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Our Games Archive - Choice of Games

Our Games Archive - Choice of Games
Choice of the Rock Star Rock your way to the top of the ’80s charts in this epic interactive tale of music and mayhem! Will you achieve immortality or flame out on national TV? Reckless Space Pirates You have a choice: join a crew of space pirates to steal priceless slime from a nest of mushroom-like aliens–or hoodwink the pirates and team up with the mushroom colony to prevent an interstellar war! The ORPHEUS Ruse Infiltrate the enemy as a psychic spy, leaping from body to body by touch. Choice of the Ninja Assassinate the shogun, then vanish without a trace in this interactive fantasy novel! Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck Jump to hyperspace aboard the fastest starship in the galaxy! The Fleet Take back your home world from alien invaders! Choice of the Star Captain Fight on the front lines of the war between humanity and the hideous Blobs. Heroes Rise Choice of the Vampire Choice of the Dragon Play as a fire-breathing dragon who sleeps on gold and kidnaps princesses for fun. Slammed!

About Us - Choice of Games Choice of Games LLC is a California limited-liability company dedicated to producing high-quality, text-based, multiple-choice games. We produce games in house, beginning with Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides. We have also developed a simple scripting language for writing text-based games, ChoiceScript, which we make available to others for use in their projects, and we host games produced by other designers using ChoiceScript on our website. Some of our games are available for free on the web. We also produce mobile versions of our games that can be played on iPhones, Android phones, and other mobile devices. We believe that text-based games are an underutilized format within modern computer games. If you are interested in developing games using ChoiceScript, we invite you to read our introductory guide to the ChoiceScript programming language. Please also feel free to contact us at Next: Why Multiple-Choice Games? Press Info

Top 30 best free games you should play today 26. Wing Commander Saga A stunning fan-sequel to one of the PC's most beloved space simulators. 27. Populous returns in Reprisal - a gorgeous pixel-art reinvention. 28. Lead the ancient civilisation of your choice to glory in this free-to-play version of the classic series. 29. Online RPGs have never been so streamlined, or so insane. When you die, you die for good... but Realm of the Mad God is so fast that rolling a new character and jumping back in from the start is no real hardship. 30. DOTA style strategy meets first-person shooters in this free-to-play sequel. Easily the best part, though, is that each game is narrated. 31. Create a hero and leap into action in the streets of Gotham and Metropolis, either backing up the Batman or signing up with your favourite super-villains. 32. Descend if you dare into a vision of Victorian London abducted by a swarm of bats and moved to the edge of Hell. 33. 34. Spelunky is about anger, hate and, most of all, death. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41.

Urban city scene on grunge background February 24th, 2008 by ART-D Posted in Adobe Photoshop, Designing In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to add a grunge scene style to your photos. Create a new file (File>New) with 1024×768 px and 100 dpi. Select on this layer the Paint Bucket Tool (G) to give it the color #F3DAA2 Choose next the Custom Shape Tool (U) to represent the next layer belonging to the background of the picture we’ll get on the final stage. Find in Internet a photo of a megapolis. Download out of Internet a set of ready to apply brushes for Adobe Photoshop: BloodPack1__invaynestock, bloodbrushes2_invaynestock, Bush Pack v1 Create a new layer after that and select the Brush Tool (B) out of the set BloodPack1__invaynestock. On the next layer we’ll apply the next set of brushes bloodbrushes2_invaynestock, having the white color. Create a new layer again and select the next brushes out of the set BloodPack1__invaynestock. the color #DD8301 the color #BCC450 Post Pages: 1 2 3

BrowserQuest Customer Reviews: Inheritance The End Top 10 Websites To Watch Movies Online For Free We all love the idea of watching movies with just your Internet connection and a computer and no strings attached. Although some of you may think that this is not legal, i would say "why not try something ill-legal today". There are lots of websites which provide to watch movies online, no need to sign-up and in few clicks you are into the movie arena. Most of these sites don’t host the files due to legal disputes but they contain links to the sources, where we can get our hands dirty. We have Updated the List as per the current ratings, which are turning differently. IceFilmsTube This website offers you complete HD experience for all the movie. JustMoviez Just Moviez is an amazing website to watch movies online hassle free. WatchMoviesOnline Online movie streaming is trending nowadays. VKFLIX - is a highly recommended free movie site. Streaming-Movies is the most comfortable website to watch online streaming movies. MovieScout.TV TvMovielinks Los Movies Nyoo TV

'Choose Your Own Adventure' Gets An iMakeover [From MILF to Teen] Admirez l’évolution de la belle Lara Croft en images ! Lara Croft, héroïne de la série Tomb Raider a marqué de nombreux gamers. Cédez à un petit moment de nostalgie grâce à cette infographie, qui nous dévoile son évolution visuelle à travers les âges. De 1996 à 2013, elle en a fait du chemin notre Lara Croft ! La belle Anglaise a vu son corps passer d’une bouillie de pixel à celui d’une plantureuse jeune femme. Ce document permet de comparer ses différentes apparences, à la fois dans les jeux et sur les jaquettes de ces derniers. Quelle est votre période préférée ? Book Country: Discover New Fiction with the Genre Map Publishers, booksellers, and readers describe books by their literary categories, or genres. It's how books are placed in stores and sold online. We created the Genre Map to help you find the right genre for your book. Please contact us if there's a category you'd like to see on the Genre Map.

Choice Of Games Releases Interactive Fiction Apps For Kindle Independent developer Choice of Games announced the release of two text adventure games, Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides, on Amazon's Kindle platform. Though the Kindle platform is mostly regarded as a service for purchasing digital books, both indie developers and major publishers have started releasing games there in recent months. Three of the top ten bestsellers in the Kindle Store are currently games ported by Electronic Arts: Scrabble, Monopoly, and EA Solitaire. Choice of Games is taking a different approach from EA, releasing interactive fiction titles instead of board/card game adaptations. Choice of the Dragon is a Choose Your Own Adventure-style release in which players take on the role of a dragon, looting and pillaging, dominating their local kingdom, finding a mate, and fighting wizards. Choice of Games says it has more games on the way for the Kindle Store. "Our games are perfectly suited for Kindle," says Choice of Games co-founder Dan Fabulich.

The Shield of Superman: The Evolution of an Icon If you want to dress up like Superman, it is important to understand which Superman your going to be. The Shield of Superman: The Evolution of an Icon infographic from provides visuals and a brief synopsis of each Superman logo in the comics and pop culture. It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s Superman! Love this. The footer should include a copyright statement and the URL link back to the infographic landing page. Which one was your favorite? Found on Whose Line Online Choose Your Own Adventure: Return to Atlantis App for the iPhone and iPod Touch Makers of fine products since 2007 Share with Anyone.CardMagnet lets you share your contact info with anyone - even if they don't have the CardMagnet app. Built for touch.No more getting papercuts from business cards Strangely Fun.Play with the interactive card - it's fun to tinker with with even if you don't like meeting new people! Spontaneously makes it easy to share your plans and invite friends to get together more often. By just spinning a few wheels, you can share your invitation with your favorite people, and they'll receive the invite even if they aren't a Spontaneously user. Streamlined InterfaceYou can track your habits and view your progress all from one screen thanks to an interface modelled after Apple's Weather and Stock apps Share with Friends, Not GroupsNot all your friends are necessarily friends with each other — rather than focus on a group interface, you can handpick which friends you want by tapping their faces. Nap TimerWant to grab a quick 20 minute nap?