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The Alexandrian - Misc Creations Over the course of several conversations spread across the past few weeks, I've been reminded of something that is rather easy to forget: Not everyone knows what I know. This has nothing to do with me being smarter than anybody else. It's just the result of a slow accumulation of random information and experience over the course of 20+ years of gaming. (Somehow I only just now realized that this means that there is significantly more time between when I started gaming and now, than there is between when I started gaming and the publication of OD&D in 1974. Crap, I'm old.) Towards that end, I've decided to start accumulating a variety of gaming lore. Adventures in Space!! - Roleplaying Game Space Command now begins the Adventure. This can be anything from the arrival of Lord Ka and his laser-eyed Ka-Grool minions, to a mysterious S.O.S. picked up from Ursa Major. In any case, Space Command now leads you through your own Adventure in Space!! Changing the Plot You may expect Space Command to dictate all events outside of the Heroes' intentions. Not so with Adventures in Space!!

@Eposic – The Troll Mystic – Not an Evil Troll. Just Chaotic. Creative and Imaginative Too. Ever since I was in grade school, I wanted to write fiction, and wrote a good deal of short stories before I graduated from high school, sharing some of them with classmates and anyone else who showed interest. Back then, I dreamed I would have written and published dozens of novels by the time I was 50. I’m past that age now, and haven’t published a single novel yet. I’ve published short stories and gaming adventures/supplements, but no novel. Life has a way of throwing obstacles in one’s path, and derailing large projects before completion, especially if you’re someone easily distracted, like I am. GM Advice: A Learning Mechanic I had a reader ask about the mini-game that appears in my D&D campaign. A few people have expressed interest in it, and I thought it might be worth a look. I don’t pretend this is clever or innovative. This is very much a system I cobbled together as I was groping around trying to simulate a character learning. In our game, I had a situation where one player was working to translate a “book”, which was several pages of backstory they needed to know. Any time his character had enough downtime, the character could sit down and spend a few game hours attempting to translate the next section.

Everyone is John A competitive roleplaying game for three or more people. Everyone is John is a humorous, competitive roleplaying game about playing the various personalities of John, an insane man from Minneapolis. One participant is the GM, or, in Everyone is John lingo, "Everyone Else." All of the other players are Voices in John's head. Everyone is John uses six-sided dice (you really only need one, but it might be easiest if every participant carries one) for play. Voices 25 Things You Should Know About Worldbuilding Worldbuilding is one of those topics that bakes my noodle every time my brain chooses to dwell on it. I have a whole bucket full of opinions, many of them in stark disagreement with one another. So, this list below should never at any time be taken as “25 Exhaustive Universal Truths About Worldbuilding,” but rather be regarded as, “25 Things Chuck Wendig Thinks About Worldbuilding At This Exact Moment In Time, Oh, Wait, Some Of Them Just Changed.”

Contents (Monstrous Manual) AdvancedDungeons&Dragons2nd Edition Contents Site Last Modified: April 15, 2014, 17:20:14 GMT Index Notes The Monsters Other Worlds Monstrous Classification Glossary Random Monster ¥ Disambiguation Pages 30 Days of WorldBuilding By popular demand, you can now download the Magical WorldBuilder Guide in three easy-to-carry (non-DRM) formats: PDF for printing out at home or reading on a computerePub for use with many fine ereader devicesMOBI for use with Kindles and MobiPocket software.As of 2007, The world-builder exercises are licensed under a Creative Commons license to help you in deciding whether you can translate (yes, with credit back), distribute to your writing group (yes, with credit), sell (not without permission), reprint (yes, for non-commercial purposes), or mirror (yes, with credit back) this useful guide! In October, 2004, I posted 30 days of world-building exercises to the NaNoWriMo discussion forums. These are short, 15-minute exercises that can help you make crucial decisions about your world, and what you want your story to say about it. These exercises have been edited for general use and re-posted here.

Ghostbusters Role Playing Game - Games - Ghostbusters Fans Wiki The Ghostbusters role-playing game is set in the same fictional universe as the Ghostbusters films, but in a period sometime after the first film. In the game, the original Ghostbusters have created a corporation known as Ghostbusters International, which sells Ghostbusters franchises to individuals around the world. Most player characters in the Ghostbusters role-playing game are franchisees who operate in cities outside the film's New York locale. The game does, however, include profiles of the original four Ghostbusters for gamers who wish to role-play the cinematic characters or have them appear as non-player characters. While the Ghostbusters films limit the Ghostbusters to combating ectoplasmic entities such as ghosts and demons, the Ghostbusters game expands the setting to pit Ghostbusters against numerous other paranormal creatures and incidents. Ghostbusters characters may encounter creatures as diverse as vampires, extraterrestrials, and time-travelers.

Worldbuilding: Versailles 3D inspires There’s so many cool things about this project, it’s hard to know where to start. Google have teamed up with Versailles in France and developed an interactive website worthy of the Sun King himself. What initially caught our interest was their great video of Versailles through the ages. It shows a 3D tour of Versailles, from a ‘simple’ hunting lodge to France’s greatest palace. I visited the place a long time ago, but somehow this video made the place feel way more impressive.

Those Bastard Ravens This post is part of the August RPG Blog Carnival. The topic this month is “Animals in RPGs“, chosen by this month’s host: The Tower of the Archmage. Caw, Caw! A significant number of speaking and fully sentient ravens have made a home in the city for centuries. On the one hand, they act as messengers and information couriers while on the other hand, they are raucous and filthy minded.

Risus: The Anything RPG Risus News & Community Centers If you enjoy Risus, you're not alone (and you're about to become even less so). Risus includes one of the best features any roleplaying game can have: an active global community. How to Play Dungeons and Dragons By Yourself - The Indie Dragon While Dungeons and Dragons is a social game, it is possible to play Dungeons and Dragons by yourself. There may be reasons why you want to play alone. Your friends might not share your enthusiasm for D&D (I’ve been there!), you live in a country/area where D&D isn’t popular or you simply don’t like your D&D group and want to leave. Here are some things to bear in mind when playing by yourself (this article assumes you know how to play D&D): Play by the rules