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Top 10 Pro Tips and Tools for Budding Web Developers and Designers

Top 10 Pro Tips and Tools for Budding Web Developers and Designers

Web development News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker I've used various versions of Windows for years, Linux in various flavours for another few years, and OS X for about 2-3 years total. I'm now a convert to OS X (though proudly not part of the cult of Mac — I enjoy the OS, I don't want Jobs' offspring) for general desktop use, switching to Windows for gaming. I find app quality is generally significantly higher on OS X than Windows (and certainly Linux). The UNIX core and bash are very important to me. User experience also plays a large part. Then there are the extras, like the *virtual* immunity to malware. Unfortunately, like many things in fierce competition, most people seem to pick a side when they should instead be looking at the options and evaluating whatever it is that suits them best. Similarly, I'm not deluded enough to think that Windows crashes all the time — I can't remember the last time my Windows 7 install crashed, just as I can't remember the last time my OS X and Ubuntu installs crashed.

Parsimony CMS How to Get the Best Color Out of Your Photos @bigbill25: Yes I know, that ergs me as well, but the idea that those are "primary" colors seems to be embedded in a persons mind by those darn 3rd grade art teachers. I guess we will just have to accept the fact that the general populace is mis-informed. @bigbill25: Actually, thats not entirely true. It depends on what you use for material. In paint, the primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue. @bigbill25: Well it also depends if you are talking about pigment or light. 15 Quality Web-Based Applications to Create Mock-Ups and Wireframes To effectively manage a project with very little mistakes, you must make it a priority to plan. Diving into the development process with not a single clue as to what elements go where or how certain aspects of a websites interface differ from one another is dooming yourself to hard-earned headaches. For as long as humans have been able to hold a pen and a paper in hand, we have been prototyping and although different from now, “wireframing“. This dates back to thousands of years ago when architects and artists began converting their artwork into an actual physical presence. This is to outline that we are no strangers to the planning, prototyping, and executing process. What are Wireframes, Really? A wireframe in essence, is a visual representation, guide, and basic element structure of a websites interface design. Below we’ve compiled great web-based applications to create mock-ups and wireframes. Tools and More Tools Hot Gloo Mockingbird Pencil Project ProtoShare Balsamiq Flair Builder Cacoo

Vision18 Technologies-Web design studio, web development, software development, SEO, India Fboxx Woks Done Identity, Branding, Designing Club Travel2kerala Infotech Comment devenir Webdesigner ? #3 Les notions à connaître - Blog Du Webdesign Magazine Voici un nouveau numéro de notre dossier avec cette semaine un zoom sur les différents domaines à connaître ainsi que les logiciels à maîtriser pour être Webdesigner. Vous trouverez également des ressources et liens pour compléter ce sujet Il est dur de retranscrire les connaissances que doit posséder un webdesigner car chaque personne est différente et a un parcours unique qui crée ainsi une diversité dans le monde du travail... L’autre difficulté est que nous devons maîtriser des domaines très larges qui vont des bases du graphisme aux nouvelles technologies. Ainsi vous trouverez dans cet article les différentes notions qui sont utiles d’avoir pour le travail. Pour pratiquer le métier de webdesigner il faut plusieurs cartes dans son jeu au niveau des connaissances et des domaines à maîtriser. Voici un petit tour des grands domaines que doit prendre en compte le webdesigner pour pouvoir effectuer les différentes tâches auxquelles il devra faire face. Nature by Numbers Kuler Autres sites

Full Stop — Web design from Pittsburgh, PA For the TL;DR crew, here’s the deal: as of today, November 8th, 2013, Full Stop is no longer accepting new projects. We’re leaving the world of client services, and from this point forward, focusing our attention on Cotton Bureau and United Pixelworkers full-time. Wanna read a little more? Good, because we wrote another thousand words. Since the beginning, our web design business at Full Stop has been forced to compete with our internal projects (namely, United Pixelworkers and now, Cotton Bureau). After four years of juggling clients and internal projects, though, we’re exhausted. The Big Reveal. As of today, November 8th, 2013, Full Stop is no longer accepting new client projects. We’re going out at the top of our game—the leads are still rushing in (three we had to turn down just this week), and we’re about to launch our final two sites for some amazing clients. Going full-time on products may have been inevitable for us. That said, we’re not swimming in money. What happens now? Ready?

Useful Glossaries For Web Designers and Developers - Smashing Magazine Advertisement In a day in age where there are just as many freelancers as there are university educated designers, developers, and all around web gurus, it is amazing to me how much many of us don’t know or have forgot about our trade. As a self-taught designer, I will admit to you upfront that there is a lot I don’t know when it comes to official jargon or certain aspects of things like typography and graphic design. It is these reasons that I call upon glossaries from time to time. These glossaries are also especially useful for those of you who are just getting started in the online business world. But glossaries aren’t just for brushing up on old terms or for calling upon while you learn new things. Last week we presented Web Design Industry Jargon: Glossary and Resources1, a general guide to industry terms that should get you well on your way to understanding what web designers are talking about. Typography Glossaries Usability, UX and IA Glossaries Marketing Glossaries SEO Glossaries

MockFlow: Online Wireframe Tool Marquee Hire from Up Marquees - For Weddings, Events & Festivals - Based in Flintshire, North Wales, UK