order. (For a historical overview of previous EIBA conferences, please visit the Past Conferences page of this website for a list that scrolls down to the first EIBA Annual Conference held in 1975.) ► ATTENTION: EIBA is seeking proposals from universities to host the Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy (EIBA) in 2020 and beyond.

Shooting a GoPro Timelapse - #GoProWeek | Wistia Blog The GoPro camera makes it easy to get started with timelapses: By now, you've probably seen your fair share of timelapse videos: cityscapes, epic nature scenes, construction sites. Manipulating time in this fashion is almost always fun to watch, and applying this technique to a scene or event in your workplace is an engaging way to capture office life. Every GoPro has a timelapse function built in. Use a tripod and lock pan and tilt so nothing will move.Consider the duration of what you're shooting and adjust the interval accordingly.Make sure you have a good size SD card and a full battery. The timelapse function will leave you with a bunch of JPEG images on your SD card that need to be combined and turned into a video.

Redes - Web Oficial En vivo: Nadal vs Thiem 18:38 Siga en vivo las semifinales de Roland Garros Redes Fuera de emisión Una vuelta al mundo de la ciencia a través de 'Redes' vídeo Ver vídeo Tras 18 años en emisión, Eduard Punset se despide del programa 'Redes' Eduard Punset y su programa Redes han acercado la ciencia al gran público Después de 18 años ininterrumpidos el programa ha finalizado Pero Punset ya prepara otra aventura en RTVE 'Redes' superó los 600 programas emitidos en La 2 de TVE El espacio de divulgación científica superó los 600 programas emitidos Ha traído a los hogares españoles a los más punteros investigadores Ha sido uno de los referentes de la divulgación científica en los países de habla hispana Comentar Intervenciones de Eduard Punset en otros programas de TVE Eduard Punset, en 'La Noche en 24h' "Vivimos en un mundo que había negado la intuición" Punset entra en la ficción La primera "novela científica" de Punset combina la razón con las emociones Promo de Más TVE, con Punset Pasión por leer

How to say 'No' - and Gain More Time for what's Important | EdJourneys Fast food CEO: McDonald's has problems. We don't Cheaper gas, a rosier jobs picture and charbroiled burgers: this is the recipe for strong sales at CKE Restaurants, the privately held parent company of fast food chains Carl's Jr. and Hardee's. "I won't give you exact numbers, but our sales have been very good since about the middle of June," CEO Andy Puzder told CNBC in a phone interview. CKE went private in mid-2010 after affiliates of private equity firm Apollo Management bought the chain. Before the takeover, its sales were shrinking. An affiliate of private equity firm Roark Capital Group acquired it in 2013. Not everyone in the fast-food landscape is delivering good numbers. Read More McDonald's to ax some menu items Overall though, the fast-food category is growing, albeit tepidly in part due to McDonald's woes. Despite trouble at the Golden Arches, Puzder says other competitors aren't in the same boat. "The tendency is to look at McDonald's," Puzder said. Read More Fast food really isgetting slower Related Video:

Work The System Academy Done for You Systemization - Work the System A Shortcut to Your Next Major Breakthrough. For months, maybe even years, you’ve had my book. As you know, it describes how I went from a prisoner of my business to the master of it. How I went from 80+ hour workweeks to working only 2 hours per week. How I went from near-bankruptcy and teetering on poverty, to living in the Top-1% of income earners in the USA. The solution? Is my book sitting on your shelf gathering dust? How come? If you’d like to systemize your business, but you never seem to get around to it, please keep reading. Below I’ll explain how we will systemize your business FOR YOU. In the beginning, writing Procedures for your entire company is serious Heavy Lifting! Let’s face it. And so, it’s a good possibility it’s not going to happen at all! When we consult with business owners, this #1 concern comes up over and over again: “I know I need procedures to free up my time, but I don’t have time to create them.” What a cruel, vicious cycle. Damned if you do. Maybe. Ask yourself:

175+ Top Habit Books (or How to Never Run Out of Books to Read) | Develop Good Habits There are thousands of books on self-help, habit change, and personal development. Some are good and some are … not so good, but what are the best self-help books? The ones that can really make an impact in changing your life for the better? That is the question this exhaustive list of over 175 great habit and self-help books strives to answer. Who am I to talk about habit and self-help books? I have been writing about habits, both in books and on this blog, for about 2 years now. Lately, I’ve been asked about my personal favorites. The problem? It would be really hard to navigate a list like this, so I settled on a simple solution… 200+ of the Best Self Help Books (in 16 Categories) Like I said, the personal development field is very large. That’s why I’ve broken down the 200+ books into 17 distinct categories. That means someone who wants help with their fitness can just jump right to that section. How to Use This List… The following list can be used for many purposes. Like this: