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How to Google like a boss - Become a master of Google search with these little-known tips

How to Google like a boss - Become a master of Google search with these little-known tips
No doubt about it, Google Search has revolutionized the way we do research. Gone are the days when we need to reside in the library for days-on-end just to finish work we’ve set ourselves to do. What is great about Googleling for research is that you can do it in your favorite cafe while sipping cups of your choice brew. Join me as we peruse this resource I found while I Googled like a boss at Tribeca Coffee, Ilocos Norte. I was adding finishing touches to posts at The Write Freelance when I discovered this treasure. Meantime, let me assure you, when you apply these little-known tips revealed in the infographic, you will surely master the art of using Google Search. Did you know that you may not be using Google search to its full potential? Set a goal for yourself "I'm going to learn something new about my expertise every day." Add To My Goal Read full content

The Wicker Man (1973 Edit Storyline Sgt. Howie travels to Summerisle to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. He discovers that the locals are weird and unhelpful, and becomes determined to get to the bottom of the disappearance. Written by Sean Taylor <> 20 collaborative Google Apps activities for schools Google Apps are collaborative, which makes them highly powerful. They offer opportunities for students to engage unlike ever before. Here are 20 ideas. Google Apps is beginning to revolutionize education. With its highly collaborative, online/offline format — and its attractive price tag (free!) 10 Web Resources For Digital Field Trips To Museums I went to the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow. It was truly amazing. I wish I had been educated enough to fully appreciate the art. I sat in front of the Matisse.

HomeschoolScientist Upload Subscription preferences Loading... Working... inklewriter - Education Education inkle is looking to bring interactive stories to the classroom, and give teachers free and simple get-stuck-right-in software to use with their students. From within a web-browser, the inklewriter will let students make and play interactive stories with no programming required. Arduino and Learning: H.S. Teacher Ariel Simons A powerful recipe for engaged learning: Show students how to command actions in the physical world – make lights blink, sounds sound, motors move, robots roam, sensors sense. Combine this concrete act of control over physical objects activity with the abstract power of programming – show students how to make those lights blink in response to the sounds, make the sensors guide the motors. Apply this combination of software and hardware hacking to measuring the radiation levels near Fukushima and aggregating radiation data, a task that the Japanese government apparently failed to do for months. Now you are talking about engaged students. Ariel Simons uses the inexpensive Arduino open source hardware platform to bring high school students together with coding, circuitry, citizen science. My own curiosity introduced me to Arduino recently.

drawstuffrealeasy Upload ShooRaynerDrawing Channel Subscription preferences Loading... Working... drawstuffrealeasy Teaching + Learning Sea of Liberty Providing interactive tools for teaching, exploring, and sharing the power of Jefferson’s ideas across cultures and borders. Learn More | Visit the Site 100 Leaders Encouraging exploration of leadership and legacy in world history through voting, classroom activities, and teaching resources. Plant a Question… Grow an “Answer Garden” Need a digital scribble space? Then be sure to experiment with AnswerGarden, a web-based polling/survey tool that allows users to create and publish a question. Once visitors submit answers, they are immediately displayed as tags in a basic word cloud.

Old School Television Upload Subscription preferences Loading... A Wonderful App for Students to Showcase Their Learning August 21, 2015 30hands is an excellent app to use with students in class. You can use it for a wide variety of purposes from creating demos and tutorials to crafting visually appealing presentations and videos. Students can use it to create multimedia productions showcasing their learning in the form of a slideshow with audio narration, or through an audio-enhanced image portfolios to mention but a few examples. Given its intuitive interface and simple layout, 30hands can be used with different age groups. 30hands is also great for digital storytelling. Students can add images and draw slides then arrange them by a simple drag and drop.

27 Easy Ways To Encourage Teamwork In School If you are quick to criticize others, enjoy knowing that you’re a bit smarter than someone else, or sometimes put others down to make yourself feel better, then you’re not really that interested in teamwork. It’s not the end of the world if you utilize the ol ‘red pen mentality’ and regularly critique others. But it’s not a very helpful thing to do. Especially in a school. That’s because most schools are built on teamwork, camraderie, and mutual appreciation. In other words, teachers help other teachers.

Physics Community Afire With Rumors of Higgs Boson Discovery | Wired Science One of the biggest debuts in the science world could happen in a matter of weeks: The Higgs boson may finally, really have been discovered. Ever since tantalizing hints of the Higgs turned up in December at the Large Hadron Collider, scientists there have been busily analyzing the results of their energetic particle collisions to further refine their search. “The bottom line though is now clear: There’s something there which looks like a Higgs is supposed to look,” wrote mathematician Peter Woit on his blog, Not Even Wrong.