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'Brighter than a full moon': The biggest star of 2013... could be Ison - the comet of the century - Science - News

'Brighter than a full moon': The biggest star of 2013... could be Ison - the comet of the century - Science - News
Comet Ison could draw millions out into the dark to witness what could be the brightest comet seen in many generations – brighter even than the full Moon. It was found as a blur on an electronic image of the night sky taken through a telescope at the Kislovodsk Observatory in Russia as part of a project to survey the sky looking for comets and asteroids – chunks of rock and ice that litter space. Astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok were expecting to use the International Scientific Optical Network's (Ison) 40cm telescope on the night of 20 September but clouds halted their plans. It was a frustrating night but about half an hour prior to the beginning of morning twilight, they noticed the sky was clearing and got the telescope and camera up and running to obtain some survey images in the constellations of Gemini and Cancer. When the images were obtained Nevski loaded them into a computer program designed to detect asteroids and comets moving between images.

This is Turnip Rock in Michigan, USA Philosophie verständlich : Willensfreiheit : Harry G. Frankfurt Hauptwerke 1988 The Importance of What We Care About1999 Necessity, Volition, and Love Der klassische Kompatibilismus von Thomas Hobbes und David Hume setzt Freiheit mit Handlungsfreiheit gleich und definiert Handlungsfreiheit als die Fähigkeit, tun zu können, was man tun will. Wünsche erster und zweiter Stufe Menschen haben – wie viele andere Lebewesen auch – Wünsche: Sie wünschen sich Nahrung und Kleidung, eine neues Auto oder besseres Wetter und vieles mehr. Einen Wunsch zweiter Stufe habe ich zum Beispiel, wenn ich den Wunsch (erster Stufe) verspüre zu rauchen und gleichzeitig (auf der zweiten Stufe) wünsche, diesen Wunsch nicht zu haben. Bei den Wünschen erster Stufe unterscheidet Frankfurt Wünsche, die man einfach nur hat, von solchen, die tatsächlich handlungswirksam werden. Willensfreiheit nach Frankfurt Was bedeutet es, dass der Wille einer Person frei ist? Nehmen wir als Beispiel den Drogenabhängigen David. Freiheit und Verantwortlichkeit Kurzes Resümee Einwände Literatur

Cybersleuths Uncover 5-Year Spy Operation Targeting Governments, Others | Threat Level Map showing the location and industry of victims in 69 countries hit by the spy operation. Courtesy of Kaspersky Lab An advanced and well-orchestrated computer spy operation that targeted diplomats, governments and research institutions for at least five years has been uncovered by security researchers in Russia. The highly targeted campaign, which focuses primarily on victims in Eastern Europe and Central Asia based on existing data, is still live, harvesting documents and data from computers, smartphones and removable storage devices, such as USB sticks, according to Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based antivirus firm that uncovered the campaign. Kaspersky has dubbed the operation “Red October.” While most of the victims documented are in Eastern Europe or Central Asia, targets have been hit in 69 countries in total, including the U.S., Australia, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

Okay... Don't move! Segelqualle An den Strand gespülte Segelquallen Die Segelqualle (Velella velella) (syn. V. lata Chamisso & Eysenhardt, 1821) ist ein zu den Hydrozoen gehörendes Nesseltier (Cnidaria). Wegen ihres Baus wird die Qualle im Deutschen auch "Segler vor dem Wind" oder "Sankt-Peters-Schifflein" genannt[1] (Petrus: Schutzheiliger der Fischer). Merkmale[Bearbeiten] Die Meduse weist vier radiale Kanäle auf und besitzt zwei Paare sich gegenüber stehender perradialer Tentakeln, einen kurzen adaxialen Tentakel und einen langen abaxialen Tentakel. Segelqualle mit randständigen Wehrpolypen Geographische Verbreitung und Lebensweise[Bearbeiten] Segelquallen leben weltweit in tropischen und subtropischen Meeren (auch im westlichen Mittelmeer), und zwar an der Wasseroberfläche der Hochsee. Feinde[Bearbeiten] Zu den Feinden der Segelqualle gehören unter anderem die zu den Nacktkiemern gehörende pelagische Schnecke Glaucus atlanticus und die Veilchenschnecke (Janthina janthina). Fortpflanzung[Bearbeiten] Literatur[Bearbeiten]

