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Grow the life you want.

Agissez pour les sans-abris dans votre commune cet hiver Des lois permettent de réquisitionner des bâtiments inoccupés. Aidez nous à trouver un toit aux sans-abris ! La Ligue des droits de l’Homme propose une action simple : inciter votre Commune à réquisitionner les logements inoccupés et de les mettre à disposition des publics démunis. Pour agir concrètement dans votre communé, cliquez sur "Lire la suite" MISE A JOUR (20/06): Téléchargez le texte d'interpellation de Verviers et Dison et inspirez-vous en pour votre communeMISE A JOUR (21/02): Ixelles va réquisitionner des bâtiments inoccupés (lire article)MISE A JOUR (06/02): Visionnez l'intervention de Céline Verbroeck (Présidente de la Commission Etranger de la LDH) à Mise au Point (RTBF) et de Alexis Deswaef (Président LDH) à Controverse (RTL) sur la crise de l'accueil durant la vague de froidMISE A JOUR (01/02): Téléchargez le texte de l'interpellation de Bruxelles-Ville et inspirez-vous en pour votre commune. Ce nombre est en constante augmentation, notamment dans les grandes villes. 1. 2.

Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. storyful Baby Birth Announcements & Baby Photo Announcements by Tiny Prints Your special delivery is finally here and this one has ten chubby toes and a tiny little nose. Now it's time to introduce your brand new bundle of joy to everyone who has been anxiously waiting to hear the good news. And there's no better way to present your precious newborn to friends and relatives than sending a personalized birth announcement from Tiny Prints. Our adorable designs, high quality card stock and sentimental value, will have those closest to you falling in love with these timeless keepsakes. Designing Your Birth Announcements At Tiny Prints, each baby announcement is chock-full of charming themes including argyle elephants, mischievous monkeys, lovely ladybugs, frilly flowers and tiny toy planes. Sending Baby Announcements If your baby is almost here and you're wondering when to send birth announcements, there's no better time to mail them than right after your child is born. Birth Announcement Wording Customer reviews of our Photo Birth Announcements & Baby Announcements

Cédrick Moré•-)• M@gic E-business Success. Simple. Real. SBI! BAM ("Brain - Attitude - Motivation")! "Brain" does not mean "brainy." Biznik Everyone's linking in these days. refer new users to DevHub and earn additional monthly revenue for 3 years . You will earn 10% of each new user's total daily revenue on DevHub for the next three years! Adzly beta The adzly co-operative ad network is extremely powerful, but you need to make sure you take action right away to get things setup. Cool new program called Click Track Profit Simply the BEST! Sweeva Brand new program that can send loads of people to your site in a matter of minutes and it's completely free to use. Virtual World Web Virtual Worlds only work when we all operate with mutual respect, understand our Rights and Responsibilities and why these need to be enforced to be effective. It

The Event Strategy Jason Cohen has a great post on unfair advantages. One of Cohen’s differentiators — personal authority — is the most useful to first- and second-time entrepreneurs. So the question arises: how do you build strong and scalable personal authority? I’ve heard blogging come up often, but I don’t think this is the way to go for most people. Events are different — when you run an event, you’re in front of the crowd. Starting an event series is daunting, but it’s actually quite a bit easier than it seems. 1) Pick a topic. 2) Build your promotional tools. 3) Find content. 4) Find 2-3 solid venues. 5) Make sure you have great attendees. 6) Play up your social benefit to maintain great content. 7) Leverage your membership to run events for you. The last point is especially critical — events die when organizers feel the need to exert too much control and burn themselves out.

Qwotebook MBAdventure Hell Week has come to Harvard. I’ve heard whisperings of this infamous event ever since my first day on campus, and now that it is here I can confirm that it is, in fact, just as scary as it sounds. Hell Week (or, “recruitment week”, as the HBS administration sugarcoats calls it) is the week that tons of companies come to campus to interview students for summer internships. This is when the biggies are here - your consulting firms, investment banks, hedge funds, major consumer goods companies, tech companies, etc., and students pretty much run around like crazy people in suits trying to get the perfect internship. I’ve observed a variety of Hell Weekers, and have identified several different breeds in their natural habitats: The Consultants: Probably the most high strung of all of the Hell Weekers. The Consumer Packaged Goods Peeps: These bright young stars are the future managers of some of your favorite household brands, and are both quantitatively savvy as well as very creative.