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Ultimate HTML5 Cheatsheat [Infographic]

Ultimate HTML5 Cheatsheat [Infographic]
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20 Best Websites to Find Free Stock Photos to Use on Your Blog Post Searching for the right photos to use on your blog post or website that don’t have stringent copyright restrictions can be challenging. Here is list of 20 best places to get free stock photos and royalty free images that bloggers can download to use on their blogs. Photo Pin Photo Pin is a free tool that helps bloggers and designers find beautiful photos for blogs and websites using Creative Commons licensing. Compflight Compfight is a powerful visual search engine that helps you get free stock photos for the advertising community including images of creative commons and public domain. everystockphoto Stockvault Pixabay Pixabay is a curated repository for finding and sharing public domain images. Fotolia - Free Royalty Free Images A large stock photo website with over 20 million premium royalty-free stock photos, Fotolia also offers some of its photos for free. morgueFile MorgueFile has a large selection of free photos Stock.XCHNG Fotor Wikimedia Commons Freerange Stock Pixel Perfect Digital Open Photo

15 Stunning Examples of Data Visualization Data Visualization is a method of presenting information in a graphical form. Good data visualization should appear as if it is a work of art. This intrigues the viewer and draws them in so that they can further investigate the data and info that the graphic represents. In this post there are 15 stunning examples of Data Visualization that are true works of art. Click on the title or image for a larger view of each visualization. The Strengths of Nations Here’s an image that discusses the variations in how different nations pursue science. Madrid.Citymurmur CityMurmur tries to understand and visualize how media attention reshapes the urban space and city. Genome Jules & Jim This visual represents the relationship between characters in the movie Jules & Jim. One Week of the Guardian This is one day in a series that takes the news from one week of the Guardian newspaper, and visually represents it as a series of static visualisations. One Week of the Guardian Leisure & Poverty Stock Data Related Posts

None 30 Photoshop and Photography Tutorials On Psdtuts+, we are know that many of you reference our content in your studies. Lots of our readers are students in schools all over the world. Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end for many of you. That means it is time to start thinking about your studies again. In this article, we have prepared a list of 30 Photoshop and photography tutorials to help get you prepared for back to school. Everything You Need to Know About Lenses: Part 1 So you’ve purchased your first SLR system, welcome to a new world of photography. Everything You Need to Know About Lenses: Part 2 In this tutorial, we’ll talk about the importance of lenses, third-party lenses, caring for your glass, and much more. What Does a Histogram Tell Us? In this tutorial, we will explain the Histogram panel; specifically the Shadow/Highlights and Levels adjustments. 10 Ways to Modify a Selection in Photoshop Making selections is an essential skill for any Photoshop user. The Ultimate Beginner’s Introduction to Exposure

2013 Web Design Trends Infographic | Infographics Just as with everything, the web has it’s trends that come and go too. 2013 carries with it some web design trends from 2012 and makes some new ones of it’s own. Enfuzed (that’s us) created Infographic showcasing web design trends for 2013. Even though the year is half over, it’s also only half begun. Obviously there are many more, but for the sake of load times on this Infographic we cut some of them out. Anyways let’s get to the Infographic, here are some of the latest web design trends. Shortlink: About the Author Enfuzed is a web and graphic design blog. @EnfuzedWeb Google+

None Weekly Design News (N.197) This is our weekly design news column where we share our favorite design related articles, resources and cool freebies from the past week. Enjoy :) Brick – Reusable UI Components from Mozilla Why Your Links Should Never Say "Click Here" SVG and <image> Tag Tricks Laziness & The Web Designer A Look at Facebook's React CSS3 Animated Modal Windows in an Image Gallery Using CSS3 For Smooth Resizing Effects Slide-Out Footer with this Neat z-index Trick HTML5 Device Mockups HTML.js – An Extensible Library To Help You Enjoy the DOM Offreg jQuery Plugin – Turn Your Images into a Screen Print Medium.js – A Tiny JS library For Making contenteditable Beautiful Passy jQuery Plugin to Rate and Generate Passwords Pichichi – Free HTML5 Responsive Template Swiss – Free Minimal Helvetica Tumblr Theme The Free Elegant Icon Font Free Flat UI Kit Dribbble – Free Minimal Ui Kit by Bluroon Geekly (40 Free Flat Icons) Braxton Free Font Last Week on Speckyboy:

Serif vs. Sans: the final battle First it was the Capulets versus the Montagues; then it was Coke versus Pepsi; and the latest epic battle? Serif versus sans-serif, of course. Lucky for us, the crew at UrbanFonts has produced a nifty infographic to help clarify the age-old rivalry between serif and sans. Brief, yet information-packed, it covers everything from DPI to classification, and expertly explains why serif is better for print and sans serif is best suited for web. This clever infographic — that smartly draws upon humor to drive home its points — offers a simple, insightful conclusion that designers should bear in mind: “The best font choices are ones where readers do not notice the font … but the message.” For free fonts and dingbats, check Do you tend to use serif or sans-serif most? Stacey Kole is a freelance writer and former magazine editor.

