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Kitchen 101: Cooking Methods

Kitchen 101: Cooking Methods
Kitchen 101: Cooking Methods Buy the Cooking Methods Posters at The Sweet Tooth Paper Goods Company! Enter “LIFEHACKER” into the promo code box and get 10% off the Mixing Methods Poster! Slow and gentle, rough and fast, hot and wet. Can you guess what I’m talking about? Of course not, you dirty-minded foodie. Some methods refer to where the heat is applied and others refer to the tool used to create heat. As for baking, you may be wondering just how many cooking methods are actually used in making pastries. Dry-Heat Cooking Methods The first of the two major categories in cooking methods is the Dry-Heat collection of methods. Baking Ninety percent of the recipes in this blog will call you to bake it at some point. Did you know? Baking refers to the cooking method that requires cooking in an enclosed space with dry heat. Tip: When using a convection oven, you can adjust the recipe by reducing the baking time by 25% or reducing the temperature by 25 degrees. Roasting Broiling/Grilling Barbecue

Wanted: The Ultimate Song Map Not sure how to get from Penny Lane to Itchycoo Park? Curious where Highway to Hell intersects with 8th Avenue Heartache? Never fear — just consult this amazing song map from creative collective Dorothy, which is, you guessed it, a “road map of song titles.” Some references are universal and some are for true music nerds only, and as the creators say, “just like places in our own neighbourhood, some are really good and some are best avoided – remember ‘Love House’ by Sam Fox?” [via My Modern Met]

The Insanely Great History of Apple All new for 2013: the world's most comprehensive mapping of Apple products. This print shows every computer, handheld, peripheral device, software, and operating system released by Apple in the last thirty years, from the original Mac through the MacBook Air. Over 500 products are sorted according to type, including the connections between various form factors which have arisen as Apple has invented--and reinvented--insanely great products. 27" x 39" Each print is signed and numbered by the artists, and comes packaged in a Pop Chart Lab Test Tube. See below for finishing options, and note that framed prints require an additional 3-4 business days of processing time Using 100 lb. archival recycled stock certified by The Forest Stewardship Council, this poster is pressed with vegetable-based inks in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

PlugBug - Why didn't Apple think of this? | Cindy Downes I don’t know why Apple didn’t think of this - a charger that’s convenient and saves you time and money. PlugBug is an all-in-one charger that charges two devices at a time: a MacBook and either an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. AND it’s fast! With its 10 watts and 2.1 amps of power, it’s 4x faster than other USB connections. Even when charging a iPad, which requires two times the power of most other USB devices, the PlugBug is fast. And you don't need separate chargers to do them all! The PlugBug includes a MacBook plug attachment that works with all current and previous generations of MacBook power adapters. Weighing in at only 0.15 pounds, its compact, 2x3x1 inch body easily fits into portfolio cases and purses. The only thing better than PlugBug would be a charger this powerful that charges all three of my devices all at once.