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The Secret Lives of Speakeasies - CityLab - Pocket. Bottles and barrel of confiscated whiskey (circa 1920-1932).

The Secret Lives of Speakeasies - CityLab - Pocket

Photo by National Photo Company Collection/Library of Congress. Whisper “speakeasy” into a search engine of your choice and odds are you will stumble across the story of Kate Hester, the Pittsburgh hotelkeeper at the center of the amusing, possibly apocryphal origin story for the word. Hester appeared in what can only be described as a prototypical trend piece for The New York Times in July 6, 1891. The story goes like this: Hester owned a saloon in McKeesport, just southeast of the city, that sold booze in defiance of a state law that upped the costs of licenses for alcohol so much that it was nearly prohibited. When customers got too rowdy, Hester would hush customers with “speak-easy, boys!” From the Monday, July 6, 1891 edition of The New York Times. The Oxford English Dictionary did take it up: It pegs the first publication of the word referring to an illegal bar to the New York Voice in 1887.

Exploring Pennsylvania's abandoned highway. GDPR. Aqua America to acquire Peoples - Pittsburgh Business Times. Untitled. A very sad story crossed my desk last week, one that hit very close to home for myself and all others involved in historical preservation.


The story involved a former archivist for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and an antiquarian bookseller who allegedly colluded to steal more than $8 million in rare books, maps and photographs from the library. Over the span of two decades, the men made thousands of dollars reselling these precious items through online auctions and clandestine sales. Their misconduct robbed the public of our own history, a crime that simply can’t be swept under the rug.

It seems that several of the most valuable items have been recovered by authorities, mainly due to the integrity of those who purchased them from the thieves. However, this crime shows just how difficult it is to maintain historical archives – especially those that are open to the public. The Villas at Spring Valley Floor Plans. Pinterest. History of Butler County Pennsylvania, 1895x28. Harmony Borough, Chapter 28 <<Previous Chapter | GO TO TABLE OF CONTENTS | Next Chapter >> Transcribed by: Lexie Gallagher For an explanation and caution about this transcription, please read this page.

History of Butler County Pennsylvania, 1895x28

Link to a sketch of Harmony Borough from the Atlas of Butler County, G.M. Hopkins & Co., 1874. Surnames in this chapter are: [p. 409] FOUNDING OF THE VILLAGE -- GEORGE RAPP -- THE HARMONIST SOCIETY -- SALE OF THE PROPERTY - REMOVAL TO INDIANA - RETURN TO PENNSYLVANIA -- PRESENT STATUS -- SECULAR HARMONY -- POPULATION AND STATISTICS -- MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES -- HOTELS AND BUSINESS HOUSES -- BANKS -- POSTMASTERS AND JUSTICES -- BURGESSES AND COUNCILMEN -- SCHOOLS -- CHURCHES -- THE FIRST CEMETERY -- SECRET SOCIETIES George RAPP, the founder of this peculiar communistic religious sect or association, was a native of Iptingen, Wurtemberg, Germany, where he was born October 28, 1757.

Of the three contingents, 135 families accompanied their leader to the Connoquenessing. 1877--T. [p. 415]

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Ralph Iannotti (@IannottiRalph) Beaver County Fire/EMS alerts. Security Check Required. Scotch-Irish-L [Sc-Ir] SEFTON/SEFTEN: Antrim > Butler Co, PA. From: "Linda Merle" <> Subject: [Sc-Ir] SEFTON/SEFTEN: Antrim > Butler Co, PA Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 09:29:16 -0700 Hi folks, According to this page I am reading.....

Scotch-Irish-L [Sc-Ir] SEFTON/SEFTEN: Antrim > Butler Co, PA

Henry SEFTON was born in County Antrim in 1779 and emigrated to the USA. He settled in what has become Clinton TWP, Butler Co, PA. It was already infested with lots of Scotch Irish -- such as my own ancestors. There he married Jane/Jennie QUIN, daughter of Edward and Jene (Minime) Quinn of Middlesex Twp, Butler Co, PA.

In the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical SOciety Quarterly, Vol. 30, Number 1, summer 2003 (though just came), p 60 is "Bible of Henry Seften/Sefton of Butler Co, PA. Escape Room Pittsburgh - A real life immersive experience. Seth Heitzenrater (@sethheitz) Ambridge native to share stories from the Titanic. AMBRIDGE -- When science and history intersect, it can get emotional.

Ambridge native to share stories from the Titanic

It wasn’t exactly what objects conservator Rhonda Wozniak anticipated when she accepted a job in 1994 to conserve artifacts from the Titanic, but after hearing stories under the stars in the North Atlantic about the passengers who died in the shipwreck, she couldn’t help but get attached. “Knowing about the most horrific maritime disaster in history means knowing a lot of the personal stories,” said Wozniak, an Ambridge Area High School graduate. “Personal items like jewelry that were last touched by the owners were haunting. " Wozniak will share her experiences April 15 at Laughlin Memorial Library in Ambridge, 104 years to the day after the RMS Titanic sank. Proceeds from the dinner and lecture will benefit the library. Ambridge Connection - All things local.

Beaver County Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Day. Category: Police & Fire - Ambridge Connection. Police & Fire - Sewickley, PA Patch. Help in Hard Times - Assistance available to Allegheny County residents.url. There are programs in place to help you get through these difficult times.

Help in Hard Times - Assistance available to Allegheny County residents.url

These programs, in many cases, are paid for by your taxpayer dollars and are available without charge to any Allegheny County resident who is income eligible. Assistance by Category Basic Needs Education Allegheny County Library AssociationCareer Training for Dislocated Workers Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council Employment Financial Support Financial AssistanceFinancial Counseling Tax Preparation Information Health Legal Assistance Basic Needs Child Care Clothing Free children's clothing (This program is temporarily discontinued)Project PromFree formal attire for high school students.Computers and Cell Phones Allegheny County Library Association Offers free computer use, including internet access and word processing software at area libraires.

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