None Nokia today announced their financial reports for Q2 2013. The results were mixed with revenue declining to €5.69 billion ($7.4 billion) and a loss of €115 million ($150 million) in the quarter. On the positive side, Lumia Q2 volumes increased 32% quarter-on-quarter to 7.4 million units, reflecting strong demand from customers for a broadened Lumia product range. Nokia expects Devices and Services division’s operating margin in the third quarter 2013 to be approximately negative 2 percent as Nokia ramp-up for our high-end Lumia smartphones and new Mobile Phones devices. From Nokia’s financial report for Q2 2013, The following table sets forth a summary of the results for our Smart Devices business unit for the periods indicated, as well as the year-on-year and sequential growth rates. Net Sales On a year-on-year basis, the decline in our Smart Devices net sales in the second quarter 2013 was due to lower volumes, partially offset by higher ASPs. Source: Nokia

15 Best Free Online Image Editors In the past few decades, technology has become so advance that there are many tools and gadgets for many aspects available for us to use. They have made our lives easier and richer in many ways. There are now many tools that are available for editing and improving images so that you can add your own touch to them. These tools that will help you fiddle and add some touches to photos are available free in the form of software that can be downloaded. Here is a list that will make you jump with joy. Photoshop Express: This one is an easier and smaller edition of Photoshop that offers you many awesome features. Aviary: This one is great and has a really compact set of five tools that do things like marking up images, editing images, editing effects, editing vector and editing swatch. iPiccy: An easy program that provides the general features for editing images like resizing, cropping and rotating among other things. BeFunky: An awesome image editor that is fast and easy.

13 Interesting Infographics for Web Workers Infographics are a great way to get people to actually look at data. The use of visual design elements can simplify complex information and make it easier to digest. In this article, there are 13 infographics that present information and data that is useful to web workers. Click on the images for a larger version. The Internet’s Undersea World Search Benefits of the Blogosphere The Life Cycle of a Blog Post 50 REPETITIVE & ANNOYING Website Intros Examined Web Trends Map of Online Communities What People are Doing Online Global Traffic Map The Exploding Internet The Web Life of an Article Yahoo YDN Metro Map World Map of Social Networks About the Author Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. Related Posts 22 shares 12 Best Adobe AIR Applications for Web Designers If you’re unfamiliar with Adobe AIR, it’s a cross-operating system platform that allows developers to use HTML, Ajax, and Flash to build desktop applications. Read More 352 shares

None Never let it be said that Multimedia Manager Jaime Rivera isn’t a trouper. In the hot Honduras heat, with no power and no A/C (and, incidentally, no shirt), he still manages to show up on-time to the Pocketnow Weekly podcast. That right there is some broadcast heroism, folks. No matter what Taylor Martin’s new-office excuses are. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. All that, plus a sweet joke from the cult comedy flick Airplane! Pocketnow Weekly Episode 053 Links RSS Feed iTunes Link XBox Music Link Direct Download Recording Date Hosts Michael Fisher Jaime Rivera Taylor Martin Topic List Announcement (00:03:27) We got us a forum! Windows Phone (00:09:04) Nokia announces Lumia 1020 Nokia nailed it – your move Microsoft Lumia 1020 pricing is either genius or self-delusion Lumia 1020 won’t save Nokia or Windows Phone Lumia 625 may be largest Lumia to date Halo: Spartan Assault launch details outlined Android (00:52:50) HTC announces One Mini LG announces G2 Nexus 7 sequel leaked? Misc (01:15:58)

10 Fresh Tools For Web Designers And Developers In this collection, we are showcasing a list of 10 fresh and useful tools for the web developers and web designers. Although, there is no restriction on the number of available tools and resources for the designers and developers yet sometimes, it becomes nerve-racking to find out useful tools that are free as well. By using these tools, designers can lighten up the burden of their work, and can complete their work easily. Mailrox Windy BootMetro Delta TiltShift Sequence.js Underscores Bourbon Neat BonsaiJS Susy Infographic Of The Day: Why Should You Care About Typography? I have a confession to make. There was a time, many years ago, where I thought that typography was fashion by another name. I didn't really appreciate how different typefaces function, and how the discipline evolved over time, under pressure from aesthetics and technology. Created by someone who only calls themselves Noodlor, it does a pretty superb job laying out the basics of typography, such as the common types of faces, ranging from regular to condensed, and the anatomy of letterforms. From there, we get into more subtle territory: The basic principles of layout, which begins with the basics of direction, contrast, and rhythm: "Don't try to be original, just try to be good" — Spoken, originally, by a master of typographic clarity, Paul Rand.