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Discover, Evaluate, and Shop with the Gadget Experts at Retrevo

Discover, Evaluate, and Shop with the Gadget Experts at Retrevo

The New Leader's Playbook - Tips for onboarding/on-boarding Moving into new roles are crucible events of leadership and some of the toughest challenges people face. Nearly half of new leaders fail in their first 18 months*. Avoid that problem by getting a head start, managing your message, and building your team. Further, know that while people will follow a charismatic leader for a time, they will devote themselves to the cause of a BRAVE leader over time. Those are the underlying premises of this article which itself serves as an executive summary of The New Leader's Playbook. The rest of this article lays out the ten steps of The New Leader's Playbook, the BRAVE leadership framework (Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, Environment), and provides a full list of Forbes New Leader's Playbook articles

502 - Hung Out to Dry: A Taxonomy of City Blocks Kublai Khan had noticed that Marco Polo's cities resembled one another, as if the passage from one to another involved not a journey but a change of elements. In an urbanist twist to the Tales of the Thousand and One Nights, Polo the Venetian regales Khan the Mongolian with glimpses of some fabulous cities in the latter's huge empire. The stories, collected in Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, oscillate between truth and fiction. Each of Polo's cities displays one unique, defining feature. But these different cities may be nothing more than extrapolated miniatures of the homesick Venetian's hometown. Imagined cities built from the fragments of real ones: something similar is happening in Tout bien rangé, a cartography-based artwork by French artist Armelle Caron.

D-Link DAP-2590 AirPremier N Dual Band PoE Wireless Access Point w/ Plenum-rated Chassis This review is from: D-Link DAP-2590 AirPremier N Dual Band PoE Wireless Access Point w/ Plenum-rated Chassis Pros: easy setuplots of optionsgood event loggingvery versatilefeels very well-built3Xantennasincredible signal strengthworks great as a wireless bridge (wireless network adapter connected to a system using generic network connection by ethernet cable instead of PCI or USB) Cons: awkward GUIbeware using this in WDS mode with WDS capable APs/routers of other brands Other Thoughts: I've installed eight of these over the last two years and they stand out to me because of their build quality and their incredible range. Also, they are one of the few APs at this price point that can do WDS+AP in a chain. That is to say you can "daisy-chain" three of these together to get one continous line of wlan signal coverage.

Native Instruments Maschine MKII black - Elevator Future of Music Mit Maschine produzieren Sie tighte Grooves, Harmonien und Melodien im Handumdrehen. Das bahnbrechende Instrument vereint einen pattern-basierten Sequenzer, einen professionellen Sampler, ein Multi-Effektgerät und einen VST/Audio Unit-Host, alles intuitiv über die perfekt abgestimmte Hardware steuerbar. Mit diesem integrierten Hard-/Software System erleben Sie einen unvergleichlich kreativen Workflow. Es vereint die Leistungsfähigkeit und Flexibilität der computerbasierten Musikproduktion mit dem Hands-On-Feeling einer Hardware-Groovebox. Maschine ermöglicht Ihnen jederzeit direkten Zugriff auf alle Parameter ? ideal zum Komponieren, für Performances, Browsing, Sampling, Slicing, Sounddesign und Einsatz der Effekte.

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