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Top 10 Pro Tips and Tools for Budding Web Developers and Designers

Top 10 Pro Tips and Tools for Budding Web Developers and Designers

Web development News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker I've used various versions of Windows for years, Linux in various flavours for another few years, and OS X for about 2-3 years total. I'm now a convert to OS X (though proudly not part of the cult of Mac — I enjoy the OS, I don't want Jobs' offspring) for general desktop use, switching to Windows for gaming. I find app quality is generally significantly higher on OS X than Windows (and certainly Linux). The UNIX core and bash are very important to me. User experience also plays a large part. Then there are the extras, like the *virtual* immunity to malware. Unfortunately, like many things in fierce competition, most people seem to pick a side when they should instead be looking at the options and evaluating whatever it is that suits them best. Similarly, I'm not deluded enough to think that Windows crashes all the time — I can't remember the last time my Windows 7 install crashed, just as I can't remember the last time my OS X and Ubuntu installs crashed.

How to Send Email from a PHP Script Using SMTP Authentication Sending an email from a PHP script is simple, fast and easy; if it works. PHP mail() and SMTP Authentication Part of what makes the PHP mail() function is so simple is its lack of flexibility. PEAR Mail for SMTP Authentication and SSL Connection Fortunately, overcoming PHP's built-in shortcomings is not difficult either, complicated or painful. Send Email from a PHP Script Using SMTP Authentication To connect to an outgoing SMTP server from a PHP script using SMTP authentication and send an email: Make sure the PEAR Mail package is installed. Sending Mail from PHP Using SMTP Authentication - Example <? Sending Mail from PHP Using SMTP Authentication and SSL Encryption - Example <?

How to Get the Best Color Out of Your Photos @bigbill25: Yes I know, that ergs me as well, but the idea that those are "primary" colors seems to be embedded in a persons mind by those darn 3rd grade art teachers. I guess we will just have to accept the fact that the general populace is mis-informed. @bigbill25: Actually, thats not entirely true. It depends on what you use for material. In paint, the primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue. @bigbill25: Well it also depends if you are talking about pigment or light.

How to remove watermark from an image or picture A watermark is any recognizable text, logo or pattern that appears over an image to identify the owner of the image and generally used to prevent unauthorized reuse of the image. Watermarks are usually transparent and can be difficult to remove. The difficulty or ease of removal depends on the content of the image and the position, color, size etc of the watermark. There are several resources out there that teaches you how to remove watermark from pictures, but most of them are old. Although these guides are still relevant, in light of some new tools that has recently become available in our hands, I decided a new guide was necessary. Hence this tutorial. Removing water mark using Photoshop CS5 The new iteration of Photoshop, Creative Suite 5 or CS5 in short, includes some handy tools that really helps in such tasks as removing watermarks. For our example we will use an image from iStockPhoto and try to remove the watermark right across the face of the image. Now press D.

Vision18 Technologies-Web design studio, web development, software development, SEO, India Fboxx Woks Done Identity, Branding, Designing Club Travel2kerala Infotech Corporate » Free Business Template | Just another WordPress site from FREE CSS TEMPLATES Free CSS business template. Well commented html and css code, so you can edit it with minimum efforts. Suitable for your business website, personal portfolio, corporate website etc. Free Business Template Width: 980pxSources Available: .HTML .CSS .JSFile Size: 118 KB Full Stop — Web design from Pittsburgh, PA For the TL;DR crew, here’s the deal: as of today, November 8th, 2013, Full Stop is no longer accepting new projects. We’re leaving the world of client services, and from this point forward, focusing our attention on Cotton Bureau and United Pixelworkers full-time. Wanna read a little more? Good, because we wrote another thousand words. Since the beginning, our web design business at Full Stop has been forced to compete with our internal projects (namely, United Pixelworkers and now, Cotton Bureau). After four years of juggling clients and internal projects, though, we’re exhausted. The Big Reveal. As of today, November 8th, 2013, Full Stop is no longer accepting new client projects. We’re going out at the top of our game—the leads are still rushing in (three we had to turn down just this week), and we’re about to launch our final two sites for some amazing clients. Going full-time on products may have been inevitable for us. That said, we’re not swimming in money. What happens now? Ready?

How to Improve Website Load Times I’ll admit it: I’m addicted to speed. No, not the psychostimulant; I’m talking about website speed. I’m not alone, either. Google recently announced that they consider website speed when determining search engine rankings. Oh, did I mention that a slow website can literally kill your revenue stream? Google found that moving from a 10-result page loading in 0.4 seconds to a 30-result page loading in 0.9 seconds decreased traffic and ad revenues by 20% (Linden 2006). It’s quite clear. What Determines Website Page Speed? The Yahoo! So, I’ll break down the top performance recommendations and show you you can apply them to your website. Let’s do it. 1. Translation: Limit the number of files required to display your website When someone visits your website, the corresponding files must be sent to that person’s browser. As expected, every file you use to enhance your design detracts from its performance. The key takeaway is this: eliminate everything that’s unnecessary. 2. 3. 4. What? 5. Easy! 6. 7.

MockFlow: Online Wireframe Tool How to prevent Hotlink bandwidth theft Hotlink protection of web site images and files: What is Hotlinking? Hotlinking is when a web site is linking directly to images, video's or other files that are served from another site. Hotlinking can be considered bandwidth theft, because images served on the page are remotely hosted on the owners page. As visitors arrive to view the page, the remote host has to conjour up the images for viewing which consumes additional bandwidth of the image owners site. How to prevent Hotlink bandwidth theft: Hotlink Protection: Download the nohotlink zip fileExtract (unzip) the files .htaccess and nolink.png from the nohotlink.zipOpen .htaccess using wordpad and change to your actual website. RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ! Save your changes to the .htaccess fileNow copy the .htaccess file to a directory containing files you want to protect from being hotlinked by other websitesCopy the nolink.png file to your websites root directory.

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