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Download Over 250 Free Art Books From the Getty Museum

Download Over 250 Free Art Books From the Getty Museum
Yesterday, we wrote about the Wellcome Library’s opening up of its digital archives and making over 100,000 medical images freely available online. If you’ve already made your way through this choice selection (or if the prospect of viewing a 19th century leg amputation doesn’t quite pique your curiosity) have no fear. Getty Publications just announced the launch of its Virtual Library, where readers can freely browse and download over 250 art books from the publisher’s backlist catalogue. The Virtual Library consists of texts associated with several Getty institutions. Readers can view extensively researched exhibition catalogues from the J. Paul Getty Museum, including Paul Cézanne’s late-life watercolours, when the painter raised the still life to a high art (Cézanne in the Studio: Still Life in Watercolors, 2004), as well as the woefully underappreciated Flemish illustrations of the 15th and 16th centuries (Illuminating the Renaissance: The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript, 2003).

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Free: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Offer 474 Free Art Books Online If you like reading about visual art but don’t like spending the considerable sums required to build your own library of vintage exhibition catalogues, feel free to borrow from another collector. Or rather, feel free to borrow from two collectors, both based in New York, both of some repute: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Early last year, we announced that the Guggenheim had made 65 art catalogues [now increased to 99] available for free online, offering “an intellectual and visual introduction to the work of Alexander Calder, Edvard Munch, Francis Bacon, Gustav Klimt & Egon Schiele, and Wassily Kandinsky” as well as ” other texts (e.g., Masterpieces of Modern Art and Abstract Expressionists Imagists) that tackle meta movements and themes.”

New Cut Paper Sculptures and Illustrations by Elsa Mora Artist Elsa Mora recently updated her portfolio with a number of beautiful paper sculptures created for both private clients and exhibition. All of Mora’s pieces are created with little more than acid-free paper and glue which is carefully cut, layered, and assembled to create 2D and 3D images. Several of the pieces are currently at the Racine Art Museum in Wisconsin for a show titled Once Upon A Time: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, and Contemporary Art that runs through August 31. You can see more on her website and over on Facebook. (via Brown Paper Bag) Tarkovsky Films Now Free Online Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1986) firmly positioned himself as the finest Soviet director of the post-War period. But his influence extended well beyond the Soviet Union. The Cahiers du cinéma consistently ranked his films on their top ten annual lists.

Buffalo Wild Wings Recipes I’m more of a classic buffalo sauce(Frank’s, butter, and vinegar) man myself, but I had these recipes for my favorite wings at Buffalo Wings Wings, so I thought I would share. Some of these may seem a little labor intensive, but they definitely taste a lot better with fresh ingredients. Enjoy. Download 422 Free Art Books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art You could pay $118 on Amazon for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s catalog The Art of Illumination: The Limbourg Brothers and the Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry. Or you could pay $0 to download it at MetPublications, the site offering “five decades of Met Museum publications on art history available to read, download, and/or search for free.” If that strikes you as an obvious choice, prepare to spend some serious time browsing MetPublications’ collection of free art books and catalogs. You may remember that we featured the site a few years ago, back when it offered 397 whole books free for the reading, including American Impressionism and Realism: The Painting of Modern Life, 1885–1915; Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomical Drawings from the Royal Library; and Wisdom Embodied: Chinese Buddhist and Daoist Sculpture in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Related Content:

5 Ways to teach children art around the worldMulticultural Kid Blogs I got fascinated in teaching art and great artists/artworks to my children since they were 3 and 4 years old. This coincided with taking the course “Making Thinking Visible” from Wideworld Harvard and I instantly fell in love with the idea of using art to understand children’s thinking and to make their learning “visible” not just in school but also at home. What started as an idea to integrate art and thinking became a family experience at looking at artworks from famous artists and knowing the techniques used, perception of the artist and what was happening during that period. After writing my post on Top 5 Reasons Why We Teach Our Kids ART at Home, I decided to share with you my Top 5 Ways in Teaching Culture Through Art. The previous day, I decided to go near to our family’s lineage and introduce a Serbian artist to my kids (and their Serbian friends).

These Bizarre Portraits Of Surrealism Will Take You Into A Fictitious World Dreams are chains of pictures, thoughts, feelings and perception that occur involuntarily in mind during certain moments of sleep. Although the content and purpose are not clearly understood, it would sometimes come to a point that dreams are conveyed into reality. Just exactly how this artist has correlated surrealism into his masterpiece, where it is being practiced in some artworks. The aim is to incorporate a dream into a real world, expressed with so much affection. 50 Great Works of Video Art That You Can Watch Online There are several reasons why video art is underexposed. Part of it has to do with the hard-to-shake reputation that video art is just too campy and esoteric — an opinion espoused by Jack Donaghy and anyone else who believes that art is exclusively paintings of men on horses. Another reason is the attitude that of a lot of influential, opinionated video artists share: they simply aren’t comfortable offering their wares to just anyone, and would rather sell the things they’ve made on glitzy-looking DVDs to a few collectors and museums, as they would a painting or a sculpture. Still other video artists are concerned that their work might be misidentified as films. This anxiety leads them to seek out venues for their work (warehouse art galleries and hard-to-find back-room viewing rooms) that will grant them the power to have it appreciated on its own terms. But a lot of them can be.

Arts Integration: Resource Roundup Facebook Edutopia on Facebook Twitter Art Journal Process Art Journal Process I got some new art materials in the mail yesterday and was very anxious to play with them. I started working on backgrounds, then was taken with a green page I had painted previously. It took off and I ended up going through the whole process and finishing it. I took photos along the way for you!

Grupo Corpo boldly bares the rhythms of its Brazilian roots When you are a dancer growing up in Belo Horizonte, a city by the mountains in Brazil’s southeast, there can really be only one company you dream of performing with. Grupo Corpo, the country’s biggest contemporary-dance troupe and one of its best-known cultural exports, is based there, far away from the beaches and glitz of larger metropolises like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. “Since I was born here in Belo Horizonte, I have this respect for Grupo Corpo,” dancer Rafael Bittar explains to the Straight from a tour stop in California, near Stanford University. “Yes, it is isolated; the notion is the centre of the culture is São Paulo and Rio, but Grupo Corpo has taken a very important place in the culture of the country.” In that regard, Grupo Corpo has achieved its biggest goal. When brothers Paulo and Rodrigo Pederneiras founded the troupe in 1975, it was in reaction to the old colonial art forms, especially ballet, then dominating the cultural landscape.

Middle school grades art lesson plans. Grade 6-8 (ages 11-14 years). Middle school. We've gathered and listed all of our Middle School art lesson plans below. These activities are best suited for Grades 6-8 - or - ages 11-14 years. However, grade levels are given as a guideline only. Lessons are always adaptable. Find other age/grade groups HERE.