A gentle introduction to return-oriented programming « Hi, As I have promised in my last post I will start a series about return-oriented programming. I start with a short introduction about the topic. The introduction covers the origin of return-oriented programming, describes what return-oriented programming is and ends with a definition of return-oriented programming which I will use in the future posts. Why do we need return-oriented programming ? Return-oriented programming is a technique which allows an attacker to execute code in the presence of the following defensive measures. Non executable memory segments Code signing Where does return-oriented programming come from ? Return-oriented programming is a recently coined term which describes a technique that has been developed in an iterative process in the security community. Buffer overflows were first publicly documented in the Computer Security Technology Planning Study in 1972 (Appendix 1. Return-into-library technique Borrowed code chunks technique Return-oriented programming Tim

No magic show: Real-world levitation to inspire better pharmaceuticals It’s not a magic trick and it’s not sleight of hand – scientists really are using levitation to improve the drug development process, eventually yielding more effective pharmaceuticals with fewer side effects. Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have discovered a way to use sound waves to levitate individual droplets of solutions containing different pharmaceuticals. At the molecular level, pharmaceutical structures fall into one of two categories: amorphous or crystalline. “One of the biggest challenges when it comes to drug development is in reducing the amount of the drug needed to attain the therapeutic benefit, whatever it is,” said Argonne X-ray physicist Chris Benmore, who led the study. “Most drugs on the market are crystalline – they don’t get fully absorbed by the body and thus we aren’t getting the most efficient use out of them,” added Yash Vaishnav, Argonne Senior Manager for Intellectual Property Development and Commercialization.

ROP « I spent the last two days with a friend of mine, Frank Boldewin of, analyzing the Adobe Reader/Flash 0-day that’s being exploited in the wild this week. We had received a sample of a malicious PDF file which exploits the still unpatched vulnerability (MD5: 721601bdbec57cb103a9717eeef0bfca) and it turned out more interesting than we had expected. Here is what we found: Part I: The PDF file The PDF file itself is rather large. The first interesting stream can be found in PDF object 1. The second interesting stream belongs to PDF object 10. I then used PDF Dissector to execute the JavaScript code. Later it will become clear that the embedded SWF file is actually exploiting the Flash player and not Adobe Reader (or rather it exploits the Flash player DLL that is shipped with Adobe Reader). Part II: The shellcode – Stage I In the disassembled file I expected to see a nop-sled followed by regular x86 code but this is not what I found. and continues for quite a while.

Maker Faire Africa: Schoolgirls Create Urine-Powered Generator | Wired Design A urine-powered generator created by four teenage girls made its debut at Maker Faire Africa 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria. According to the Maker Faire blog, the girls’ invention takes the urine and uses urea electrolysis to generate hydrogen, which can then be used to power a generator. [partner id="wired"] The blog doesn’t offer too much in the way of fine detail regarding the process, but the steps of the system outlined describe the urine being added to an electrolytic cell to separate out the hydrogen. The hydrogen would then be purified via a water filter and any moisture could be removed by passing the hydrogen through a cylinder of liquid borax. While the idea of using human waste as a power source is very attractive, the prototype device will have a number of potential problems to contend with before it can become a reality — not least the fact that it may not be capable of creating a net gain in terms of electricity.

Untere Bauchmuskeln - die besten Übungen | Die unteren Bauchmuskeln gibt es eigentlich gar nicht. In Wirklichkeit bilden die so genannten oberen und unteren Bauchmuskeln einen einzigen Bauchmuskel. Man nennt diesen Muskel den Geraden Bauchmuskel (Musculus rectus abdominis). Daneben gibt es noch den Schrägen Bauchmuskel, der durch besondere Übungen trainiert wird. Wenn man also die unteren Bauchmuskeln trainiert, trainiert man immer auch die oberen Bauchmuskeln – und umgekehrt. Criss-Cross / Käfer Benötigtes Equipment: keins Schwierigkeitsgrad: hoch Rating: +215 (from 577 votes) Hängendes Beinheben Benötigtes Equipment: Klimmzug-Stange Schwierigkeitsgrad: hoch Rating: +38 (from 72 votes) Beinheben im Liegen Benötigtes Equipment: keins Schwierigkeitsgrad: mittel Rating: +29 (from 145 votes) Hüftheben Rating: +21 (from 213 votes) Hängendes Knieheben Rating: +20 (from 54 votes) Fahrradfahren Benötigtes Equipment: keins Schwierigkeitsgrad: niedrig Rating: +17 (from 55 votes) Ausrollen Benötigtes Equipment: Kurzhantel Schwierigkeitsgrad: niedrig

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