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Learn How to Code this Weekend

Learn How to Code this Weekend
In my past experience, and in helping others to learn Java I have found that the actual language part isn't the real problem. The biggest challenge I encountered, and noticed in others years later, is learning how to think in an Object Oriented way. You really need to learn how to think this way before you code in an OO way. The problem with that is that it is very hard to learn how to think OO without doing some programming. So if you really want to learn to program just pick a language that has a lot of community support and freely available information and start plugging away at it. Notice that you will fail, and if you keep it up you will fail a lot.

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Learn to code News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker I've used various versions of Windows for years, Linux in various flavours for another few years, and OS X for about 2-3 years total. I'm now a convert to OS X (though proudly not part of the cult of Mac — I enjoy the OS, I don't want Jobs' offspring) for general desktop use, switching to Windows for gaming. I find app quality is generally significantly higher on OS X than Windows (and certainly Linux). Do note the word "generally" — some of this stuff is cross-platform and in some cases Windows offers something better! The drawback of this is that most of it costs a couple of bucks, but that's a small price to pay if you're using your computer for various tasks daily.

7 Major Players In Free Online Education By Jennifer Berry Imagine a world where free, college-level education was available to almost everyone. Believe it or not, you're living in that world right now. Complete list of Facebook Chat Emoticons While playing with Facebook Chat I wondered if it supported emoticons. Turns out it does. But when I tried the >:-) emoticon (a 'devil') and saw it printed as boring text, I wondered, "what smilies does facebook actually support?" So with the help of Safari and some javascript hacking I present to you a complete list of facebook emoticons. smile

Easy PHP Blackhole Trap with WHOIS Lookup for Bad Bots One of my favorite security measures here at Perishable Press is the site’s virtual Blackhole trap for bad bots. The concept is simple: include a hidden link to a robots.txt-forbidden directory somewhere on your pages. Bots that ignore or disobey your robots rules will crawl the link and fall into the trap, which then performs a WHOIS Lookup and records the event in the blackhole data file. Code Maven from Crunchzilla <h2>Code Maven gets teens excited about programming. It is an interactive tutorial where anyone can experiment with learning to code. <p> Code Maven from Crunchzilla uses Javascript. Please enable Javascript if you want to play with Code Maven.

Udemy Mentor Philip Ebiner: Video Produc... "No editing software is going to actually make your course better. It's HOW you use them that will." Hometown: San Dimas, CaliforniaUdemy Birthday: September, 2012Favorite Udemy Course: Photography for Kids - Phil created this course with his younger brother and they split the profits!First Pet: A caterpillar named Fluffy The Ultimate Excel Cheatsheet Working with the new Excel 2007 is now more frustrating than ever when it comes to finding the right commands. Sometimes it seems like part magic and part luck. That’s why we’ve put together the cream of the crop of Excel shortcuts in easy to use cheatsheets you can print up and keep handy. Highlighting the most commonly used and commonly looked for Excel commands, this list puts it all at your fingertips.

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Référence des fonctions The 5th Annual China PHP Conference Affecte le comportement de PHP » « Using SystemTap with PHP DTrace Static Probes Manuel PHP Edit Report a Bug

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